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Информация о Crypto: will the bitcoin dream succeed? | The Economist

Название :  Crypto: will the bitcoin dream succeed? | The Economist
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Кадры Crypto: will the bitcoin dream succeed? | The Economist

Описание Crypto: will the bitcoin dream succeed? | The Economist

Коментарии Crypto: will the bitcoin dream succeed? | The Economist

I refuse to participate in the current financial system any longer
Comment from : M3DL3Y

Fernando Furtado Coelho
I thought The Economist was independent This is simply negative propaganda
Comment from : Fernando Furtado Coelho

Matthieu Favas, brdo lightning ring a bell?brpoorly informed wat is goin on today 12 jun 2021
Comment from : Baantje

Banker Gammons are scared of their inevitable obsolescence Amusing
Comment from : IndustrialBonecraft

Michał Wróbel
This is one of the worst coverages I’ve ever seen you do
Comment from : Michał Wróbel

Rafa marquez fornet
So Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are useless but central banks are looking to create their own cryptocurrencies brOkay
Comment from : Rafa marquez fornet

Dan Murray
Ban McDonalds Surely obesity harms more people?
Comment from : Dan Murray

Don't trust any trashtube channel that has over about 100k Subscribers 9999 of them are sell out channels to form an agenda Bowing down to Trashtube and giving misinformation in every subject out there and silencing those that speak the truth about ANYTHING
Comment from : Vayne

Jan Liekmann
Because everyone has invested everyone is so eager for it to succeed :))
Comment from : Jan Liekmann

Laurie Dunn
“Digital casino, too volatile to be trusted” eh “Volatility” because it’s a nascent asset class “Trusted” - the whole stinking can of worms that is the existing monetary system is our alternative Bitcoin network, based on blockchain, is a “trustless” system Good luck getting anything like this out of fiat and the coming CBDCs
Comment from : Laurie Dunn

Tech Hub
Plz make videos with the aspect ratio 20:9
Comment from : Tech Hub

Ink Kin
Blockchain is the future, Bitcoin is already obsolete Invest in Elrond eGLD to be part of the blockchain revolution
Comment from : Ink Kin

We should trust the central banks that print money out of thin air and depreciate the value of the US Dollar by almost 100 since it's creation
Comment from : Kade

Matt Bradley
Understand it before you make a documentary about it Grouping together a string of contraversial media narratives is not conducive to education Very disappointing from a media outlet calling itself The "Economist"
Comment from : Matt Bradley

Magneto Jones
If you live in a stable democracy with a stable financial system, Bitcoin might seem foolish and unnecessary But for the billions of people who live under authoritarian regimes or don’t have access to global financial markets, it will be life changing
Comment from : Magneto Jones

Jery Grey
I hope that Bitcoin's price will grow more and more every year I will hold it in my Ownr wallet until it reaches at least 100k
Comment from : Jery Grey

The financial system we have now is the one creating very few winners and lots of losers We need something new, something decentralised I opt in for Bitcoin The amount of misinformation in this video is a bit sad Someone should lose their job
Comment from : Goldenpill

Rick L
Just another pump and dump and then pump and dump the next bitcoin coin It's just a piece of code that can be hacked, cracked or thrashed USDC and others will crash bitcoin hard so look out for one hell of a crash Would you rather have a decentralized digital currency that does not provide any interest or insurance if lost,stolen or destroyed or a Central bank Digital currency that does? But it has a limited amount of coins at 21 million, so what the next coin has a limit to and then the next and then the next to infinity Some say but they have a special network, so what last time I checked anyone can make yet another owe so special network anytime they want A digital scam for the digital age!
Comment from : Rick L

Robbie Stainton
The Economist, you have failed to give Bitcoin a fair shake brbrYou ignored the lightning network, which is designed for instant transaction speeds, and is what is primarily used in El SalvadorbrThe same regurgitated "it's a bubble narrative" 12 years later and Bitcoin is still growing at an exponential rate Maybe there's something here?brYou really think central banks don't cause big problems in the world?brMaybe those could problems could be considered here Inflation? No?brIt gives the ability for the unbanked to have access to a new financial system, which central banks have failed to do for so much of humanitybrIt is shameful that such a "reputable" news source could not do proper research or present a fair argument It would take a few minutes of google to find that informationbrI could go on, but you probably won't read this comment or consider it anywaysbrDislike from me
Comment from : Robbie Stainton

