The 6 WORST Cryptocurrency Investing Mistakes to Avoid

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Название :  The 6 WORST Cryptocurrency Investing Mistakes to Avoid
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Кадры The 6 WORST Cryptocurrency Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Описание The 6 WORST Cryptocurrency Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Коментарии The 6 WORST Cryptocurrency Investing Mistakes to Avoid

farooq ul abidin
Nicely put. Very useful video
Comment from : farooq ul abidin

Christ Chibueze
With the little I receive from Doavercracks on ¡G I was able to save my friends from covid l9.
Comment from : Christ Chibueze

Awesome video seriously
Comment from : TheRonnieShop

First and biggest one is to transfer real dollar to centralized exchanges as all of them are scams😂
Comment from : Conform

Is he ge ?
Comment from : Flann

Thank you so much
Comment from : Okh101

Flora scott
I got a big trade deal with @Floracrypto_investment... Thanks for I made a successful withdrawal of the profits that accrued from my trading capital/equity...
Comment from : Flora scott

Queen David
Reason why everyone should have a profitable investment running,People needs money to make up a living.
Comment from : Queen David

Santiago Carlos
Su historia de éxito está escrita en todo el mundo 🌎 + 1 = 2 = 3 = 1 = 3 = 7 = 7 = 8 = 5 = 3 = 3
Comment from : Santiago Carlos

barkin özdemir
Looking for a blockchain smart contract devoloper pls reply to me
Comment from : barkin özdemir

Hanson Stuckey
“The first mistake that beginners often make is buying high and selling low.” Shut the fuck up. Why are you making videos, like wtf I didn’t click on your shit to tell me I shouldn’t buy high. Wtf. Shut up. Stop making videos. Wow dollar cost averaging! I’ve never thought of that. You literally have no advice no information no strategy nothing to offer anyone.
Comment from : Hanson Stuckey

Alex T
I'm new to crypto and got FOMO right before the giant crash 🙂 I bought all the BTC i wanted in one go and now I have to wait again until BTC is up to 60k again :-(
Comment from : Alex T

anthony colon
It's no brainier to invest in, and only in (BSV). Everything else to me is worthless, and a waste of my money. The whole point of crytpo is being lost in this frenzy of greed, and misinformed investor's. Good luck, and may you all have a prosperous 2021!
Comment from : anthony colon

mahammed kabiru
Comment from : mahammed kabiru

aruma esther
Reviews about DOAVERCRACKS on Instagram weren’t lies that dude ís so good and extra ordinary..
Comment from : aruma esther

Brander hanson
Leaders don't create more follows, they create more leaders.... Very glad to invest in bitcoin @Ruth_investment....
Comment from : Brander hanson

Mohan Maharjan
Thank you! I wish I could have watched this.
Comment from : Mohan Maharjan

Leemah Ismaila
All thanks I will continue to deal with my savior when I was broke and everything seems goîng backward for me, nice dealîng wîth you Doavercracks.
Comment from : Leemah Ismaila

Dean Chenarides
#7 - being overly diversified #8 Not setting stop losses or profit targets.
Comment from : Dean Chenarides

Nick Hafa
Be verry careful as the bull Run is over.
You want to stay away from it at this time .
If not you can buy at the peak of the market right now !

Comment from : Nick Hafa

Lilian Coldstone
Thanks for this great video, it's really awesome. As a beginner on trading, there's a probability that you experience ups and downs trying to invest yourself but trading with an expert who coaches and direct you in making huge profits is the best. Think about Ms Elena.
Comment from : Lilian Coldstone

Eric Jay
Buy sliver and crypto
Comment from : Eric Jay

Сщькфву Ыефдшт
sMaSh ThAt lIkE bUtToN
Comment from : Сщькфву Ыефдшт

Best crypto exchanges? Robinhood and WeBull seem the best but I want to avoid them.
Comment from : Felldoh

oluwadamilola ajayi
Now I know the reason why most people tend to recommend this DOAVERCRACKS this much, he’s lîterally the best recovery agent out there.
Comment from : oluwadamilola ajayi

Jazeiie Jazz
I'm so subscribed...I NEEDED THIS 😱 a person who honors the K.I.S.S system....
Comment from : Jazeiie Jazz

Shane White
I don't have enough BTC and have more alts but I think my main issue is the fear a crypto I own will moon after I swap to BTC
Comment from : Shane White

Great helpfull video 👍🙏
Comment from : AWAservices

Lars Lover
7. Not knowing the tax rules and getting in trouble there
Comment from : Lars Lover

Ezekiel Augustina
I recovered my bitcoin in a good condition when the police where unable to track it down with the help of Doavercracks they are so amazing...
Comment from : Ezekiel Augustina

