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Janice Sandoval
I think he even stole the GED from someone 😂 he predicted the pandemic and brought the depopulation idea, I think he is in a wrong job, he should become a psychic 😂😂 mass killer
Comment from : Janice Sandoval

Tufail Khan
We believe on ALLAH, ALLAH creat the whole world,, and everything will die and finish a day
Comment from : Tufail Khan

Samuel Cardenas
Ooh yeah then what about the ones qho never died but faked to have di e d so if it was a fake e war the eating of babies they still got Shut d o wn and I didn't make rhe universe so u all deal with the hate I gt beaten good bur all u can stuff ifwason another brain it's possible esplodeds heart nothing of honor an no family history
Comment from : Samuel Cardenas

The new Nostradamus lol
Comment from : MrMouseman19

Summer Breeze
Vaclav Smil - WEF
Comment from : Summer Breeze

Gábor Szász
You should have asked about his visits to Epstein island
Comment from : Gábor Szász

small ed
The next crisis is anything that Gates can quickly propose a "vaccine solution" for
Comment from : small ed

Vaclav Smil is a huge red flag He basically “predicts” all global problems in a way that suit the progressiveness of Big Tech
Comment from : Bruh

Brad McDuffie
We don’t listen to people who make friends with pedophiles
Comment from : Brad McDuffie

i will be polite, when you need your car to be fixed, will you ask Bill or ask a mechanic? Bill Gates is NOT an engineer, nor a doctor, nor any expert on health Please consider this question Your interview with Bill Gates is pretty much inline with the narrative, not science Why didn't you asked him about the vaccines given to people in India? Bill Gates has been avoiding this question for the longest time because the Indian people are mad at him Bottom line, i would never ever trust Bill Gates for anything
Comment from : stargazer279

akult isgod
the vax wasnt made for covid covid was made for the vax
Comment from : akult isgod

Pania Parata
Why is this cretin not arrested The dumbest question ever Are u kidding me Bill Gates should be behind bars
Comment from : Pania Parata

Mark M
Don't trust Bill Gates,he is for his own family and friends and not the regular American person
Comment from : Mark M

Ned Simlish
Problem, Reaction, Solution Bill Gates and his globalist cronies create the "Problems" themselves They then use their substantial control over global media to provoke a large scale "Reaction", and then roll out their pre-prepared set of very profitable "Solutions" This man is a parasite of gargantuan proportions, feeding his ego and pockets by creating misery amongst humanity Shame on anyone who promotes him as a so called philanthropist
Comment from : Ned Simlish

grant skaggs
all planned,,hes a psychopathneeds to go to prison for life
Comment from : grant skaggs

Shannon Lewis
This bastard Bill needs to be arrested! My aint a scientist
Comment from : Shannon Lewis

Put the rat bastard on trial and give him the 💀 penalty
Comment from : Matthaíos

Luke Marlowe
Loss of respect for this channel for interviewing this clown
Comment from : Luke Marlowe

Comment from : TRUTH

Cre8-Health - Thought Project Earth 🌍
How to make an overactive immune system that attacks itself? In je ct 😂
Comment from : Cre8-Health - Thought Project Earth 🌍

Billy boy can't hide his duping delight He displays it in quite a few interviews where the body language is off by a mile for what he is talking about
Comment from : JB

boris odreitz
Debil Gayts is anemy of human race Why is a live ?????
Comment from : boris odreitz

Justin Alexander
Grandfather Dr Frederick Gates created a vaccine for Spanish flu Look it up
Comment from : Justin Alexander

Debbie Hellion and the  Apocalypse
Next pandemic were all d*** screwed because hes ruined the medical system and trust
Comment from : Debbie Hellion and the Apocalypse

Andy Robertson
The research has shown clearly that coronaviris did NOT originate from animals
Comment from : Andy Robertson

Intelligent Disobedience
I bet Bill gates misses the good ol day spent at Jeffrey Epstein's island with those underaged girls
Comment from : Intelligent Disobedience