Da GoD
the title should be will this bitcoin fud succeed 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Da GoD

Wiebe Platt
I want to wake up one morning and find out that my account is $1,578,88900 I know it’s possible
Comment from : Wiebe Platt

Jonathon Johnson
Wasnt bitcoin made to make anonymous transactions for illegal trade? Also what happened to the child abuse imagery found within bitcoins blockchain that the gaurdian reported on in the past?
Comment from : Jonathon Johnson

Jules Biafore
If the economist had a newspaper it’d be great toilet paper, do they?
Comment from : Jules Biafore

Sinu Teisik
On Bitcoins energy consumption: How much energy and resources are right now going into war industry, which is funded by fiat money printing?
Comment from : Sinu Teisik

Joe Schebler
Smart money is running from fiat and embracing crypto's
Comment from : Joe Schebler

David Royl
Please sell your BTC so that I can buy more
Comment from : David Royl

Hubert Schulz
Bitcoin and binary investment seems and has proven to be the best way to attain financial freedom 2021
Comment from : Hubert Schulz

Christian Hess Araya
I never expected such a dishonest and one-sided analysis by The Economist, no less Disappointing Subscription canceled
Comment from : Christian Hess Araya

Abu al-Sous
why google inserted 5 commercials in a 10 minutes video?
Comment from : Abu al-Sous

Silin Meng
The volatility of Bitcoin is just temporary Once the world accepts it and understand it, the volatility will be gone, just like gold
Comment from : Silin Meng

Silin Meng
bitcoin is not money And it never wanted to be Bitcoin is asset, a replacement of gold Because it’s absolutely scarce
Comment from : Silin Meng

BTC Berg
Given that a bitcoin currently cost $36,597, there are only enough bitcoins for every person to have $8872 worth If bitcoins were distributed using the current global distribution of wealth, 999 of people would have $1687 worth of bitcoins, and people in the top 001 would have 073 bitcoins each WITH THAT BEING SAID ITS TOO RISKY NOT TO OWN ANY AND EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 1 OF THERE
Comment from : BTC Berg

mattizzle Soda
Lol Economist be like "LOOK iTs uSED bY CRIMINALS!!! N iT iS thE bIGGeSt cAuSe oF CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!"brbrDamn, I am so shocked 🙄😂 Get outta here, you aren't fooling everyone
Comment from : mattizzle Soda

Balde Aguirre
great explanation to make people to avoid buying some bitcoin; while the economist keep staking more and more bitcoin
Comment from : Balde Aguirre

anita owen
The ultimate guide to the world of Crypto currencies! while the Cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility is often linked to ever changing regulatory environment of the industry- the entire Crypto currency market is expected to reach a value of 1 trillion this year
Comment from : anita owen

Robert Wilkinson
Nice video very engaging from beginning to end Nevertheless business and Investments are the easiest way to make money
Comment from : Robert Wilkinson

Alice Smith
Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check doesn't put you in Forbes
Comment from : Alice Smith

Good video Ignored the simple fact that Bitcoin Cash BCH can do everything better than Bitcoin BTC It's already scaled to 25k transactions per second and go for 1 million transactions soon!
Comment from : 1stMilcom

Don Gately
There will be winners and losers in the crypto market just like every other emerging market in history
Comment from : Don Gately

Wilson Jacobs
This is not the best time for anyone to be left out when going for digital assets
Comment from : Wilson Jacobs

Abel Gomes
This is not the best time for anyone to be left out when going for digital assets
Comment from : Abel Gomes

@The Economist It seems like you shorted Bitcoin
Comment from : Eldahalas

so far all i hear is that bitcoin is like the dollar since the dollar is voilitaly right now
Comment from : swardinc

Not the economist, its The shitonomist
Comment from : anonymous

It will never work
Comment from : CuddleMuffin

Good try but im gonna buy more bitcoin Prefer that then your shit fiat I let my fiat in acount and your removing my purchase power by printing I got 10k for 20 millions circulating money, you print i now i have 8k Thanks gouvernement thief Prefer to get out your one way system
Comment from : Mike

The banking system take lot more then bitcoin energy to mine What a stupid fud!
Comment from : Mike