I can't believe the principle of buy low, sell high needs to be explained to "investors" in 2021. Investing isn't like betting on the goddamn greyhounds. When prices drop the race is not over. Hold your buys and be patient. In these markets, holding your buys for the long haul is the absolute key to making money. Keep it simple. Listen to people who have had long term success as investors.
Comment from : SweetCell

Michael Dagadu
Thank you for the information
Comment from : Michael Dagadu

vishwas nayak
You speak like cricketer kane williamson. Are you from australia or newzealand ?
Comment from : vishwas nayak

What do you think about $FANS the first erotic NFT platform ?
Comment from : Adrian

I disagree I am a noobie and I bought doge when it was cheap and made a 100k in 2 days. I'm sticking with my strategy.
Comment from : Richy

Matt Miller
Holding bit, eth, and lte
Comment from : Matt Miller

Pi: Kamczyk84
Bee: Kamczyk84

Comment from : Kam

Tomek YYY
Comment from : Tomek YYY

Thank you so much-very simple am just starting to get into crypto currency-kicking myself for not buying last year-looking forward to learning more with your help
Comment from : holyddogg7

Eric Thomas
Awesome and precise advise👍
Comment from : Eric Thomas

AAA+ Õigusbüroo Vitali Denikin
Best video if ur goin to start with crypto!
Comment from : AAA+ Õigusbüroo Vitali Denikin

Fin Simpkins
Jared Crypto
Comment from : Fin Simpkins

Zcash has the same supply limit as Bitcoin. Why is it not worth as much? Zcash is also more anonymous.

Zcash was introduced and launched in 2016 and became popular in the gambling scene because of its nature of being anonymous. Unlike its big brother, Bitcoin, all transactions with Zcash can be made easily private by hiding the transaction information like the sender, and recipient of the crypto currency from the blockchain.

Comment from : J P

Logan Boucher
Great info just subscribed
Comment from : Logan Boucher

Sammy Coleman inc.
I'm currently trading using Andre's  strategies and signal and this is my 4th week, so far i have
been able to make my initial investment back,i'm telling you this to see how amazing he is

Comment from : Sammy Coleman inc.

Noah Baker
For more informations.
Comment from : Noah Baker

Noah Baker
+14632274157 Andre Brady
Comment from : Noah Baker

bridgestone john
And after seeing this here I think now would be the best time to reach out to him
Comment from : bridgestone john

My Crazy Pets
Great video! Thank you 😊
Comment from : My Crazy Pets

Ammy Bliss
I ordered a CK5 from coin mining central. 2 months after the order I was wondering where my miner was 2 weeks after it was to ship to me and they informed me they had more orders than miners in the batch when they had origins put them up for sale. But despite 3 separate emails they never informed me my miner would not be shipped until last email sent yesterday. When you buy a miner, they tells you to pay within an hour to confirm your order, which I did the day I ordered it. So they knew I was not going to get my miner, but kept my money for 2 months before informing me. During that time profitability went up And they “received” another batch of the same miner which they offered at 2.5x what I paid when profitability was lower. I don’t know if they resold it to someone else at higher cost or not. They then offered me 2 miners . One at 50% of profitability of CK5 and one at 10% of profitability. The one at 50% they offered to me at 1500 pound more than the CK5. So they want me to pay more money , even though goldshell site has it at $1000 less than CK5. This people are evil, bait and switch and I only dealt with them because of Voskcoin endorsement but later on I’m so much amazed that I was able to get back all I spent to them with the help of junkywarriorscom team now I deal with this new site and get the coin in next 4 hours after payment
Comment from : Ammy Bliss

Ronald Jessica
I got my Bitcoin recovered successfully through the help of DANTECHIES on Instagram, that dude is absolutely the best👍...
Comment from : Ronald Jessica

For cheap alt coins, ones that are listed on binance and aren't memecoins, is buying a few of those at a cheap price a bad thing if I'm expecting to hold longterm? The ones I mean are near 0 so if anything it seems to me like they only have up to go.
Comment from : Dylan

Invest Mindset
I was introduced to Mr George through a colleague who has earned severally investing with him so i decided to give him a trial and to my greatest surprise i got my first payout within 7days of trade
Comment from : Invest Mindset

- Lucid Dreamer -
Invest in AMP. Could actually challenge MC, AMEX, and Visa in the future. Not many know about it. Only on Gemini and has already 20x since it came to the market six months ago. Doubled in the past 2 weeks. 100% of my portfolio and has NEVER let me down. Even when everything crashed last week it bounced back SO fast and strong.
Comment from : - Lucid Dreamer -

Ghamdan shohatee
Great info for beginners. I’m a beginner and i made the exact same mistakes that he mentioned but I didn’t lose much but after watching I’ll definitely be more patient and diverse with my investments. Great video.👍🏻
Comment from : Ghamdan shohatee