Brenda Clark
Its the reset They are dragging us back to the seventies Anyone who was alive and old enough to see it They can also see where this is all leading You will have nothing but you will be happy Or whatever there,s left of us The seniors who remember are dropping like flies and they are writing their own narrative while making history saving us What a scam Oh we must thank them RUN
Comment from : Brenda Clark

Silas Houston
His dad was a euthanist and thought up ways to kill people
Comment from : Silas Houston

novo 66
Evil man Unelected by anyone Listen to this 🙄brWhat were you doing on epstein island 🤔🏝️
Comment from : novo 66

Connie Harris
He should knowwe heared you
Comment from : Connie Harris

Elijah Elkins
So what were the next two crises?
Comment from : Elijah Elkins

Elijah Elkins
It's Bill claiming that out of the goodness of his heart, he excluded other vaccine factories to protect THEM from being shut down 🤮
Comment from : Elijah Elkins

David Coomber
Bill Gates is a sociopath perhaps the most evil sociopath in the history of mankind , the fact that Bill is very rich makes his psychotic disposition awkward to say the least and the fact Bill thinks he is saving the world from a virus he predicted and invested lots of money in is even more awkward If Bill was just Mr Average he would be in a padded cell painting pictures in his excrement or reading Catcher in the Rye like all the other nut jobs But Bill who has no medical qualifications is heading the WHO virus program mmmmmm
Comment from : David Coomber

Mindy Montez
Bill isn't a psychic, in my opinion he was involved in this evil man made virus tf
Comment from : Mindy Montez

Bill is corupt
Comment from : Joseph

Maria Chacos
Comment from : Maria Chacos

James 1977Razorbacks#1
A software developer speaking in a world of computer technology and 5g hmmmm damn are we this blind????
Comment from : James 1977Razorbacks#1

James 1977Razorbacks#1
Why can’t he look straight into the camera?? Keeps his head turned when he talks, body language of lying 101 he’s in with government with the big picture on what’s going on with the end coming with solar poles shift and the sun flares destroying earth
Comment from : James 1977Razorbacks#1

Hugh Mann
What are you people gonna do about it? Sit there with your hands folded?
Comment from : Hugh Mann

Pleiades Starr
He already knew when is the next crisis cuz he planned it! 😂
Comment from : Pleiades Starr

Sharon James
All leftists use their hands, wailing and waving their hands when they talk If they didn't have hands, they would be silent 😐
Comment from : Sharon James

Why mRNA "vaccines"? Why should you program your body's cells make produce the trigger proteins, without control of how much and where it's produced, - when it's so much easier and cheaper and faster and safer and more controllable to directly produce that protein and use it for vaccination?
Comment from : wurl

Capn_Jack 1689
Shhhsh everyone Epstein’s good friend is talking
Comment from : Capn_Jack 1689

Bronco Man
Didn’t the guy Project Veritas just exposed admit they were doing fan of function research at Pfizer?
Comment from : Bronco Man

This piece of excrement scammer creep is far more dangerous than most people can imagine 🤮 ( imagine folks you are one of his children reading these comments about your dad Cringe)
Comment from : No_Clot_Shot

Stoic Shower
Hey! MOM! Look it's the guy that Killed Millions With the PLANDEMIC and The Clot Shot
Comment from : Stoic Shower

Mike Kramer
Is he a scientist? Or a high school dropoutI thought I am only supposed to "follow the science" Please ask him how he is enjoying the $500,000,000 he made investing in the Covid vaccines
Comment from : Mike Kramer

Kim Nielsen, the wordy Vikingette
Does anyone besides me know Billy owns many countless and numerous deadly viruses??? I of course can't come out and say he does since not being able to present evidence to that effect!!! But I saw it here on YouTube sweethearts!!! I wish everyone on the entire face of the planet 🌏 good luck and may the Supreme entity smile on you and yours!!! And please stay safe and happy 😊 and keep on prepping!!!!
Comment from : Kim Nielsen, the wordy Vikingette

susan sands
Everything has a cycle Global pandemics occur every 100 years
Comment from : susan sands

