1 BITCOIN COST $5.000.000 in 2030 (message from the future)

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Название :  1 BITCOIN COST $5.000.000 in 2030 (message from the future)
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Кадры 1 BITCOIN COST $5.000.000 in 2030 (message from the future)

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Video má české titulky, stačí si je zapnout. Díky.
Comment from : ViralBusiness

Elmer Short
i increased my cash flow online the day i started trading with lisa_upfx 0'n l'g
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Nicole Craig
Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
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Claire John
This morning on the CoinMarketCap portal, B!tcoin’s value went up 5.48 percent to $51,105 early on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile Binance data showed that B!tcoin reached an all-time high of $51,408. B!tcoin stalled short of the $52,000 mark, with its price surging past $51,400. However, on Monday, it slipped to $48,914 in Asian trading hours. B!tcoin's record-breaking rally is said to be driven by a global shift in investor and public attitudes towards crypto assets. I strongly advise us to get involved in day tradìng but to be propérly guided by a pro tràder with a working stratégy. For me it's beén very successful because I was beíng guided by a respectable tràde expert koen , whose strâtegy has proven to be so accurate and well analyzed. Tradìng and growing my portfolio from 0.8btc to 7.2btc within 6 weeks is so awesome and credíble. Don't you think this is the right time to grow the little we hold ahëad of môre bullìshness? He can be reached through Wh@tsApp (+18154128938) and mail. (Justinconsultant@aol.co) for all crypto related inquiries
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rachel watson
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Karim Ezzat
Hi sir really if know day I buy bitcoin by 5000usd so on 2027 how much it will be or I buy more than 5000 usd
Comment from : Karim Ezzat

I cant stand this future hairstyle 😄
Comment from : Karma

Shanon Sandquist
U are thinking too small.
Comment from : Shanon Sandquist

Claire John
Looking at the current btc chart one would never believe this same currency once traded below $6000 just around March this year, it's amazing how an enlightened part of the world has rip massively from this bullish move, yet analysts continue to predict this as merely the beginning of better things to come, crypto in general offers a host of opportunities, but trading continue to be the most vague and lucrative, with the right trading guide and signals of Shaw, I've been able to learn the basics of trading, been earning big over these past month while also learning trading and effectively utility of signals towards trade, the past few months has been revealing, shaw is an avenue to channel concerns on crypto and trading.he can be reached for guidance on WhatsAap +4 4 7 8 2 8 4 5 0 7 6 8.
Comment from : Claire John

Acting Corner
I mean, maybe Bitcoin was emerging in 2010, but it's pretty well established in 2020.
Comment from : Acting Corner

James Reid
If only I watched this 10 months ago I would be a millionaire by now thanks 😊
Comment from : James Reid

john Karlos
1 bitcoin 5 000 000 USD 2 0 3 0 yes....
Comment from : john Karlos

john Karlos
Exact 5 000 000 USD 1 bitcoin tout à fait possible
Comment from : john Karlos

Quag Myer
I think it’s going to be higher than 5Mil by 2030.
Comment from : Quag Myer

Chiliz 5 $ at end of year and know with the correction is good time to enter 🚀📈
Comment from : Rems

Nick Huysen
Loving the 2030 haircut
Comment from : Nick Huysen

Benjamin Rex Ben
I wasn't expecting my profit from Austin but I was amazed when I saw my bitcoin profit just today.
Comment from : Benjamin Rex Ben

He looks like that guy from the matrix. The one that betrayed Morpheus
Comment from : Schizofit

Roger Stephan
Thanks for this great video it has been helpful to us. As an investor, it's almost inevitable that you're not going to experience ups and downs along the way of investing for yourself but trading with an expert who would guide you in making huge profits is the best. Think about Mrs Kramer Rosalina
Comment from : Roger Stephan

Why does he look like Tom cruise but from wish
Comment from : SNG

Comment from : Extrabold

Comment from : SOLEdox

Looks like they're still using Windows 10 in 2030. Love to see it 😭
Comment from : justChris

Hulk Hulk
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Comment from : Hulk Hulk

it will never happen 😂
Comment from : tryoofun

Al Kz
You rule dude
Comment from : Al Kz

In 2030 everybody will own nothing!
Comment from : Haha!