Your chuckles sound like Beavis
Comment from : siliyemoodislam

James Martinez
very interesting and helpful
Comment from : James Martinez

Kyle Jameson
this is a good video
Comment from : Kyle Jameson

Kevin Van Der Meijden
$Aquagoat coin 👀🚀
Comment from : Kevin Van Der Meijden

Micaela Zoe
Warren Buffett once said "if you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die".
Comment from : Micaela Zoe

Jonathan D. Chapman
what languages do you use to program blockchains that you are working on
Comment from : Jonathan D. Chapman

Davis Harris
I pray whoever reads this will be successful, keep fighting for success, them rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing why the poor stay poor be spending like the rich yet not investing, Roar!! Invest, earn and be successful.
Comment from : Davis Harris

Travis Harkess
I wish I saw this video like a month ago, I bought a bunch of dogecoin at like $0.07 and it dropped and I lost out and got scared and pulled all my money out
Comment from : Travis Harkess

Straightoutta Denmark
When is The best time to get in if im a Long term holder?
Comment from : Straightoutta Denmark

Straightoutta Denmark
Why would anyone Be scared and then selling. Isnt a option to just hold and ride The “bad” wave?
Comment from : Straightoutta Denmark

If he shaved his head, he would look EXACTLY like Kevin Love 😂
Comment from : D

Emmanuel Godson
Hello everyone I'm new to bitcoin trade and I have watched a lot of videos along side tried some new strategies on my own but all to no avail. Can someone please recommend a trust worthy expert that can trade on my behalf and generate profit for me please
Comment from : Emmanuel Godson

Hi! im very new to this cryptocurrentcy but very intrested. I have watched some videos and done some reaserch and i would like some andvise and tell me if im wrong. ... So you could eather buy long term crypto and have and watch that grow over a long time or buy when its low and sell when ist high very often to make profit. Am i compleatly wrong or is it kinda right?
Im from sweden btw so sorry if i have spelld anyting wrong

Comment from : Viktor

MJ Baterina
I have a question? I have been looking into some crypto coins on the Litecoin network, seems like most of these coins like Scala, Turtle coin, electronero are all still at ground level. A person can pick up millions of coins for a very small investment/risk, have you done any research on these coins? I have heard little to nothing about them. There are also coins on btc network nero, arrr, wow and others. I was just hoping to get your opinion on these projects. Trade ogre has these coins. LTC coins have to be purchased with LTC coins FYI.
Comment from : MJ Baterina

Super Maggle
Only 1 Token (O1T) 🚀🌕
Comment from : Super Maggle

william laroche
Buy high sell low gang up in the house!
Comment from : william laroche

Ernesto Barahona
That’s why put your money in BCH 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Comment from : Ernesto Barahona

Anthony Tobin
Valuable and True advice.
Comment from : Anthony Tobin

I buy Vethor crypto 🚀🚀🚀
Comment from : bMike

dj wadsa
if I was to spend let's say £50 worth of bit coin and waited for 2 weeks to a month see what happens could i technically make money ??? am new to this and looking into it
Comment from : dj wadsa

First time watcher. Thank you for not "glamorizing" this content like so many other youtubers have. You knowledge and info is appreciated.
Comment from : 1ST PAGE PLACEMENT

Bull Jax
These pointers almost help the same way when getting into stocks or any investment. Great vid! ( remember folks, i said "ALMOST" ) Thanks for the info man! 🍻
Comment from : Bull Jax

Sonu Kumar
Then, tell me what's the best way to use/ invest in crypto for bigginers ......??
Must reply..

Comment from : Sonu Kumar

Deshan Howard
Great "multivitamin" of pertinent information regarding investing in crypto currencies.
Comment from : Deshan Howard

Cage The Tiger
This is amazing tips and info
Comment from : Cage The Tiger

Noa Hasham
Lower taxes with crypto huh
Comment from : Noa Hasham

Ballai Moid
Automate is truly the safest platform you can invest your funds.I must commend the platform, they are always consistent with withdrawals and their payments are automated always making me happy💯..
Comment from : Ballai Moid

Advent Tapota
Thank you Prof
Comment from : Advent Tapota

Brian J
This guy needs to normalize the treble of the audio. Jesus christ his voice is busting my phone speakers. Doesn't he ever listen to his videos? Perhaps he has a hearing problem?
Comment from : Brian J

Jamie Redgrave
Everybody buy #golduck on bsc it will blow up easy 100x
Comment from : Jamie Redgrave

aissa fenomenal
Blockchain-powered cooperative banking for international traders and online merchants.
Offering same-day settlements in USD digital currencies for cross-border we are going to the moon only 1D for the ride

Comment from : aissa fenomenal

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