Chill Will
Remember the late President John F Kennedy, saying most of man’s problems are created by man ? There will always be people who are motivated by money to create problems and try to solve it This is nothing new these people have no souls 😊
Comment from : Chill Will

Hey Derek what does Bills boot taste like 🖕
Comment from : Stuk

Aakash S
Illuminati Bill Gates
Comment from : Aakash S

Gates of Hell is not human brROBOTIc
Comment from : suuzq02

The next pandemic will be a vaccine form of the Marburg virus
Comment from : BringHomeTheBasil

John Buckmaster
Bill Gates is a terrible human being… He’s a demon In a geeks body
Comment from : John Buckmaster

"misinformation" like those Australian quarantine camps eh? I loved the part where we didn't know where the disease came from, but we knew where it didn't Really loved the part where they fired a bunch of doctors and nurses who didn't want to take the vaccine, and then said the science was settled and the medical system was swamped That is a system purging itself of people who would question it The American government did this too A mandatory vaccine or you lose your career was never a condition of the whole '15 days' bit (which I followed by the way) The citizens of the world are being lied to and it is clear as day It's not about health, it's about controlbrbrHow to better protect against future pandemics:br-Restrict citizens' access to any information besides the official version of events, or anything the government deems harmfulbr-Prevent critics of our institutions from being able to speak publiclybr-Isolate individuals from society via travel bans and/or lockdowns and/or energy allowancebr-Mandate what individuals have to put in their body Government run healthcare is a tremendous tool for this taskbr-Implement a system to track the health and location of individuals in real timebr-Construct emergency camps to remove sick individuals and super spreadersbrbrI almost forgot to mention one key step!brbr-Disarm society so that organized resistance is impossiblebrbrSound like a healthy civilization? That's the path to hell The objective is to completely own YOUbrbrSo free speech is a big problem going forward you say? Who gets to decide which ideas are correct and which are dangerous again? Stick it Bill
Comment from : Brokenclock77

VSauce 4
Yeah he would know Hes the one buying up food and breast milk and eggs and land and the meat market All while they randomly have massive fires and shortages He is a Epstein creep and super villain WEF cancer to the real world humans He's a monster
Comment from : VSauce 4

george p
Bill is buying land for the hunger season
Comment from : george p

pramod terdale
Bill gates black alien invasion 😡
Comment from : pramod terdale

Kyle Warweave
Doesn't Bill read the news besides sponsoring them ?
Comment from : Kyle Warweave

Terry Wilson
Not buying anything this grub says
Comment from : Terry Wilson

Sonlit Acres
I would like to see his medical degree I'll bet it's just like mine
Comment from : Sonlit Acres

aleksandra t
We live in a world where doctors who think otherwise are discredited and this man is running the pharma show who has no medical background Who got more rich after vaccines were rolled out? What makes him different than any other citizen with no medical background who questions vaccines, but yet people are willing to trust and follow this idiot who is only getting richer from your pain Philanthropist? Give me a break
Comment from : aleksandra t

Gary Thoma
Jesus Christ is coming for you
Comment from : Gary Thoma

t Kay
Bill gates belongs to Epstiene iland to enjoy his wealth silently or prison
Comment from : t Kay

Andrew Hurley
Pure evil
Comment from : Andrew Hurley

Fola the Wizard of Sound
The man in a true prophet He bought $55 million of BioNtech (the maker of pfizeer's injection) stock in September 20192 months later the pandemic began 2 years later the stock was worth 550 million brbr A nice little 1000 return on investment brWho knew the world's most brilliant virologists would also turn out to be one of the world's most brilliant investors also
Comment from : Fola the Wizard of Sound

Rude Awakening Host Neane Ra El
Lock him up!
Comment from : Rude Awakening Host Neane Ra El

