????WHY YOU SHOULD TRADE THE CHARTS???? Bitcoin Technical Analysis.

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Информация о ????WHY YOU SHOULD TRADE THE CHARTS???? Bitcoin Technical Analysis.

Название :  ????WHY YOU SHOULD TRADE THE CHARTS???? Bitcoin Technical Analysis.
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Кадры ????WHY YOU SHOULD TRADE THE CHARTS???? Bitcoin Technical Analysis.

Описание ????WHY YOU SHOULD TRADE THE CHARTS???? Bitcoin Technical Analysis.

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always talk u sounds like money man what els is better
Comment from : Mido

Jojo Patrick
The cryptocurrency has charted a 10-fold rally in the past 11 months, offering a significantly higher return than gold amid the massive inflation-boosting monetary and fiscal stimulus delivered by authorities worldwide to counter the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown. The precious metal reached a record high of $56.000 in February 2021 and has been trending higher ever since. I invested 6BTC and I have been earning 2BTC weekly.
Comment from : Jojo Patrick

dougal mctrousers
I really enjoy these kinds of videos Daniel!!!! Doesn't need to all be technical; psychology is also so important as are how the specifics of the trading view tools you use (such as cc etc). Many, many thanks Daniel!!!
Comment from : dougal mctrousers

Z Ber
Lots of fake responses with ph no and chart champion logos in the comments
Comment from : Z Ber

Twaji Huing
A mix of both is appreciated. Often it's tough for me to hear the value of the info because of an approach that doesn't seem down to earth or sounds condescending. I just go: Oh MADRE MIA! ;-)
Comment from : Twaji Huing

I like your technical analysis. Thanks!
Comment from : PeekyBlue

POV electric
Do you offer a technical analysis course?
Comment from : POV electric

Gerardo J
Dan, fist and foremost thanks for the daily insights.I appreciate you sharing your thought process. TA, education and explanation/ thought process is a good approach. It would seem that a modest and humble approach creates empathy and makes the presenter more relatable while still positioning the presenter as knowleadgeable. When there's a bit too much attitude it detracts from the importance of the content. Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Gerardo J

Nelson Teixeira Photography
This is great! I wish people did more videos like this before the retracing actually happens, since it's so expectable :)
Comment from : Nelson Teixeira Photography

john date
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin
Comment from : john date

johnny coyne
Love the format! Sometimes we need a good scolding..
Comment from : johnny coyne

Haroon Khan
Its all good a mixture of videos keeps it healthy.
Comment from : Haroon Khan

Parpar Rah
Daniel you are a great man with a nice heart .I respect you a lot.good luck
Comment from : Parpar Rah

Svetoslav Kirov
Wish to know you yesterday :)
Comment from : Svetoslav Kirov

Marcin Smaga
It is good they way it is. Much appreciated your thought process.
Comment from : Marcin Smaga

John Gather
Grateful for your sharing of insights, knowledge and tips!
Comment from : John Gather

Tyler Scott
Loved the video man. make more videos. just get on talk for a bit, clear your head, give some support and resistance. but keep making content brotha.
Comment from : Tyler Scott

jim cassidy
Fantom has gone from.02 to .40 in the last month!! FANTOM!!! 💪🏻👻🚀🚀🚀
Comment from : jim cassidy

Fastblade Productions
Gemini took in 39000 btc yesterday... that's why....
Comment from : Fastblade Productions

Hayden Sar
Id love to trade these charts with you in the champions group, but its a bit of a leap considering my current wealth... will I still be able to trade bitcoin after the bull run this year?
Comment from : Hayden Sar

Holy moly you absolutely smashed this one out of the park!!! At the time of watching, Bitcoin dumped to 46k ... you are a frickin god. Keep up the great work... loved this style of vid as well .🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Ben_Jam’n

Rock Zye
Thanks Dan this was much needed today was crazy!
Comment from : Rock Zye

RJVX12 bring me 300% profit because of Tesla pump
Comment from : R A H HIMEL

Guys, you are tired, before doing reviews, you first read about RJVX12 algorithm
Comment from : SLAYERSQUAD

Ertugral Ghazi
RJVX12 algorithm is my choice, i dont worry about BTC rates at all
Comment from : Ertugral Ghazi

Melih Cebeci
Nice video! What about RJVX12 algorithm review?
Comment from : Melih Cebeci

Ziko Isaac
Daniel what means cc support, explain for the noobs plz :) (i enjoy those video)
Comment from : Ziko Isaac

Sjard Wubben
I wonder what you did after this video when BTC going from 55K to 51K and its still dropping right now. Did you buy in on 53k?
Comment from : Sjard Wubben

Your analysis is incorrect this particular day.
Comment from : mjb0183

Alexander Businaro
I think these videos are the bare truth! Keep em coming daniel!!
Comment from : Alexander Businaro

muhammad faisal
this is classical on trading, stop out seller (early sell ), and then stop out break out.....they forget it must be correction every movement, and it good for market.......
Comment from : muhammad faisal

Love all your videos man, keep them coming
Comment from : Simpson42

I like the mixture of TA and rambling. You do repeat yourself quite a bit, I think because you want to make damn sure you get your point across cos people repeat the same mistakes again and again. A bit less rambling would be good but it's not a big deal
Comment from : Cogwun

Kenneth Levoit
I do like the background information you go over thanks
Comment from : Kenneth Levoit

These types of videos are great! Really gives us insight into how you think and not just the levels.

