#1 Top Reason Bitcoin Will Explode In Price (Huge Crypto Secret Revealed)

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Название :  #1 Top Reason Bitcoin Will Explode In Price (Huge Crypto Secret Revealed)
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Кадры #1 Top Reason Bitcoin Will Explode In Price (Huge Crypto Secret Revealed)

Описание #1 Top Reason Bitcoin Will Explode In Price (Huge Crypto Secret Revealed)

Коментарии #1 Top Reason Bitcoin Will Explode In Price (Huge Crypto Secret Revealed)

Bitcoin head and shoulders pattern put us in a 3 year bear cycle XLM about to make monumental moves!
Comment from : Nubbley

Crypto Monk
better to invest in launchpads, moonstarter (msnt) , token available on pancakeswap, is a multichain launchpad (for now supports ethereum , binance smart chain and polygon) You can have guaranteed allocation for 300 USD! Hidden gem launchpad with market cap under 1 Million!
Comment from : Crypto Monk

mitchell torres
I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mrs Debra Thomas, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade
Comment from : mitchell torres

Melissa Whitehouse
Bitcoin is really paying now,the rise of Bitcoin have changed some many things for good
Comment from : Melissa Whitehouse

Buyth Edip
Much Wow
Comment from : Buyth Edip

Sh M
Hands down, the best episode that we have seen so far Well done guys 👏
Comment from : Sh M

Frost Films
Arcane Bear 🐻 great to see you on the show again
Comment from : Frost Films

5:40 “when the whales are accumulating, you should take a cue from them & swim w/ the whales” - Ben / Hitboy
Comment from : HowlBeast

Ahmad Jaber
I am really curious, who the hell is buying Bitcoin right now, I bet that it is those big people who are advising people to buy who is buying now THEY JUST WANT TO KEEP IT FROM DYING, BE CAREFUL PEOPLE, BITCOIN IS DYING DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY
Comment from : Ahmad Jaber

po jack
When will any of these people admit that we’re in a bear market? Lol
Comment from : po jack

Ben has a Twin in Mexico I saw this guy and I walked up to him in the pool in Cabo and I ask him where are you from He said in a Spanglish voice Mexico I said; man you look just like Bitboy! He ask who is bitboy and I explained who Ben is
Comment from : CougarLove

Thanks for watching everyone!
Comment from : CryptoStache

jacob felix
30k will be the bulls to accumulated even morewhile the rookies will sell
Comment from : jacob felix

Annie Clay
Love having Arcane Bear on the show Great job everyone!
Comment from : Annie Clay

Blah bablah bablah… That’s what I hear when Wendy speaks LoL
Comment from : Taylordawg03

Dem Apples
+1 ryan matta
Comment from : Dem Apples

Neil Tucker
💯 agree Cryptostache, they aren't going to let the people benefit and swap into other assets, and the end goal will be ultimate control over population BTC could have been crushed by now if they wanted but was insignificant to them until now, now they'll regulate the space to bring under their control then take over it under their control
Comment from : Neil Tucker

Comment from : Mdoubleok

Raymundo Rodil
My defi pet to the moon!!!
Comment from : Raymundo Rodil

Jamie Baker
I keep telling everyone about Kai coin by Kardiachain and again people are still continuing to miss this huge sleeping giant! People spend 30 mins doing some research and you will be blown away by their tech and what they have actually produced so far unlike a couple of much more well known coins ;)
Comment from : Jamie Baker

Really glad you mentioned Kardiachain Been screaming about this project for over a year now and people are only waking up to how huge this is KAI works with the government, they are going places and although to some people it just seems like their focus is Vietnam, it is not Their temporary focus is on Vietnam, they want to look after their own country before taking on the world! Look into it more, the project is insanely strong, half the circulating supply is staked and they now have their DEX (KAIDEX) up and running about to launch their interoperability with integrating ERC20 and BSCbrThe token price will reflect the fundamentals soon enough This is a dollar project MINIMUM
Comment from : Mac

We’re so close to 6k likes Come on people
Comment from : CryptoTheOnly

mincraft  GR
$KAI is the future of Dexes and Cexes!Invest in $KAI, backup by the Vietnamese gov and you will remember me with happiness and say,thank you for telling me about KaiDyor this gem and you will understand
Comment from : mincraft GR

