13 TRADING PATTERNS - How to read the Charts

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Название :  13 TRADING PATTERNS - How to read the Charts
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Кадры 13 TRADING PATTERNS - How to read the Charts

Описание 13 TRADING PATTERNS - How to read the Charts

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0:52 - Double Top
1:10 - Head and Shoulders
1:29 - Rising Wedge
1:44 - Double Bottom
1:59 - Inverse Head and Shoulders
2:28 - Falling Wedge
2:49 - Bullish Rectangle
2:59 - Bearish Rectangle
3:16 - Bullish Pennant
3:32 - Bearish Pennant
3:46 - Ascending Triangle
4:19 - Descending Triangle
4:43 - Symmetrical Triangle

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Hey, nice vid. What time frame for our charts should we be looking at?
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Empty Room
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Pls is this for crypto?
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This was very helpful! Thank you so much! Subbed!
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Thats so great all needed! Thank you very much !
Comment from : Phil

These patterns happen within hours type thing right? Not over months?
Comment from : Chacarron91

Amazing video
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Is this the same stuff the crypto guy teach in there courses?
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Got Crypto Bro
What does the green and red arrows indicate at the end of the pattern you drew?

This is a really informative video. Thanks.

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Joaquín Aldewereld Mallo
Sorry for being stupid. But what is the orange line? I that like the medium? thanks a lot!
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Trade Intuition
would you be able to make a series on trading patterns ( specifically the characteristics of the pattern - higher highs with same level on lows is called? and if its coming up or going down (uptrend/downtrend) along with how to find the profit target based on the pattern) specifically wedges and triangles. thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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dani thechief
very nice and easy qick review
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Rafael Rodrigues Santos
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Great video!!
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why you never put a link of this video shittttttttt
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Wayne Barley
Short sharp video with great content! just what i was looking for!
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Muhammad Idrees
how much profit you made can you show ?
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Muhammad Idrees
can you make this vedio in hindi
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Great info

cheers form Latin America, It would be great content if you explain one by one in depth in real life situations.


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Jp Jangid
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love how you should it on a piece of paper!! awesome vid and way better than simply speaking about it.
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Paul B
Thanks for the information, LTC Address:


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Rose Mary
Thank you! Thanks so much for sharing.
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Faheem H.Ahmed
needed info.
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Turquoise Dragon
top notch info, great for a refresher , LTC : LXVQMAAUjmtPknwyGsEyYCzMzocoqKPjzB
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Srihari G
Merry Christmas Sunny!
Do you have any altcoins other than ADA?

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David -
The double top happen with NEO. I bought at $38. It hit $80 two times. I contemplated selling but I kept thinking that it might be bullish the next day. Nope... Shoulda trusted my instincts.


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your videos are getting better and better!

ltc: LdwDwoqaSRoSAE1Sz4uuzQM3gZv6CGgSPz

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Noro Baláž
Thank you, I didn't know anything about patterns.

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Jeremy Koberstein
Clean video. My issue with crypto right now is I have too many charts for different exchanges of BTC/USD. Anyone know if theres some sort of app that can average them out into a single chart that also has charting tools?

Comment from : Jeremy Koberstein

Adam Mousa
Awesome explanation on TA patters. However, does TA really works on cryptos? If yes how many is the ratio of it's effectiveness?

Comment from : Adam Mousa

Hi Sunny,
thanks for all your knowledge sharing on btc, good to see your reviews in various crytpo news consistently.
what do you think if 21 million bitcoins all are mined ? what happens next ? what do you think ?? will the alt coins takes the lead?
wouldnt that create panic in world?
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Mehmed Muhic
Now people going to LTC because its faster,cheaper but what will happen when LTC get stuck with difficulty and price and fees what is next?love the videos LTC: 35TMyEVrS1AV8nbjFyydXps7zASr5RtrJr
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Vishal Dhudum
Marry Christmas
Do you think that Litecoin will be made redundant if segwit is implemented by most wallets / exchanges and other scaling technologies like lightning come to Bitcoin?

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moh dante
thank you so much i really learn lot
and what do u think about the ETH will go over 1000$ next month
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What your oppinion if bitcoin is ban in your country and theres no exchange?

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ice The Purge

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J =)
thansk for the info

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Vincent Foo
Good info & Great Video Sunny, please make more if this. thank you

Lite coin wallet : Lb2GVrqGbizMoF9PphxgcY8HT6Zy9VoyYD

Comment from : Vincent Foo

Very cool and informative. Do you think that it is better to know how to read real-time market order book buys and sell or volume changes than fundamental chart shapes?


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Ari snb
how do you think if bitcoin is banned in your country and there is no exchange to local currency? please answer sunny. because,maybe it will be happen to me

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What is the Elliot wave Sunny? LTC : Lcw4eVggjYa9SjpKtYVDPrPjuyE4h6Yrqq
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PCRE 2187
Thank you for all of your videos, I am watching them as you put them out. I am starting to go back and watch the earlier ones to learn more.
LTC - LQhUbG6ACiqEioNs8rgDM5FXp84ftD9efk

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Halid Kasapovic
Some patterns show possible rise or fall in price, very good for trading short term, but which one is the healthiest for the long term? LTC: LbEbzYcFDPJ1q94AmHZR96cLFbss6AkCVx
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Syed Mustafa Hussaini
Thanks Sunny. Great Information about the useful Patterns in a NUTSHELL

Comment from : Syed Mustafa Hussaini

Do you think BTC will hit 20 000$ end January/february?


