Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video)

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Название :  Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video)
Продолжительность :   4.44
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Просмотров :   22.158.516
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Кадры Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video)

Описание Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video)

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I. Bendigas
The good old times when money (which you at least need to earn) was the status symbol. Today, you need just a little prick to be something "better".
Comment from : I. Bendigas

will suits
This song sucks ass
Comment from : will suits

Comment from : cherx

George Cosmin Bodislav
A venit unu pentru a face afaceri era interesat de un anumit tip de tehnologie.iam arătat că avem așa ceva.dupa care a trebuit să mai stăm de vorbă.avea un termos bombat în formă de grenadă de culoare argintie.sia turnat în dop ce avea de băut.la plată a cam început să nu ne putem înțelege.ce avea el de oferit nu prea ne trebuia.de ce aveam noi nevoie el zicea că are dar poate plăti într-un termen de timp.iam zis ai văzut eu îți ofer pe alese ce vrei aia îți dau dar și eu trebuie să mi-o aleg după cum ți-ai ales și tu.aicea a început să nu mai fie așa ușor de încheiat afacerea.era vorba de tehnologia dronelor.george
Comment from : George Cosmin Bodislav

Isabella Troiano
Comment from : Isabella Troiano

Adrian Cruz
yo THAT CAR @00:55
Comment from : Adrian Cruz

Rafael Freitas
Comment from : Rafael Freitas

Michael Cumpton
Man.. I loved watching those explosions
Comment from : Michael Cumpton

Tommy Perkins
I got a good job with good pay and I have been okay for 29 years on my job...no bull shit here...Money,love that sax.Dick Parry is the fifth member...
Comment from : Tommy Perkins

Elke Vormfenne
Money🎼 🎧🎼 Geld sagt man,ist heute Wurzel aller Übels.Vielen Dank an Pink Floyd für diese Video.30 Jahre alt.🔝 Es ist aktueller den je
Comment from : Elke Vormfenne

Riccardo Rescia
The trumpeth and guitar's solos really send me to another dimension
Comment from : Riccardo Rescia

Paula Gabriel Mirção
Comment from : Paula Gabriel Mirção

Revolución Musical
Yeeeaaaaaaaah ✌🏻👍🏻☝🏻
Comment from : Revolución Musical

Revolución Musical
Comment from : Revolución Musical

Эльд Драконов
2:03 Ох, это зря они. Ошибались тогда, это золото было в СССР не для личного обогащения
Comment from : Эльд Драконов

johnson monkEman
damn I forgot abt the faster part
Comment from : johnson monkEman

Muchas canciones dirán money pero ninguna la describe ni la crítica tan bien (osea el consumismo y capitalista) que este money
Comment from : Johnny

Rubiyn Karfunckel
#karfunckel #corona
Comment from : Rubiyn Karfunckel

Comment from : Sylvie27500

Karen Bittner
A basic statement about consumerism! Consume, eat , die!
Comment from : Karen Bittner

Chriselda Torres
2:55 is my favorite part
Comment from : Chriselda Torres

Александр Назаров
Искал русских в комментах.Нет их.Но это произведение за нас!
Comment from : Александр Назаров

Mike Banks
Anyone reading this, please help me remember what movie this reminds me of.
Comment from : Mike Banks

Susan Smith
And Floyd is still Van Goh, Michael, Art to the Ears!
Comment from : Susan Smith

listening this song after the Squid Game Netflix's serie make all sense
Comment from : Gautier

мистер Х
Comment from : мистер Х

Time is the best track on DSOTM idc what anyone else says. And don't get me wrong all of the tracks are great this one is just the best
Comment from : Nef

Money rules the world
Comment from : InterNational

Claudia Salinas
Alguien que sea más o menos de la época de Pink Floyd o tenga mucha cultura que me diga si alguna de las personas que muestra el video son conocidas. Si son artistas, políticos, etc.
¡Muchas gracias!😁

Comment from : Claudia Salinas

Hats a little
The dislikes are the 1% XD
Comment from : Hats a little

Marius Găzdac
Bani ati semanat.Bani sa culegeti.Max toarnale- bani topiti pe giti...
Comment from : Marius Găzdac

Ann Hill
They should play this tune when Legends Casino opens up! Cha Ching!
Comment from : Ann Hill

Air Breather
"Cotton candy was invented by a dentist"

The dentist:

Comment from : Air Breather

this some real shit
Comment from : EkmelWatches

N Ala
Comment from : N Ala

Prasanna Jadhav
High on need 💰🤑💸💲💶💵.
Comment from : Prasanna Jadhav

Kiler The Slip
🤑$ buena rola
Comment from : Kiler The Slip

emir jorge
El saxo 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Comment from : emir jorge

Code Wolves
This video watched me and left a dislike.
Comment from : Code Wolves

Fumigaciones Y Venta De Plaguicidas Guasave
Buena rola✅👍
Comment from : Fumigaciones Y Venta De Plaguicidas Guasave

Felipe De Deus
Poem everybody...
Comment from : Felipe De Deus

Luke Waterman
How ironic an ad just before Money ... it was for an online betting platform too.
Comment from : Luke Waterman

Júlio César
David Gilmour
Comment from : Júlio César

Susanna Vaccaro
Èh èh...questi spappolano il cervello a tutti. Chi nè ha,per vezzo nè vuole ancora. Chi non ce l' ha,e ha pure i debiti venderebbe anche la mamma al mercato,pur di mettersi in pari!
Comment from : Susanna Vaccaro

Jaroslaw Mok
Tooday is somthigs .....totalnie. Inaczej!
Comment from : Jaroslaw Mok

Jaroslaw Mok
Was 40 years ago
Comment from : Jaroslaw Mok

Jaroslaw Mok
Is like me ....Loking 4 a money.....
Comment from : Jaroslaw Mok

Booster shot mandates for the rest of your life!!! Talk about money, what a great business model!!
Comment from : S.A.