Guppy Power
I don’t trust anyone with that kind of haircut
Comment from : Guppy Power

This guy looks like he has no paper money but his bitcoin wallet is loaded full of that virtual currency. When he goes shopping and they ask cash debit or credit he pulls a computer monitor and tower out of his pocket and slams it on the grocery belt.
Comment from : GammaWave

I wouldn’t trust a man with this haircut
Comment from : Hhhbgg

Robert York
Message for details. Once confirmation of digital Bitcoin transfer is complete, your item will be shipped directly to you. **Limited Time Offer** First 30 exchanges will be entered into a drawing where one grand prize winner will get 3 (YES, you read that correctly) physical bitcoins for transferring one and 2 runner-ups, will receive 2 for their transfers. Act now!!! These are moving fast and will be gone before you know it. I feel more secure holding or storing my physical Bitcoin than trusting a "cloud-based" system to keep my digital Bitcoin for me. Good luck to the first 30!! Make that 23 as of the end of this post!
Comment from : Robert York

Raymond Cunanan
Everybody will say you are out of your mind until it happens. I believe it will be possible.
Comment from : Raymond Cunanan

Diego Balseca
Comment from : Diego Balseca

Kevin Carol
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Fuk Censorship
Very creative!
Comment from : Fuk Censorship

Agatha Heidi
The chinese break is a very good time to get a high return on your Bitcoin investment. I invested with a professional broker Stacy O'Connor and with her expertise I made a whooping 150%. As a bitcoin investor this a gem.
Comment from : Agatha Heidi

My excitement for the potential long term growth in bitcoin has tapered off a little bit after seeing a bitcoin guy with this haircut.
Comment from : kpesq1

livingoust J
Personal hope is not the future.
Comment from : livingoust J

But 5 million USD can only buy you some nice ice cream in 2030
Comment from : pikaz

Luhta The Finn
You are out of your mind.
Comment from : Luhta The Finn

stephen betteridge
Your explanation, past and future analysis is exceptional! You have nailed it. 😊
Comment from : stephen betteridge

Crypto Vegeta
If thats the haircut awaiting me in 2030.... then i am out
Comment from : Crypto Vegeta

Rád bych připomněl, že byste měli "investovat" pouze peníze, které máte "navíc" a nebudu mít pro vás takový fatální následky jejich možná ztráta. Buď budete trochu smutní z jejich ztráty, nebo vysmátí jak lečo.

Btw. Dobrej sestřih Gringo 😂

Comment from : YASEM SOXO

Ondřej Vitík
I recognized you being Czech when you said SMS 😀
Comment from : Ondřej Vitík

Mas pravdu ale je mi dvanact takže nemam moc našetřeno ale par stovek bych nasel ale myslím si že pravý čas bude až ke konci Září nebo Řínu , protože je tu varianta že bude 2. fáze korony.
Comment from : HofiGame-OLD

Doporučuji si přečíst tento článek o Bitcoinu od Torza www.torzo.cz/bitcoin/
Comment from : MotivationLibrary

he doesnt even look like the cenek i once knew. he looks like a completely different person.dam
Comment from : King

kde nejlepe koupit bitcoin nejake stranky aby to bylo pro zacatecnika jednoduche.
Comment from : Mirae

libor Zz
Iam at 2030 too, bcs i have a same keyboard :-)
Comment from : libor Zz

Hodně lidí by zajímal nějaký tutoriál jak koupit akcie on-line a bitcoin koupit on-line,registrace apodobně
Comment from : ogjenda

Záznamy ze streamů
Mám otázku. Pokud bude stát bitcoin 5 milionu dollaru a bude jich 21 milionu, tak by me zajimalo, kdo si koupi jeden bitcoin za tolik penez. To znamena, ze ja budu mit bitcoin, ale nebudu ho mit komu prodat
Comment from : Záznamy ze streamů

Pěkný video o bitcoinu, ale asi bych začal investovat do zlata a stříbra. Virtuální měna může jednou skočit, ale zlato a stříbro tady bude navždy...
Comment from : Milda

Chlebicek !
Czech? 😂
Comment from : Chlebicek !

Mii Paintings
Preji vam mnoho uspechu z novym kanalem. Poudrav z Ceska ❤️
Comment from : Mii Paintings

Stě borci mada fucka 😀😀😀xd
Comment from : sitem16

Vláďa Long
Could you please make video how you are buying bitcoins and what is most safety way how to buy it?
Thanks a lot

Comment from : Vláďa Long

Miroslav Benda
Comment from : Miroslav Benda

Štramák Honza
Jak si můžeš být tak jistý že se hodnota bitcoinu vyčíslí tak vysoko? To je jediná otázka jinak je to hezky vysvětlené.
Comment from : Štramák Honza

