Top 9 “SLEEPING GIANT” Cryptocurrency Altcoin Projects! Best DeFi Investments 2021 | Crypto News

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Информация о Top 9 “SLEEPING GIANT” Cryptocurrency Altcoin Projects! Best DeFi Investments 2021 | Crypto News

Название :  Top 9 “SLEEPING GIANT” Cryptocurrency Altcoin Projects! Best DeFi Investments 2021 | Crypto News
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Кадры Top 9 “SLEEPING GIANT” Cryptocurrency Altcoin Projects! Best DeFi Investments 2021 | Crypto News

Описание Top 9 “SLEEPING GIANT” Cryptocurrency Altcoin Projects! Best DeFi Investments 2021 | Crypto News

Коментарии Top 9 “SLEEPING GIANT” Cryptocurrency Altcoin Projects! Best DeFi Investments 2021 | Crypto News

Just subscribed
Comment from : Dario

LTO Network,NFT20 new tech development, hybrid blockchain, soon refreshed website and tokenomics
Comment from : Feliciano

shiryoinu i heard is one
Comment from : 💰MoneyBagzMarz💰

Empress Atheism
Can you review Orchid OXT?
Comment from : Empress Atheism

El Groot
Hi, i think that ecomi will take off when listed on bigger exchanges, not many people know about this amazing next level nft project Check it out people
Comment from : El Groot

Right on the dot for SAND
Comment from : Miguelelelelel

⬆️⬆️Since the days was recommended to me I've been referring my loved ones to him🤗📌
Comment from : LYTECYBER On ig

Jo Lo
Snowball on Avalanche
Comment from : Jo Lo

Arthur Fischer
I wanna hear your thoughts about STUDYUM project and STUD tokens The project revolutionizes learning by putting top educators, coaches, and experts in front of every student, innately encouraging students by way of NFT awards programs Sounds interesting ? 😊
Comment from : Arthur Fischer

Matthew Planer
Digibyte, XYO, Siacoin are hugely undervalued and all have active utility
Comment from : Matthew Planer

Joe Phillip
Comment from : Joe Phillip

Hamish MacRae
I think the poocoins like Flirty are going to make big money this year br So easy now to use metamask and pancake swap to buy and such a great brconcept!
Comment from : Hamish MacRae

333 Beats
Must hodl Iotx, iost, ckb, vet, lrc,sandbox,bat,xrp
Comment from : 333 Beats

QNT !!!!
Comment from : Riff

NT Quarshie
DENT is asleeping Giant
Comment from : NT Quarshie

Carlos Simoes
Metahero will be HUGE
Comment from : Carlos Simoes

Niklas Petersson
Smart Key and Utrust, any thoughts?
Comment from : Niklas Petersson

This is actually something we all should actually be very much anticipated to watch cause really they are a lot of great content on here actually and I live that there is a project from polkadot ecosystem that’s we can’t miss out on it actually helps other assets in the ecosystem actually and to me it’s actually great I must say this is really good guys don’t miss out
Comment from : Joana

Aleksandrs Samoļuks
BABYUSDT The rewards is awesome 😍, it will be HUGE 🚀🚀 Real GEM 💎💎
Comment from : Aleksandrs Samoļuks

Tuchel Ben Robert
To anyone reading this, remember Romebrwasn't built in a day your hard work will paybroff
Comment from : Tuchel Ben Robert

Ethereum Vitalik
EQZ please review their platform
Comment from : Ethereum Vitalik

nfts stink
Comment from : roc

Hamed Alwafi
Nerve ($nrv) is gonna rip faces soon get ready
Comment from : Hamed Alwafi

Marcus Owusu
Cryptos around 1p or less that have potential to hit 50p or £1 in couple years brAny recommendations??
Comment from : Marcus Owusu

Ricobeatz IG Ricobeatz0528
All the thumbs down are probably from the FCC 😂!
Comment from : Ricobeatz IG Ricobeatz0528

