How Much I Made Mining Bitcoin For 30 Days

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Название :  How Much I Made Mining Bitcoin For 30 Days
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Shima Nahar
You’re so sweet for paying your parents back
Comment from : Shima Nahar

I’m Dominican bro and that conversation you had with your parents will never go down like that in my household lmao
Comment from : OneAnime_

where is my boi hydropower
Comment from : ReZenT CYBER

Adolf Gaming
your math is completely off unless you live in a really high priced electricity state. my pc consumes 200 watts a day, one kwh is 1000 watts and is 11 cents. thats only like 30 cents a day
Comment from : Adolf Gaming

Alvin Bergman
honeyminer is the worst miner possible
Comment from : Alvin Bergman

Solar energy
Comment from : ClipsPR

Rudy Straight
What gpu are you using?
Comment from : Rudy Straight

meme man
Comment from : meme man

Greg T
There's also liquidity mining where you just have to provide liquid assets and get a very high yearly return (70%-80%)
Comment from : Greg T

The Podcast
Comment from : The Podcast

5:00 ur welcome
Comment from : Synponic360

Lucky Egypt electric is so cheap
Comment from : THE KING MARK

Bartek p88
continue but buy solar panels and wind turbines
Comment from : Bartek p88

bit coin has gone up in Australia you have now made 37.83 Australian Dollar
Comment from : Bartz

CryptoTab browser is much better than honeyminer lol
Comment from : Mat.v

that 2 dollars is now 200
Comment from : j1m

JJAJAJA Juajauajaua
The old stories tell he is grounded till the next century. xD
Comment from : JJAJAJA Juajauajaua

Matt Stockmann
hopefully digi currencies all go to zero.
Comment from : Matt Stockmann

Kye Titterton
If anyone needs invitation codes for pi use KyeT2000 and for bee use kyetitterton.
Thank you

Comment from : Kye Titterton

Did you learn english by watching youtube videos?
Comment from : ROLLOVERROVERdotORG

Dereck Ford
I mean he was right, it’s almost at 50k
Comment from : Dereck Ford

Amazing Cyan
Comment from : Amazing Cyan

Kyle Crossley
what about luiqidity mining
Comment from : Kyle Crossley

Mace Windu
What wallet do you use
Comment from : Mace Windu

Ruthless Knockouts
Then How Much are you going to Make while Minning on the Rig you Showed on the last scene of the Video
Comment from : Ruthless Knockouts

Bryan Flores
This dudes math is definitely wrong
Comment from : Bryan Flores

i cant get it installed in my PC since it stuck at "loading miner"
Comment from : 流浪澳洲

Dumb video
Comment from : kingmiller1982

Remco N
Why do these kids nowadays always think they need to shout and talk loud. Dude, relax. I am not going to watch this to the end because of that.
Comment from : Remco N

Tornike Keshelava
Look Teddy ! Now papa is happy Me gusta!
Comment from : Tornike Keshelava

connor h
tell em bro! don’t read comments lol they’re still giving you views so you win
Comment from : connor h

Lucy Francis
Come to the point bruh
Comment from : Lucy Francis

89 87
I tought u mr beast
Comment from : 89 87

Gametrix studio
for me in my country i would have lost only 5 pound
Comment from : Gametrix studio

Mauricio Noriega
Yes, you should be throwing your life savings into it
Comment from : Mauricio Noriega

Marcel Rickman
haha, this was made on my birthday.
Comment from : Marcel Rickman

Alif Paizar
Better mining ETH, it's more profitable
Comment from : Alif Paizar

Curt Francis
What was the gpu for ur computer?
Comment from : Curt Francis

Dex Minton
The fact you fully clickbaited is so jarring man 😭😭😭
Comment from : Dex Minton

hannah best
matina1_matty on !!!g made me rich
Comment from : hannah best

hannah best
matina1_matty on !!!g made me rich
Comment from : hannah best

ayla hill
Positive remarks from matina1_matty on !G they're the best RN 💯💯
Comment from : ayla hill

ayla hill
Positive remarks from matina1_matty on !G they're the best RN 💯💯
Comment from : ayla hill

you still living with your parents?
Comment from : Seltfe

Fraser Brown
What an annoying little guy. Why are you doing that with your mouth?
Comment from : Fraser Brown

mart rico
Cute boy.. lovely
Comment from : mart rico

Your parents like in the movies.
Comment from : MoveFaster

Tamiko B
You are funny and bright and I really enjoy your videos. Kudos to your parents!
Comment from : Tamiko B

Shelly Whelan
Did your mom get mad that you dug up her yard for your video?
Comment from : Shelly Whelan

i am in uk, honeyminer will not let me download any other options
Comment from : lloyd.c