Nice intro!!
Comment from : Mako🦈

Happy Harry Potter isn't on today with his nasally voice I just can't listen to him
Comment from : Austin

Ben needs a "Samy Haygar" Can't Drive 55 sign in the background
Comment from : coinman556

Kai 🚀🚀🚀🚀
Comment from : m

Rennie Rivera
I loved arcane! What a great thinker! Loved his points of views!
Comment from : Rennie Rivera

Eric Thornton
TJ So I share the opinion that the cbdc and gov control is the direction And that is the reason that I like xrp They maintain the banks and their power Banks are at times in history crappy if not evil But better them than the government
Comment from : Eric Thornton

Peter Pagh
1 satoshi = 1 dollar year 2042
Comment from : Peter Pagh

Poly Protonester
Nice new intro
Comment from : Poly Protonester

Duarte Lucas
More secrets?
Comment from : Duarte Lucas

Orlando Harmon
Bit boy where do think chain link can go? After being added to grayscale
Comment from : Orlando Harmon

I think you mean explosive dump
Comment from : Erion

Bogus Bugno
Comment from : Bogus Bugno

Benjamin Mercado
Bring George on the show
Comment from : Benjamin Mercado

Crypto Krill
Niceeeeee Intro!!!
Comment from : Crypto Krill

Music Around the Block(Chain) #NFTmusic #Web3Metal
Nice stream production 🙂
Comment from : Music Around the Block(Chain) #NFTmusic #Web3Metal

Happy D
CAKE , SNX and IOST ruling the cryptospace today
Comment from : Happy D

NFTs Mate
I have a 24/7 theta token stream running on my channel Drop in, say hi and join the community! :)br THETA TO THE MOON 🚀🚀🚀
Comment from : NFTs Mate

Zac Taylor
Arcane is valuable
Comment from : Zac Taylor

Charlie B
Got to be the strongest line up of guests
Comment from : Charlie B

Newbie to the space👋🏻 Q: If the whales are accumulating/buying millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin, why is this not affecting the price?
Comment from : Goldnarms

EQZ on KuCoin! 100 mil total supply!
Comment from : mrpohaku

Søren Kristensen
Read somewhere the original idea behind the creation of blockchain was to eliminate spam/scam What´s the perspective today?
Comment from : Søren Kristensen

Had my head in the sand the past few years DCA every week since then brbrKeep spreading the good word
Comment from : DeesNutz

Still need to fix the screen captures, too much is getting cut off by names and empty space
Comment from : Graeth

July has been hyped up to be a great month, lets see how it goes
Comment from : HabibStation

Doggy treats
Next, the BitBoy Crypto Network - BCN You're building something special so keep up the great work
Comment from : Doggy treats

Kevin Olson
Solana was just listed on KRAKEN the other day!!! To the moon!!!
Comment from : Kevin Olson

A Fulfilled Life - Personal Finance
Great content, awesome discussion!
Comment from : A Fulfilled Life - Personal Finance

DRZ Rider
Ecomi and XEC moving nicely
Comment from : DRZ Rider

Bring on JRNY or IVAN on tech
Comment from : munk

Yeah!! Sure CryptoStachebrLet’s sign up for using Nuclear Waste to power our cell phones, and have that radiate all day on your body great idea brgo for it buddybrbrAll these CryptoDouches on this show shill some brutal advice brthe one cryptoboy that gives advice is always laying down in his back, he can’t even sit up and function as a person brthis is ridiculous
Comment from : BranNew’

Wendy O always bringing the good vibes 😎 she's easy on the eyes too 🤓
Comment from : munk

I fell in love with wendy she is gorgeous as Bitcoin
Comment from : SHIVPREET SOND

My channel is small but would be fun if you ever need someone bad haha
Comment from : SteveR82

Brad Hardman
ETH is going to 🚀 to the 🌙
Comment from : Brad Hardman

Audius $$$$
Comment from : bear2bull

Ajanto Sharif
what does the number nect to their face mean?
Comment from : Ajanto Sharif

Nolan from earth
Hey Ben I want you to know you’re the #1 reason I’m still here I love your show and the whole crew thank you guys for everything y’all do! FYI I watched both ads for you ( THE INTRO WAS BADASS )
Comment from : Nolan from earth