Antonio Bernal Arevalo
He should be tried for crimes against humanity !!!! He has doubled his wealth investing in vaccines In the same way, he used his monopoly on his Microsoft system, which he is doing with corvid and will keep up his upgrades on vaccines just as he did with his windows upgrades He is very smart, too bad he is using it to do evil so sad people are falling for it I would rather have questions that can not be answered than answers that can not be questioned!!! That is why free speech is vital
Comment from : Antonio Bernal Arevalo

0:50 bill gates' grandpa did that👉🏽Spanish flu
Comment from : X

Michelle Cox
Vaccines are crimes against humanity M
Comment from : Michelle Cox

Gavin Broadhead
Ask him why his wife divorced him over too many visits to Epstein islandbr(Not a joke)
Comment from : Gavin Broadhead

Jeremy Wright
Ask him if he prefers his cells padded or plain
Comment from : Jeremy Wright

No Name
😂 this is so shilly
Comment from : No Name

DBox Ers
Amm…at this stage… in hindsight and retrospect, does everybody see what an INVETERATE LIAR that Be-ill Gates is ??
Comment from : DBox Ers

Comment from : UNKNOWN UNKNOWN

shane Foster
Find your distraction so that people don't look into you for the Epstein case Bill Gates is an absolute scumbag
Comment from : shane Foster

cori oberhansli
Nice one throwing in their that we got this from bats … we are his and Fauci Ginny pigs genea
Comment from : cori oberhansli

Helen Davis
Huge ginormous POS
Comment from : Helen Davis

john jones
he not a doctor 🥼 i don’t care what he thinks
Comment from : john jones

Owyn Pham
Gatesy can't keep viruses out of Windows but his vaccines will keep them out of your body
Comment from : Owyn Pham

David Hill
Misinformation, according to whom?
Comment from : David Hill

Bill None of us asked you None of us trust you None of us will obey you
Comment from : Nic⚪le

Chinese bot
Says the man who made the georgia guide stones
Comment from : Chinese bot

Christian Taylor
what shall we do with these psychopaths
Comment from : Christian Taylor

Jaysun Hipkiss
What is that massive vein bulging out of bills head
Comment from : Jaysun Hipkiss

Patrick Pieraerts
Schools do not teach esoteric knowledge to the masses Only the elite are taught, in secret What would you teach if you were at the top? He is only concerned with retaining control via diluting mainstream knowledge His tells are nonverbal
Comment from : Patrick Pieraerts

Indeed climate change is the new Godand the elite will use itto control the wessttje virus should deplete to a lesser flu like thing but they are culling the world gates including why is he buying all this land when it is being controlled by govbecause he ids complient the elite or money oligoths are in controlbe ready
Comment from : Dean

Indeed climate change is the new Godand the elite will use itto control the wessttje virus should deplete to a lesser flu like thing but they are culling the world gates including why is he buying all this land when it is being controlled by govbecause he ids complient the elite or money oligoths are in controlbe ready
Comment from : Dean

We are ready for the next manmade epidemic ,,, we have an immune system not known in medieval europegroww up
Comment from : Dean

Christoph Borowski Training & Faszienarbeit
And once again, western oligarch with man boobs Bill Gates is offered a stage to educate us on health issues
Comment from : Christoph Borowski Training & Faszienarbeit

Dislike ratio is hilarious !
Comment from : GeXonDeX

Gavin & Reena
This guy died while back if I remember correctly 2004 Go listen to SAM THE ILLUSION channel for a better understanding
Comment from : Gavin & Reena

Jef Damen
Derek, trust the science is a belief systembrThey fooled usbrAnd they have the climate to fixbrbrF bill gates
Comment from : Jef Damen

Veritas vos liberabit
Annnnd this comments section is why these globalists usually disable the comments section 😂
Comment from : Veritas vos liberabit

Veritas vos liberabit
Trusting Gates with your health is like trusting Epstein with your daughter
Comment from : Veritas vos liberabit

Comment from : phillyphil

Bill Gates has money so it makes him an expert on everything!! lol, hes a fraud!
Comment from : phillyphil

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