Bitcoin Update - just buy $1 worth of bitcoin please!

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Информация о Bitcoin Update - just buy $1 worth of bitcoin please!

Название :  Bitcoin Update - just buy $1 worth of bitcoin please!
Продолжительность :   6.24
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Кадры Bitcoin Update - just buy $1 worth of bitcoin please!

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Comment from : Davincij15

I use to stack silver back in the day and I watched this video when he made it.. he was a silver stacker lol. I didn't listen... fml
Comment from : BigFishLittleBoat

Wisam BlackSmith
Wish your video got to me 8 years ago....
Comment from : Wisam BlackSmith

My man predicted it
Comment from : Finn

Erick Joseph
I can't see a comment 8 years ago.

Where are these millionaire YT commenters?

Comment from : Erick Joseph

Joseph Payne
This has made me depressed 😂😂 imagine putting a $100 in bitcoin back then ffs
Comment from : Joseph Payne

Thanks for advice. I just bought bitcoin for $1 and now I got 0,000000000001 bitcoin 👍🏻
Comment from : DG

Где было это видео 8 лет назад...
Comment from : AMORAL

Thomas B
Comment from : Thomas B

Lauren Breton
Many people are seeking for stability in this unstable crypto space and a lot of people are wondering if now is a good time to buy because of where the price is at right now. I'd say it's out rightly wrong to just sit back Hodl and wait maybe incur some losses along the line, that's a wrong mindset for an investor because as an investor finding ways to always increase and stack up more coins thereby making profit should be the way of life that being said, the market is still all BTC at the moment and. I'll advise current investors and newbie to take advantage of the expert (Breton Lauren) program, an establishment that handles people who lack understanding on how maneuver the crypto space, to help them recover loss from the crash and also accumulate more positive returns, with their program I went from having 1.4btc to 10btc in just 9 weeks. Breton Lauren can be reached on TELEGRAM

Comment from : Lauren Breton

Upendra Singh Samant
Ah Shit, Here We Go Again.
Comment from : Upendra Singh Samant

Meme Days
What a lair this guys is….He definitely knew about YouTube in 1992

…before Christ.

Comment from : Meme Days

Test DB
Will invest $1000 in XRP and hold for 10 years if this comment get 1000 likes
Comment from : Test DB

Meme Days
*Angels exist *
Comment from : Meme Days

Eternal Jay
Digital Gold
Comment from : Eternal Jay

Crystal Carpenter
$1 +++++
Comment from : Crystal Carpenter

Islam puth
I wish I saw this video before 8 years 💔
Comment from : Islam puth

Sharan India
True legend.. huge respect 👍🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Comment from : Sharan India

Where is Chama
This man is a legend. I will all vids starting today. I was only 10 years old 8 years ago
Comment from : Where is Chama

Jalawi Alotaibi
no regrets no regrets 😭😭😭
Comment from : Jalawi Alotaibi

Arif M
എൻറെ പൊന്നണ്ണാ ഇതൊന്നും പണ്ട് ഈ യൂട്യൂബർ recomment cheythillanna
Comment from : Arif M

Anup Nair
8 years too late to find this video 😃
Comment from : Anup Nair

Time to sell, seeing noobs now😂
Comment from : Khanes

Klemen Kovačič
well if i wasnt still in primary school i would smash that BTC :D
but i didnt even know it existed back then xd :D

Comment from : Klemen Kovačič

AhmeD SuhaiL
is time travel possible
Comment from : AhmeD SuhaiL

This guy must be a millionaire rn.....
Comment from : ALC EveryTHING

sumedh dawane
After 8 years yt recommended me fuck you
Comment from : sumedh dawane

Well, he wasn’t wrong
Comment from : Diicto

Adnane Charef
Who’s watching this in 2021?😂😂😂
Comment from : Adnane Charef

Tim Burton
Buy the dip
Comment from : Tim Burton

Yash Gawde
I should have listened to this man 8 years back
Comment from : Yash Gawde

It's not too late my friends. This is just the beggining of a new era of the internet and of course, of the HUMAN HISTORY.
Learn all you can and buy, my advice 👍💯🇲🇽

Comment from : crislikes

Zachery Barnes
2021 holy cow man... what coins are you bullish on now?!??! LMAO
Comment from : Zachery Barnes

frederick depaepe
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Comment from : frederick depaepe

Assim Ben
1 BTC. To 1 million dollar 1 satoshi = 1 $
Comment from : Assim Ben

Camping for a year Reno heart
Thanks I’ll buy 1 buck of btc and in 10 years it will be worth 10 bucks
Comment from : Camping for a year Reno heart

Jimmy Franco
Back then it was really hard to buy anything off the internet unless you were in the USA
Comment from : Jimmy Franco

Yogesh Bhatt
Comment from : Yogesh Bhatt

is it too late to say u were right? lol

dungeon master
He just made time machine
Comment from : dungeon master

Razi Bitpillar
BTC was 25$ back then 😓
Comment from : Razi Bitpillar

Life Tv
Если бы я знал Братан😭😭
Comment from : Life Tv

How much money you made off of BTC
Comment from : Brad

Robyo Power
the video dropped when bitcoin was worth 115$
ur 1$ would have been around 1000$ today

Comment from : Robyo Power

Jessper Rizo
Now 40k++...wtffff
I need Dr emmet Brown now!
Back to the future!!