Comment from : Medkikim

What you think about Reddcoin (RDD) ?? price rocketing

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where the hanging man at

Comment from : zakisoul

hi sunny what do u think about bitcoin ?
is it gonna down more?

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Peter Lambert
Thanks Sunny. Great stuff mate.
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Relaxing sounds
This is a great vide since barely any channels educate people about these patterns, these patterns can go a long way.

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Koustav Nandi
Very informative.

Comment from : Koustav Nandi

Koustav Nandi
Very educational.

Comment from : Koustav Nandi

Koustav Nandi
This was very educational.

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ملائكه الرحمن
Btc. 1KfYHRxfsnXXPKhTEgicJjnVcpfxQFJBRz

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Hi Sunny and merry christmas. what you recommend us to invest in for 2018?

Comment from : Aurora

Awesome video! Did not know about these, will definitely try and learn them! :)


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Pretty cool I always hear these terms but didn’t know what all of them meant. Thanks for that.


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Eduardo Rodríguez
Good some studying to do now ! Ltc LWMUgPyPEoaJWr2bRnVPm55cLtHpdL4db7
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mahesh gauda
Hey sunny what do you think about verge?should i invest in it?thanks for all the info😊

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Jasim Doc

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Ryan CryptoPH
One of the best videos you made bro Sunny! Keep them coming.

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Everyday Tech
WoW this is actually really helpful Sunny Thanks LMa9eqeaKb6gKD98RRivtumcKPGnbRyAe3
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board guy
Nice explanation and examples Sunny... Keep up the good content!


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Antonio Pockov
Sunny what do you think who would be better to be mainstream payment, LTC or BTC?

Comment from : Antonio Pockov

Thanks Sunny, very clear and educational :)

Comment from : V SP

Thanks for these information bro. If there is more info like this for beginners, we would appreciate it, if you could do more of such informative videos :)


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Steven Erkman
I'm impressed about your English-speaking skills!
I love your videos and this video have me an idea how to read the charts.



Comment from : Steven Erkman

User Offline
What is your opinion on ETHconnect? Is it scam or is there a chance, that it could be the next BitConnect?


Comment from : User Offline

Interesting... How often do these patterns play out as expected?


Comment from : larposan

Abdul Rhman
what do you think Binance coin ?

Comment from : Abdul Rhman

Manuel Leree
thanks for teaching

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duxx savage
good eye! thank u and merry xmas

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Prateek Singh

Great info

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Edam Sunstrike
Could you recommend any site or course where we could learn the basics of technical analisis?

Comment from : Edam Sunstrike

Jack Puntey
Bullish on bitcoin.

also, coinbase seems to have something against btc? They even already predicted Segwit a fail before it came out.


Comment from : Jack Puntey

Diophi Ghrem Lask
What, in your opinion, is the best option for a day-to-day transaction capable crypto? BTC? BCH? Another altogether?

Comment from : Diophi Ghrem Lask

90 Soccer
do you currently view bitcoin more as an investment asset that gives you potential gains, or do you believe in it as it can become actual world currency, also what do you think would happen with btc in financial crisis, thanks

Comment from : 90 Soccer

Berger Starred
Monero is a gun coin, I bought 28 at around $13 simply because it was unique with its anonymity focus and the fact that a few dark net markets implemented deposits via XMR. Really happy with its performance, its one of the few that are actually useful for transactions.

Comment from : Berger Starred

Sambandha Khati
CARDANO (ADA) is the next generation crypto from all the reviews I've read and having their systems peer reviewed is such a sensible idea.. ADA looks very strong to me.

Comment from : Sambandha Khati

Henny God

over what time do you use those patterns? hours, days or even more longterm?

Comment from : Henny God

HaveFun Plus
how can bitcoin can be self regulated instead of governments try come in and regulate it? 

Comment from : HaveFun Plus

gaurab gill
Very informative video,great man

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Tsvetomir Nedelchev
Great video again. What do you think about SALT and OMG? Which cloud mining for DASH to use?


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Kiril Kirilov
Great video very helpful :)

Comment from : Kiril Kirilov

Learn alot thanks, recently stared to trade at binance also

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Biger Boy
Can you make a video about how crypto currencies are made please! Btc: 14DbFZ6i67HNqsuFw2V16f2ZL7AySUcGyu
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Coin MMunity
Yo sunny what camera and mic and lighting do you use?just curious, thanks for the charts explanation


Comment from : Coin MMunity

Madison Maine
Well done and very informative Sunny. Another pattern that I have done well with is the bullish cup and handle. 🖖
Comment from : Madison Maine

Leandro Leao
Happy Xmas

My present to you if I win

Comment from : Leandro Leao

Great technical review Sunny, hope bitcoin does a bullish pennant for now so that I can get in on the low and have it rise.
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Yasen Yuliev
Would be great to see some in depth videos for each pattern. These are helpful to a certain point, but some break down would be great. This kind of videos I suppose are the ones that are of biggest importance and interest for people.

Comment from : Yasen Yuliev

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