Justin Bishop
Nice FUD video Bitcoin has been appreciating 200 per year for the last 13 years How long will you sit on the sidelines Better than gold, more secure, easier to access, deflationary You are a fool to spend negative energy on this FUD They even mention tulips and the mysterious creator This is good shit lmao
Comment from : Justin Bishop

The statement at 2:31 is incorrect; money is NOT simply a social convention
Comment from : Carlos

I wonder how much energy we waste on Christmas lights, or entertainment ? 🤔 wouldn't that contribute to "clime change" also ? brBut lets ignore them because those don't threaten the big banks and the status quo
Comment from : gedeo

Jamesmary Jamesmary
Investing in a different streams of income that doesn't depend on the government to bring in money especially now the pandemic is hitting the country pretty hard will be the wisest decision
Comment from : Jamesmary Jamesmary

larry demonte
My question is once it is used as currency and is excepted as commerce the people receiving the bitcoins for services or products will immediately sell them because they are not invested in bitcoin, so if It becomes widely used in commerce , Will the value of bitcoin be suppressed because of all the selling, the more it is used for currency the most selling deal will be in bitcoin
Comment from : larry demonte

More and more people are waking up suddenly and realizing to their horror and chagrin, that the mainstream media is something they must avoid entirely… it’s a big “woke” moment rife with cognitive dissonance and a feeling of being violated
Comment from : FisheyJay

David Renwick
Cut the frigging music! I don't need 90 seconds of annoying ear-candy to appreciate economics
Comment from : David Renwick

Almost everything that was said by this so called “expert” has already been debunked Unequivocally Poor reporting from The Economist Very disappointing
Comment from : Xenork

kwame A
so Bitcoin is like Vegas Chips
Comment from : kwame A

Paid for by the federal reserve
Comment from : Vyruz

I still cannot believe the amount of fear mongering about cryptocurrency in 2021 It's been around over a decade and will continue to be here
Comment from : ingamechats

Manura Nanayakkara
Another BS fud video
Comment from : Manura Nanayakkara

Schmetter Ling
Will the pumpers and dumpers walk away with billions of dollars? Yes, absolutely
Comment from : Schmetter Ling

Problem: you didn’t mention the white paper and how is was created Or you didn’t mention the lighting network Or, you didn’t really “explain” bitcoin but you started discussing cryptocurrencies
Comment from : NappyWayz

what a piece of pure bullshit, not surprising coming form The Economist trash
Comment from : BITCOIN

King amanullah Khan fan
I have ideas for World economy
Comment from : King amanullah Khan fan

This video would be far better if they had focussed on the crypto’s with real utility as well, Ethereum with DAPP’s, smart contracts and whatnot by example Bitcoin is functionally useless, if you’re looking at that as the future, you’re looking in the wrong place
Comment from : Jim77

Mike Murphy
And how much crime is paid for in USD cash?
Comment from : Mike Murphy

Steve 0770
They conveniently omit all the flaws of the established banking system in this comparison Which by the way, was the sole reason Bitcoin was created in the first place These people just don’t get it 😂
Comment from : Steve 0770

Ruben V
Bitcoin, the best performing asset of the last 10 years Yet, these boomers still call it a Tulip mania lol
Comment from : Ruben V

Pure Freedom
look at El Salvador and shut up the economist is owned by the rotschilds im sure they are buying Bitcoin too It will absorb most global wealth
Comment from : Pure Freedom

_Çōdēr13 _
Lol copy and paste the old information while bitcoin slowly reduced volatilitybrBitcoin using clean electricity not updated as well Lol Bitcoin like tulip? Do you think USD will burst rather than Bitcoin? Printing USD like no tomorrow
Comment from : _Çōdēr13 _

Dave Gibb
One sided review, what a surprise
Comment from : Dave Gibb

Craig Y ONeill
finally a YouTuber with some sense
Comment from : Craig Y ONeill

Shawn Tang
Mr economist, Biden put u up too whipping this dead horse!?!brSo yesterday!
Comment from : Shawn Tang

Shawn Tang
It’s really funny how mainstream Media is trying to portray Bitcoin as a mode of payment for illicit activity but yet all the goods and services quoted are in USD!
Comment from : Shawn Tang