Amusat Sodiq
The bet on CryptExLock has already started This is a unique project with an extremely valuable use case given the current market cap of $ 5 million and the total supply of $ 100,000 CRX, when the alternate season kicks in, it will skyrocket Already on August 1-10, stakers will be paid $ 100,000brHop on board now and take your seat Don't miss the opportunity
Comment from : Amusat Sodiq

Bibo video
Comment from : Bibo video

Bibo video
Comment from : Bibo video

Wave Rider
Who here would like to develop our own bitcoin?
Comment from : Wave Rider

Richard Cooper
FibSwap, $FIBO are you in or getting in before launch on the 20th?
Comment from : Richard Cooper

Jay Sonovo
I was somewhat interested in Vechain, until I realized 90+ of comments talking about it are shills/bots, continually posting the same comments on every videobrbr"Vechain is a sleeping giant! Buy in while you can!!!"
Comment from : Jay Sonovo

Its Me
💎Altura, a smart contract platform that allows game developers to mint and transact Smart NFTs representing in-game itemsbr💥Whole world of in-game items through Altura's NFT marketplace br🎮Developing a revolutionary play-to-earn(p2e)video game and will be out soonbrPotentially a 100x coin
Comment from : Its Me

Hà Duy
a diamond, learn about it will give you wealth (Dot finance PINK)
Comment from : Hà Duy

Dương Phạm
did you consider minting your Youtube videos as unique NFTs on Uquid platform?
Comment from : Dương Phạm

Theta Network is a scam
Comment from : SoundRogue

Dam petter
Nice video from you really but have also considered the $fine as an altcoin really it has some very good potential actually cause I have looked into it and it might skyrocket soon big it now guys
Comment from : Dam petter

Jordan Nicholson
Feg Token!
Comment from : Jordan Nicholson

Bora Corba
Frosting Social is coming to bFATCAKE/b its going to be epic
Comment from : Bora Corba

skinny kids love bFATCAKE/b
Comment from : BitMillions

Vechain should solve the supply chain issue in real world
Comment from : DIP IN ASIA

Babycake soon 1 rs coinmarketing trending list
Comment from : Subham

Visconsio Videos
Can you tell me about Hedera Hashgraph?
Comment from : Visconsio Videos

Ben Chatwin
Great video! I’m in charge of operations at Mirqur, we’re building a DEX on Cardano and I would love to setup a call with our founder
Comment from : Ben Chatwin

Venkata Revanth
Ainu token 10000x soon too early
Comment from : Venkata Revanth

Aristos Miliopulos
The MOON belongs to theta
Comment from : Aristos Miliopulos

Crypto Moonshot Reviews
Look at $KLEE They have a mobile game coming out on all platforms where you can get return tokens Burn and redistribution I've 2x so far
Comment from : Crypto Moonshot Reviews

i see many comments about checoin can i have more informations, i saw the graph and that's look amazing
Comment from : DAWID G5

Guy just look checoin i think its the most Big token of this year Seriously
Comment from : Woland_G2

Halil İ D
Harmony future coin
Comment from : Halil İ D

Luis Verdugo
Holding 8 million OMI Im kicking back the next two years
Comment from : Luis Verdugo

KursClub Finance Expert
BUY AGIX brYou wouldn't be sorry !
Comment from : KursClub Finance Expert

MIRROR(MIR) Going to be big
Comment from : Chris

Shaun Arthur Wookey
Ramp is one to keep an eye on!!👀
Comment from : Shaun Arthur Wookey

product lane
Helium is going to be a monster
Comment from : product lane

Galaxium phoenix
Comment from : CNLLOYDS44

Mike Korogi
Is theta better than polygon
Comment from : Mike Korogi

DC Ambitionz
Comment from : DC Ambitionz

6:57 dedmau five, I giggled :D
Comment from : Moser

Dude Lets Go
Games credits! NFT still at a low price
Comment from : Dude Lets Go

Cardano ?
Comment from : PlayboyStax

Dylan Tucker
Celer Network and Siacoin
Comment from : Dylan Tucker

Musa Aminu
I would say this with StaFi protocol as well, as nothing beats utilities and problem solving projects StaFi is taking care of the illiquidity problem with PoS consensus coins through the issuance of synthetic rTokens
Comment from : Musa Aminu