Comment from : Jessper Rizo

Farhan Ali
When this video was made, bitcoins price was $115…. Now a Bitcoin is worth $60,000
Comment from : Farhan Ali

Tommy Strand
Dude, what was the price of btc at this point?
Comment from : Tommy Strand

Ekke-Emil Kangur
POV: you see this comment 5-10 years later and Bitcoin is history
Comment from : Ekke-Emil Kangur

Ekke-Emil Kangur
POV: you see this 10 years later and Bitcoin's market suffered a fatal long-term crash and its worth a few thousand dollars per bitcoin
Comment from : Ekke-Emil Kangur

Ekke-Emil Kangur
POV: you see this comment 3-7 years later and Bitcoin's price has gone up 2-3x from what it is today (49k $) and you didn't invest because u thought the price was too high
Comment from : Ekke-Emil Kangur

Dude I was busy watching Ben 10 and powderpuff girl
Comment from : SM3

Michael Johnson
I know the voice from Tametheark??? Can’t believe I 8 years late. You are a legend
Comment from : Michael Johnson

Yo Yu
That description tho
Comment from : Yo Yu

Yo Yu
YouTube should make it so you can see comments by oldest
Comment from : Yo Yu

Shaheryar Nadeem
I'm suing youtube for recommending this video in 2021
Comment from : Shaheryar Nadeem

Weird Wormie
I am here after the dip Lol
Comment from : Weird Wormie

Ahaz shaju
watching this in 2021
Comment from : Ahaz shaju

JJ Fps
Comment from : JJ Fps

Julie Linda
Crypto should be transparent and it isn't as easy as people thinks it is, there are so many strategies to be learnt and unfoIded about Bitcoin trading.
Comment from : Julie Linda

وسآم آلغدآيرهه
Comment from : وسآم آلغدآيرهه

I just bought 1500 $ worth of Bitcoin, spread equally over many random coins. We´ll see how it goes
Comment from : Alagathevictor

I'm going to sue YouTube for not recommend this video 7 years ago
Comment from : yourstrulie

sorry for have not listened to you :(
Comment from : FigaroSwag

60 k now. damn wish i knew how to invest when I was 6
Comment from : rl21

“They called me a madman”
Comment from : -

Brando Orellana
well we all know why you are here
Comment from : Brando Orellana

Umar Khan
Comment from : Umar Khan

Wish i saw this 8 years ago lol 😤
Comment from : mendicant

Why didn't youtube show me this in 2013 ?
Comment from : Rampag3r

Candy Crab
YouTube recommend this to me now
Comment from : Candy Crab

LuzuVlogs Gamer
Thank you man But I was a kid 2013 xD
Comment from : LuzuVlogs Gamer

mindthenow motovlogs
If i was in america during this time i would have bought a lot
Comment from : mindthenow motovlogs

Tariq Khan
Now please tell us what to invest in in 2021??
Comment from : Tariq Khan

Selym morningstar
Now he got Bitcoin and views
Comment from : Selym morningstar

Trapix Anime
Bro you are now rich
Comment from : Trapix Anime

Raghav Sharma
If only I had an Internet connection 😭
Comment from : Raghav Sharma

Aman Meshram
Omg I saw this when it came out and ignored it now I regret it so much
Comment from : Aman Meshram

Kaizz Allen Factor
buy 1K XRP. Love this comment
Comment from : Kaizz Allen Factor

Monzer Faisal
Guys that would've been like 10k
Comment from : Monzer Faisal

Yeah I blame the youtube algorithm....
Comment from : Cash

Rabin lamsal
i brought 3$ worth of btc back in 2014 but i don't know how to access
Comment from : Rabin lamsal

If only I was here 8 years ago
Comment from : Veikko MOSSOP

No way
Comment from : Veikko MOSSOP

Michael Miller
Ok ok fine, I missed out. What about pirate chain right now?
Comment from : Michael Miller

Michael Miller
Damn, can I still get in? LOL.
Comment from : Michael Miller

Автор видео гений
Comment from : Levchick

No way
Comment from : Kr1ss

Davincji J 15, how are u today my man
Comment from : Jeweetwie

you huge 5 by 5 man, your in the pipes
Comment from : Jeweetwie

David James
2021 ouch
Comment from : David James

What if i did invest 1$ back in the day , how much would it worth today ?
Comment from : Warden

Ramtin Tayerani
GG bro
Comment from : Ramtin Tayerani

Jason Zheng
Yes I know I'm only just getting into crypto but Youtube do you really have to rub the fact that I'm late in so much😭
Comment from : Jason Zheng

Bruce Wayne
Okay ! Now tell me what to buy now !
Comment from : Bruce Wayne

hyper. ion
Comment from : hyper. ion

m k dada
He said buy some bitcoins in one $ .. 😩😩😩
Comment from : m k dada

m k dada
2021 and can't buy it now. 🏳
Comment from : m k dada

Ithan's Experiments
oh, so this is what time travelling looks like. (i know even you are too late)
Comment from : Ithan's Experiments

Lord Beaky
Someone needs to make a video begging us to invest in Dogecoin, Safemoon, Eclipse, and Bonfire before so we can become rich.
Comment from : Lord Beaky

amit patel
This mf youtube showed me after 7 years
Comment from : amit patel

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