Shawn Tang
Look Mr Economist u can cut the energy consumption issues in many ways you claim that Bitcoin uses more power than Netherlands Right then… let’s take that chain off thought and consider how much power the traditional financial systems works “ as a whole” meaning how much power ALL the centra banks and private banks uses… Please include all the power used by tehe banks data canters and retails branches over the top of that …pls ask how much paper is consumed within these banks and how many trees are falled to enable that… also, please ask how many trees are being cut to print endless amount of cash…brAlso, I think u gotta keep up with times… if u wan means of payment, there are ther options like usdt ifor the Fiat addicts or something faster like eth/ lite coin or one of the other alt coins u wan means of payments= altcoins U want store of value btc
Comment from : Shawn Tang

Jatoch Neetoch
What a DARK SIDE of telling the story about Bitcoin Sad to see how they demonize Bitcoin
Comment from : Jatoch Neetoch

Guillermo Martinez
Crypto is NOT Bitcoin Bitcoin is just the first, but really, it is the least useful of all Crypto
Comment from : Guillermo Martinez

Myk Crypto
Comment from : Myk Crypto

Kelly Roberts
288K ₿ price still in play' says PlanB as Bloomberg champions ₿!tco!n halving ₿!tco!n can still hit an average price of 288,000 in the next three years, confident analyst PlanB has said after ₿TC/USD shed 7 on June 12
Comment from : Kelly Roberts

Comment from : UP NEXT CRYPTO

Corliss Crabtree
Thank you
Comment from : Corliss Crabtree

Jeremy Renner
Investing is how you create Wealth, I started investing from pandemic crash👍
Comment from : Jeremy Renner

There is a coincidence that the owners of The Economist actually hold the shares of the central banks
Comment from : ゆう

If i were you guy'sI buy bitcoin instead of selling Because the price of bitcoin is low at this moment
Comment from : MELLISSA SCOTT

Few Understand
Lightning NW on top of bitcoin can process much more transactions than visa, this video is embarrassing what a bunch of FUD
Comment from : Few Understand

Owen Antonio
I just got into crypto trading and I made my first profit wish I knew about this earlier
Comment from : Owen Antonio

Paul McDonald
Comment from : Paul McDonald

Youtube Is my jockey
Ridiculous u guys still comparing Bitcoin to Tulips, Bitcoin price has plummeted multiple times since 2009 only to recover stronger, how many times did Tulips do this and how long did that last? BTC clearly has a use case as a global store of value as digital gold and hedge against inflation whereas Tulips doesn’t
Comment from : Youtube Is my jockey

Ron Rio
yooo peeepul r sikkk runnn RUNNNNN 😙
Comment from : Ron Rio

Matthew  Tyson
The Euro, dollars, pounds, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen and indeed all fiat is going to zero against Bitcoin Anyone that fails to recognise this will be impoverished in the future you will be begging to get a piece of crypto assets and bitcoin The future is crypto and it's happening already
Comment from : Matthew Tyson

Thanks for the FUD
Comment from : Jam

Comment from : A L

I turned off when she said its contributing to the climate crisis Pure targeted FUD
Comment from : TheMasterNinjaRyu

Is it really you
The banks are not to be trusted how many times do the public have to bail them out and when we do the bankers give themselves big bonus
Comment from : Is it really you

By Grace Through Faith
This is why it is time to sell or wait Everybody is talking about it, which means whales and corporations are selling They spread FUD so people think "oh they don't want me to to buy so I'll buy" and then you're left holding the bag when they dump it on you Smart money buys during the bear markets when BTC is a thing of 2 years ago and no one cares Just saying Be careful
Comment from : By Grace Through Faith

Is it really you
The coin bureau A brilliant channel ❤️
Comment from : Is it really you

Digital currencies will only succeed when they are able to scale ie as more people desire to transact, the cost and time to perform a transaction remains the same instead of climbing exponentially Noone has figured out how to do this quite yet
Comment from : slovokia

Justin Tyler
Shoddy journalism
Comment from : Justin Tyler

This is a disappointing analysisbrBy ignoring the difference between 'money' and 'currency' bryou are misinforming people about the meaningful differencesbrbetween fiat currencies and crypto currencies - like bitcoinbr wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=DyV0OfU3-FU
Comment from : pectorialis

I am a fucking “believer”
Comment from : MH

Now go and do an actual video on bitcoin without bias
Comment from : akselmani

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