Fodaro Elisabetta
Comment from : Fodaro Elisabetta

Francisco Arauz
Comment from : Francisco Arauz

Will Lutz
This video has ads on it


Comment from : Will Lutz

travis sekutt
this vid was ahead of its time KKool
Comment from : travis sekutt

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Comment from : become_a_trader_fast

Pink Floyd be like: "We Live in a Society" * 5min guitar solo *
Comment from : Bussin

wah panda1
from a time forgotten
Comment from : wah panda1

Veronica Harwick
The world certainly has bought this lie; hook, line, & sinker. We don't have to play along if we don't want to.
I prefer cooperation over competition. 😉

Comment from : Veronica Harwick

David McDaniel
the commercial goes like this a ocean waves everywhere nothing is still but the sand
Comment from : David McDaniel

Tessa Tipton
Keep your hands of my STACK
Comment from : Tessa Tipton

Welcome to the blockchain
Comment from : Babastti

me when i got 100$ for christmas
Comment from : nYukae

Ramaz Tsenguashvili
2:06 Georgian Actress, Sesilia Takaishviki.
Comment from : Ramaz Tsenguashvili

chris shakur
Ohgeasy brought me here 💯
Comment from : chris shakur

Issac Cruz
Who’s here after the OHGHEESY acid trip video
Comment from : Issac Cruz

This is what OHGEESY’s homie makes him listen to while trip sitting him
Comment from : MAUR ICE

Listening to this while high on acid will change you, appreciate life and become wise
Comment from : MAUR ICE

Bodacious T
Saw this in concert. It was awesome.
Comment from : Bodacious T

Araaf Zulfan
Who else remember this is the closing song of Italian Job 2003?
Comment from : Araaf Zulfan

Stefano Boldrini
Comment from : Stefano Boldrini

NtGm 889
This is so well shot and edited
Comment from : NtGm 889

binky bonko
plNK FLoyD. música. muy. bonita. yodes. de que yo. eraunnin
olaescucho. y. mebusta. mucho😀

Comment from : binky bonko

Raymond Malcuit
Comment from : Raymond Malcuit

pink floyd is life. ❤️
Comment from : andydufresne66

Victor Vargas
This is what you play when you tripping balls on tabs
Comment from : Victor Vargas

Alex DoomMan
Скукотища пипец
Comment from : Alex DoomMan

Jayne Barnes
jeff bezos favorite song
Comment from : Jayne Barnes

Alex Murcia
Who is here after listening to Ohgeesy story 🤣🤣
Comment from : Alex Murcia

Craig Mitchell
Pink Floyd always has a message in there songs, always a double meaning.
Comment from : Craig Mitchell

notice the representation of money = physical metals such as silver and gold.
they ain't giving none of that away... have some paper

Comment from : aboxoffrogs

Kevin Maylam
Paul wants it?!
Comment from : Kevin Maylam

2:07 Who is the woman in the photo? Where did you get this photo from?
Comment from : bonvenon

Money Dinero. ¿Qué tal año 2021? El lado oscuro de la vida :/
Comment from : Taoydo

Leo Cap G
No money
Comment from : Leo Cap G

The Lemony Bard
If I had a nickel for every time I had a rock song that I loved that was in 7/8, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.
Comment from : The Lemony Bard

Omar Rodriguez
I'm here because ohgezzy from shoreline mafia 🥴😵
Comment from : Omar Rodriguez

And if you are a commie the NAP cannot stop me from throwing you out of the choppie
Comment from : Nameless

Lafa 🌴
hey they told me that Pink Floyd wasn't good music, what do I do?
Comment from : Lafa 🌴

OHGEESY’s tales from the trip brought me here💯🤙🏼
Comment from : ryskeezy

Lazy Russian
Cold war is gonna stop making this, If it doesnt get an Anti cheat
Comment from : Lazy Russian

Gerardo Moreno
OhGeezy brought me here
Comment from : Gerardo Moreno

Your item has been successfully sold on the Steam Marketplace for $0.03
Comment from : Odyssey346

Yeah, that's a business song
Comment from : Saintocean

Rocco Barocco.
Comment from : Rocco Barocco.

Will Thorogood
2:51 Best Part
Comment from : Will Thorogood

Brünswick Eagle
"Oh that's gay!"
Comment from : Brünswick Eagle

Tammie Almany
Just got some of my money 💰💰💰
Comment from : Tammie Almany

Pseudologia Juxtapost
Gacha Players Anthem
Comment from : Pseudologia Juxtapost

DENis Youtubov
Sadness that there is no hero, I would follow him...
Comment from : DENis Youtubov

Kees Van Baaren
Pink Floyd👍👍
Sweet Memories!!

Comment from : Kees Van Baaren

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