Cau Cenku,super ze jsi zalozil tenhle kanal,samo,ze ho priradim do meho portfolia z vasich/tvych kanalu jako odberatel a tesim se na dalsi videa.. Hodne stesti a hodne odberatelu,myslim,ze se kanal chyti :)
Comment from : Karas12Cz

No jo ale kde má normální člověk vzít 223 tisíc korun na to aby si koupil 1 bitcoin
Comment from : Fanda_14

i've invested some crypto in smart trade, kuailian and mind capital. Not bad for the moment. Im still alive thanks to that invests
Comment from : 93AlexanderBg

To mi prijde jako blbost ale je to histy no 1 bitcoin zhruba 125 milionu cz korun🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : zanzula900

Ondřej Havel
Ta angličtina bolí, ale nehejtuju, pokračuj a zlepšíš se
Comment from : Ondřej Havel

btc is going to and partly already is controled by the whales of the market.
how did you like that?

Comment from : field_1312

i give a forecast that bitcoin will get at 5000 usd by 2021
Comment from : field_1312

bože, tady je zas plno bitcoinových fanatiků a oveček, kteří si budou furt mlet ty svoje vysněný pohádky...smutné
Comment from : CibiCZ

mlg youtuber
Comment from : mlg youtuber

About Bitcoin
Buy Bitcoin and subscribe us 😝
Comment from : About Bitcoin

Lokp Loik
Don't do this, man
Comment from : Lokp Loik

Daniel :D
Co máš za monitor?
Comment from : Daniel :D

Moc to nechápu, ale snažím se to chápat a mám odběr. Jináč good herstajl 😜
Comment from : JdemHrátNaKytaru

Pepa Drtík
Comment from : Pepa Drtík

Jiri Kosek
The best hair cut ever 😁☺😁☺😁😁😁
Comment from : Jiri Kosek

David Svoboda
1 bitcoin for 5 million? That can only happen in case of financial revolution resulting in the end of fiat money. If bitcoin ever worths that much, it's gonna be due to US$ hyperinflation while the intrinsic value of bitcoin remains the same or goes slightly higher based on supply/demand.
Comment from : David Svoboda

Fakt je to tak růžové? Sám jsi řekl, že jsi na bitcoinu ztratil Milion USD, a to není sakra málo. Je otázka jak se tohle vyvine do budoucna.
Comment from : Anonym10

Jakub Bocek
Proč mluvíš anglicky
Comment from : Jakub Bocek

Jiří Mňahončák
Comment from : Jiří Mňahončák

The Jáchym
Skvělý video! Jsem rád, že o BTC začíná i v CR mluvit čím dál tím víc lidí.
Comment from : The Jáchym

Sahin Reco
Many eyes have been on biitcoin since 2017 with people eagerly awaiting its next big moment,Danny Scott, CEO of British-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinCorner told The Independent We believe that moment is coming and we can expect to see an explosive year for bitcoin.There has already been one severe crash for bitcoin in mid March, as people sought to liquidate assets, though it has performed relatively well compared to some traditional currencies and commodities The price of bitcoin is notoriously volatile, so short-term losses or long-term gains are to be expected even under normal circumstances trading gets easier when you have the right trader I have been working with Mr ALFRED CHURCHILL for over 3 months and I have made much in less than 7days. I don’t plan on stopping because he has never gave me any reason to doubt his credibility Trading is my first choice as long as bitcoin lives for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Alfred’s strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telegram Crypto_love WhatsApp +1(3I9)499-5OI8
Comment from : Sahin Reco

Ta paralela s tím, že emaily (téměř) nahradily dopisy sedí i na současné peníze. Většina peněz už je virtuální a nikoli cash i bez BTC. Samozřejmě největší kouzlo je v omezeném počtu a v decentralizaci.
Comment from : Nobody

I agree, everyone should now start doing something, if you want to be successful.
Comment from : GemT

Nice hair

I knew it

Nerozumiem ti
Comment from : Kiroksx

Nevinný WoltiX
Skvělé video!
Comment from : Nevinný WoltiX

o yeah i jumped here,
mane i lost all my bits on casino and then i found out that its better to plant tomatoes than to trust anything thats money
ps. why did you get like my old ass dog?
you still gain my subscriptions

Comment from : field_1312

jirik peterka
Nejaky novy kanal ?
Comment from : jirik peterka

Tonik Game
Nega video
Comment from : Tonik Game

Viktória Kořínková
Comment from : Viktória Kořínková

Comment from : Hulibongo

Stranger things & Sari
Tak to je Best video 👌👌👌
Comment from : Stranger things & Sari

Comment from : Panskyy

Comment from : _ImDiamond_

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