Kevin Rosas
Get TMI on the show!
Comment from : Kevin Rosas

Victor Bustamante
Awesome intro!!!!
Comment from : Victor Bustamante

Cool intro
Comment from : RichUncleDrew

Don McCauley
I want to sponsor a video for INDYS stake pool Get a hold of me PLZ
Comment from : Don McCauley

Scott PoPo
Wendy <3
Comment from : Scott PoPo

10 like average is shit
Comment from : _Mark-Hodlburg

Can you do an analysis on babydoge and Forint token Probably too late for babydoge though
Comment from : Lowdash

Sandy Shoals
It is so sad the US is becoming 1 of the least free communist countries on Earth I mourn the USA that was How we let a covert, avowed commie execute a coup for the highest office in the land is beyond me The founding fathers have surely turned face down in their graves out of disgust
Comment from : Sandy Shoals

WISDOM vs knowledge
bush league
Comment from : WISDOM vs knowledge

Centurion Strength & Fitness
Great show! 'Stache was crushing it! Close run at the end, there, but Arcane just nipped it Nice
Comment from : Centurion Strength & Fitness

Get contrarian dude back on ATB
Comment from : Matt_Cone

D Man
Good morning Vietnam!
Comment from : D Man

You can't stop things like btc,it will always remain everywhere and the world will Have to readjustThe government will have to readjust "Mcafee"
Comment from : +❶❷❶❻❷❷⓿❼❷❹❶*WhatsApp

William Lickel
Comment from : William Lickel

Blockchain Toaster
Loved the new intro!
Comment from : Blockchain Toaster

The Silent Roamer
Hey Ben can you checkout a token called Lunarswap , the dex is coming out tomorrow And it launched 3 days ago It automatically stakes your lunar tokens just by holding it in your wallet10 of all transactions will be collected and given out as rewards to stakers 8 in bnb 2 in lunar But what makes the dex different is you can set your take profit , stop loss , and entry Only a 26 million marketcap on bsc Thanks for the read This can be the next bakeryswap and pancakeswap competitor
Comment from : The Silent Roamer

Kieren Seymour
Intro 20secomds too long
Comment from : Kieren Seymour

Doc Cannabis
Comment from : Doc Cannabis

Gotta get That Martini Guy on the show!
Comment from : joshfromdetroit

Do an episode with CryptosRUs (George) on, we're all George
Comment from : Kevatta

Olympus is a gem that just listed on coin market cap, Zeus will reward you with passive busd for hodling
Comment from : AmviciousRav

Juan Carlos Meneses
Awesome job Thanks
Comment from : Juan Carlos Meneses

Great discussion!!!
Comment from : ElVikingoTor

Jared Cooney
-10 for Stache thinking its a good idea to use nuclear waste to power our cell phone batteries Made me second guess who I am listening to here! 🤣🤣
Comment from : Jared Cooney

Kenneth Lee
You are smokin' Bitcooin is done XRP will wax that azz You know it already Listen to your inner voice
Comment from : Kenneth Lee

Wendy again! What about chico crypto or jrny crypto👍
Comment from : Walmart

🚀 🌟 STARGAZER PROTOCOL 🌟🚀brbrVery promising project guys, analyze!!brbrbr0xf647d6b49ea7bb880ecbcff9913df0d634875d33
Comment from : Renato

Amy fisher
Fye Vietnam is a communist country s don’t expect too much even if they allow it for now
Comment from : Amy fisher

Night Hunter
Comment from : Night Hunter

Comment from : FearAndLoathingMedia

Mister Gaylord
Who remembers "I like turtles from Opie and Anthony!?😁
Comment from : Mister Gaylord

Darrin Marshall
Love the new intro
Comment from : Darrin Marshall

Mr Rotella
Yea! Loving this dystopian conversation!!
Comment from : Mr Rotella

Bring Tika on the blockchain
Comment from : Moka‼️

Jesse C
Crypto Wendy O so fine
Comment from : Jesse C

Derik Chess
Around the Blockchain > Around the horn
Comment from : Derik Chess

Megan Gomes
Arcane is a gem! He’s in great company Great show!
Comment from : Megan Gomes

Beautiful new Intro Loving the progress
Comment from : AB

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