Jordan Carless
Bee network referral code jordy1997
Comment from : Jordan Carless

Adelin L
Soo, you could've just bought 80$ worth of bitcoins which would've been more than your bitcoins gained from mining for 80$ worth of energy
Comment from : Adelin L

Asad ather
Can anyone tell what software or what web he is using mining
Comment from : Asad ather

Teen Bosses
Nice Vid!
Comment from : Teen Bosses

The Yeetster
1st use something like nanominer with nanopool, on etherium (it is worth it), and maybe put your pc on power saver mode, like power plan, and you need atleast 1 5GB vram GPU to do it, hope you understand :p
Comment from : The Yeetster

i cant create account on the honeyminer :(
Comment from : swag_cat_on_Youtube

Sasa Ilic
10$ for 30 days? What gpu you have, NVIDIA GTX Toster???
Comment from : Sasa Ilic

You didn’t consider the time value of money and opportunity cost. that $31 in 5 years is probably worth around the same as $18 now. Or less
Comment from : P L

Patrick Scherzinger
13 cents per Kilowatt, wow. In Germany we pay 31 😂
Comment from : Patrick Scherzinger

well, i just turned my heaters off in my house and now my computer is the heater.. lol
Comment from : C H

Nield Kelly
Omg i just got 3btc from WF_ALOK on Insta that dude is the best ✔️
Comment from : Nield Kelly

Nield Kelly
Omg i just got 3btc from WF_ALOK on Insta that dude is the best ✔️
Comment from : Nield Kelly

InK'VikinGs SaRA TM
honeyminer work fine ?
Comment from : InK'VikinGs SaRA TM

You’re dad looks like he’s disappointed, not in the Bitcoin but in you as a person.
Comment from : Kg

bro just mine ethereum
Comment from : Defanserb

RegMaster YT
What were the specs on that computer
Comment from : RegMaster YT

Peace Berry
how do I get huked up
Comment from : Peace Berry

Ka Gg
Even without the Mr.Beast sticker on your laptop, you can tell you watch Mr. Beast just based on your video style. lol
Comment from : Ka Gg

Who's paying your electricity bill?
Comment from : FMOTION

XXL Wntd
Better mowing the lawn
Comment from : XXL Wntd

Lmao your dad was chill, he was like 4$ tip? 🤣
Comment from : TexasGaming101

Yo wolf the problem is that honey doesent use all the power it has
Comment from : PCJ0ker

Hyper Tech
Do You Know i live in New Delhi, India and Cost Of 200Kw Unit is 0$ as set by State Govt. , I feel bad about you XD
Comment from : Hyper Tech

nirvair sandhu
I was here before he got famous
Comment from : nirvair sandhu

Hehe Boi
If I'm going to mine btc, which gpus would be the best?
Comment from : Hehe Boi

Paul Van Damme
The PC: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Paul Van Damme

Geniuni G
use microsoft azure or cloud gaming
Comment from : Geniuni G

My pc needs 0.13$ of electricity to run for 24h and it makes 1.4$ mining. It really depends on where you live and what gpu you have
Comment from : Giorgi

BlockChain Technology
you should solor mining bitcoin so your parents don't go bankrupt..
Comment from : BlockChain Technology

Zach Petersen
Hey wolf i havent been able to download honey miner because it wont show up can you help?
Comment from : Zach Petersen

Frenk Gosling
Bro if youtube will know that you are sharing a profit that you make on youtube videos you will get a strike ! Be careful it is in your contract with them that this info can not be shared with a public.
Comment from : Frenk Gosling

Chistia Khan
what is your pc secs????
Comment from : Chistia Khan

Azi Bros
People say he made more in this video than this challenge
Comment from : Azi Bros

David Shoemaker
What's wrong with this dude's mouth
Comment from : David Shoemaker

Zaid Chishty
You saved me from doing same mistake
Comment from : Zaid Chishty

Ayaan Lewis
$5,000 confirmed thanks to Lordnikon_57 on Ig. He's trustworthy
Comment from : Ayaan Lewis

Ayaan Lewis
$5,000 confirmed thanks to Lordnikon_57 on Ig. He's trustworthy
Comment from : Ayaan Lewis

Havent you earned enough money ? Candy selling and loads of other things
Comment from : qothic.chxrry

Connor Nobbs
You should either put a gpu in that with a proper mining bios or you should build a mining rig to see what realistic profits would look like
Comment from : Connor Nobbs

Dominic Tagum
wasting time theres a lot of mining website why you waste your time in that honeyminer super slow mining
Comment from : Dominic Tagum

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