Nikolas Natt-Lawson
Holochain is better then Theta, even though it's not finished yet
Comment from : Nikolas Natt-Lawson

Is it normal I didn’t trust any coins else than Bitcoins
Comment from : IBRAHIM xx

The Vicious Cardinal
Polygon 🚀🚀🚀
Comment from : The Vicious Cardinal

Pi-invitiation code:kick7788brHi-invitiation code:kevin556
Comment from : kevin

Derek Sheane
Comment from : Derek Sheane

Bought 50k leveraged Bitcoin brothers
Comment from : RCPlayer006

Jordan Scanlon
Looking forward to seeing where Audius goes
Comment from : Jordan Scanlon

Aliu Saliu
$HYDRO is a sleeping giant, wait till it unleash it's true self🚀🚀
Comment from : Aliu Saliu

AMP token!
Comment from : TheCatracho123

Comment from : Krocodilo

Alessandra Lonardo
Comment from : Alessandra Lonardo

Troy Henderson
Not financial advice👉🏾 AXS 😎 Wonder Twins DYOR 🤔🤓💙😲
Comment from : Troy Henderson

Alan Friedman
Matic, Rune
Comment from : Alan Friedman

Comment from : matthewheathcock

Ben M
Elrond ⚡️
Comment from : Ben M

Siphiwesihle Trevor Nxumalo
Comment from : Siphiwesihle Trevor Nxumalo

Davey Dank
Fantom at 23 cents is insane!! Gonna blow sometime soon!!!!!
Comment from : Davey Dank

Jiba Jibz
I love you guys, but you do know it's pronounced DEADMOUSE Not DEAD MAO FIVE The 5 is an "S"
Comment from : Jiba Jibz

Thomas Landry
But they’re all ready giants
Comment from : Thomas Landry

HYDRO is a sleeping giant that's about to wake up
Comment from : PRISCILLA ADOYI

Tyrone Walker
Dgb coin
Comment from : Tyrone Walker

Rainbow Nnaji
Atomic Wallet coin is another sleeping giant you didn't mention I'm super bullish on this gem
Comment from : Rainbow Nnaji

Gilbert L
0x …
Comment from : Gilbert L

Joe Glaser
Holo Chain
Comment from : Joe Glaser

BoxingHead BoxingHead
I just checked the comments to see how many idiots were pumping trash coins Tking,floki, babyDoge Doge20 etc but apparently this guy has a pretty knowledgeable fan base👏🏻
Comment from : BoxingHead BoxingHead

XRP and Vechain are both sleeping giants
Comment from : Brian

VeChain fam hit likee
Comment from : Marvin

Matthew Bootsman
Any thoughts on self key?
Comment from : Matthew Bootsman

Juan Rodriguez
Hey guys
Comment from : Juan Rodriguez

Passive Income
Divi is a project that won’t give up until they win
Comment from : Passive Income

Scott Wilkinson
DeFi Chain has some amazing things going on and is supported by a robust blockchain based on Bitcoin Proof of stake based on Bitcoin, who would have thought check it out
Comment from : Scott Wilkinson

Tried to buy theta in the US All major exchanges don't support it
Comment from : TheEbonicslover

Adrian Yuen
VET and ONE are my sleeping giants
Comment from : Adrian Yuen

john Stagea
please have a look at QNT
Comment from : john Stagea

Rajkovic Aleksandar
Comment from : Rajkovic Aleksandar

Nigel DSa
Uniswap isn’t a coin, it’s a DEX platform If you talk about a coin, you need to mention the coin ticker - in this case UNI Same with Avalanche - it’s a blockchain network, not a coin The network token is called AVAX
Comment from : Nigel DSa

Isaac C Eagle
NEXO and Verso
Comment from : Isaac C Eagle

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