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime ;-)

Comment from : Harrison

Yes I did enjoy this video analysis. Please do more like it bc you’re one of the few who shows traders the stuff that actually matters
Comment from : ff

Marc 1975
great content
Comment from : Marc 1975

Very helpful to hear the thought process the questions are excellent
Comment from : lowcarbcounter

John Strasser
The videos should be both sides. Why you make the decisions you do And how the TA of the charts play into that. People want to understand the basics levels and terminology. I think doing so will push them toward joining chart champions to get a better understanding of how TA is done and then using it to make money consistently.
Comment from : John Strasser

Maury Nakamoto
Awesome Video, Thank you very much!
Comment from : Maury Nakamoto

Navid Rahman
Prefer speaking and this current style Dan
Comment from : Navid Rahman

Bill Stomp
Keep doing this
Comment from : Bill Stomp

Jackie ST Onge
Wow, these comments that you offer are excellent because investment is mostly emotional. so, keep the commentary coming. I am just getting involved since oct. 15. I am up over 200 percent. all the sites are very helpful. I like your because your are quiet and comfortable. thanks
Comment from : Jackie ST Onge

Bill Stomp
Great video
Comment from : Bill Stomp

Cute Newt
Luv these technicals - cant get enough. THANX! Realllly educational.
Comment from : Cute Newt

Rod Dobson
Love your approach and style.
Comment from : Rod Dobson

Jay Perez
Comment from : Jay Perez

Dave T
So clearly explained, enjoyed seeing more dimensions added to the usual TA in this video and seeing Igor in the flesh
Comment from : Dave T

Ceecee Shaw
Daniel, some feedback - loved today's video because it helps with the bigger picture and psychology of the markets but also like the technical analysis. So a mixture of both for me would be ideal. As always, though, thanks for being here and offering some intelligent insights in amongst all the hype and shilling.
Comment from : Ceecee Shaw

Lew Yeouze
LOVE Your gab! Keep on talking!
Comment from : Lew Yeouze

Love the hybrid TA with explanation, keep it up please!
Comment from : sladennn

Brian T
Love your current approach and TA - please don't change anything ! - Cheers
Comment from : Brian T

Tom LeBeau
Love this style of video. I've been watching your videos for two weeks for around 2-4 hours a day and its been a steep learning curve just keeping up with the terminology and the intense technical analysis. This video was more of an over all view and the reasoning behind why the market has reacted this way, which I think is great content for someone trying to get there head around all of this.
Comment from : Tom LeBeau

Darshil Patel
Please don't change it! I don't know about others but I have learned a lot from these video's and you! I have turned 200$ into 720$ just by holding, selling at high buying at low. Looking at charts and marking support and resistance! Taking guidence the videos and streams you post! Thank you Daniel
Comment from : Darshil Patel

Although I do like hearing your perspective your definitely a narcissistic douche 😂
Comment from : PuppetMasterDefi

Scott Giuffre
I'm new to buying cryptocurrency and I don't understand a lot of the jargon used. I would prefer that you explain the trend lines and talk about what the probabilities are.
Comment from : Scott Giuffre

Jonathan Walsh
Great Video , Thank you! these types of videos are perfect mixture of TA and your thoughts on the market
Comment from : Jonathan Walsh

Thibault Pasquier
Is the CC retracement same as the "golden pocket" ? I don't recognize the size of the canal.
Comment from : Thibault Pasquier

John Obidzinski
What do you make of Peter Schiff "buying" BTC ?
Comment from : John Obidzinski

Borna Fiolic
Great video
Comment from : Borna Fiolic

Comment from : DanB

matt flanagan
fantastic so informative i learn alot and you make so much sense just some feed back. THANK YOU :)
Comment from : matt flanagan

Adam Toulon
Excellent video 👍
Comment from : Adam Toulon

Hamza Siraj
Perfect style . Don’t change nothing
Comment from : Hamza Siraj

Keep up the great work. Your thoughts are insightful and enhance the technical analysis. Don't change your style 👍
Comment from : J P

Geoffrey Turner
I learn more with the commentary than just TA alone. Keep it coming!
Comment from : Geoffrey Turner

Matej Sedlak
The only best way to understand these probabilities is to register, close the bybit and tradingview and take at least a month isolated just for the learning videos.
Comment from : Matej Sedlak

MiscGlory Official
SUPER APPRECIATE/ENJOY the exact way you go through everything - Res/Supp only doesnt help as much as thinking behind and experience you have!!! Hope to be in CChamp very soon!
Comment from : MiscGlory Official

Mahmut Cakal
BITCOIN is under full control of CME.. Who tells us BITCOIN is decentralized ?? ha ha ha ha
Comment from : Mahmut Cakal

MiscGlory Official
so thankful for your TA and Vids and heart !
Comment from : MiscGlory Official

William Wells
We love the technical analysis
Comment from : William Wells

Jimothy Blumberg
As requested;
I very much appreciate any and every bit of insight you, an experienced and savvy trader, have to offer.
If your concern is the conciseness or lack thereof, it matters so little it may as well matter not at all.
Sometimes I fast forward at 2x, but I never skip a word and I truly do appreciate every one.

Comment from : Jimothy Blumberg

josselin dupont
love every video. Looking for more explanations and learning. Do not change anything !
Comment from : josselin dupont

boe vaka
I just love you taking the time to do these vids, as I'm a newbies..I have your course and ready to start doing them before I start trading so give me a little while to complete, but to do the training and watch you doing it live makes training easier, I don't want to be those ones that just keep asking for when do I buy in or when do I sell lol...cheers for being here.
Comment from : boe vaka

I like all styles. Alternating keeps your content fresh :)
Comment from : DIKmaSAGE

Eduard Zsiga
Absolutely love your TA, please keep up the good work!
Comment from : Eduard Zsiga

Joe Hardy
Yes Daniel keep this kind of video coming bc the trading setup is def most important too see what is most probable
Comment from : Joe Hardy

Love this style of video
Comment from : bossgmane

Brian Laudi
No, I appreciated you explaining .... very educational!
Comment from : Brian Laudi

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