Why does Bitcoin have Value?

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Название :  Why does Bitcoin have Value?
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That's a lot of words to not even answer the question.
Comment from : M3D13V4L

Just Greg
how much does 1 dollar bitcoin worth in USA?
Comment from : Just Greg

Daniel Angel
At least gold is real. Bit coin is fucking digital created by some guy. I never get it
Comment from : Daniel Angel

Mágica Branca
Money is worthless paper backed by stupidity. Bitcoin are abstract numbers that don't have any real value.
Comment from : Mágica Branca

Sajad MH
But being scarce or hard to achieve per se doesn't give something value.
Comment from : Sajad MH

Joy Smith
Mrs sasha is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy,...
Comment from : Joy Smith

Bob North
Bitcoin has no value.
Comment from : Bob North

Bitcoin was invented to be decentralized . Bitcoin is now centralized lol 😂 what a great invention except it doesn’t work as intended , you can’t send a friend a Bitcoin and not pay your taxes on it that’s criminal activity- wink 😉 speculation is a spectacle to behold says a blind man .
Comment from : tyber100

Looks like someone who plays Minecraft made up bitcoin before they went to sleep.
Comment from : James

Too and Bitcoin has no value
Comment from : Harry

star G
Bitcoin is valuable because its uncirculated meaning it doesn't need no banks to transfer its value from person A to person B.

In other words you can send bitcoin from Alaska to Australia almost instantly without banks being involved. That's the main reason crypto is big.

Comment from : star G

Ultimate Matty
Gold can make Jewelry. Jewelry is valuable as it's a traditional status symbol that is sought after by women (and men to a lesser extent). Making Women happy is a problem that will always need solving therefore Gold is valuable.

What problem does Bitcoin solve in the market? What does having a bitcoin do other than have a dollar amount of value attached to it?

Comment from : Ultimate Matty

Derill Troy Tacang
Did he killed it?
Comment from : Derill Troy Tacang

Ivan Gonzalez
I don’t understand the value of Bitcoin because what the he’ll is the point of it anyway??? Who gives a shit about solving difficult solutions ??? Like ok what do you get out of that ??? What are these difficult problems being solved contributing to and why do they have value???? Cryptocurrency is made up???? Who woke up one day and said I’m gonna make online money and everyone just agreed it had value ??? Like whatttt
Comment from : Ivan Gonzalez

You didn't explain why is bit coin being mined digitally? Can anyone explain that to me. This dude talking on the video showed bitcoin being digitally mined. How the hell does that work? Where are they mining?
Who is mining it? Why can't I digitally mine bitcoin? How hard is it to turn on a computer and have it do whatever it does to mine?

Comment from : ashzole

Arianne Jane Renomeron
at 2:19 why does not show philippines in the map its not a very small island
Comment from : Arianne Jane Renomeron

Domenic Sandri
Comment from : Domenic Sandri

Andrew abc
somewhere underneath that incessant racket is there supposed to be a narration that we can learn from?
Comment from : Andrew abc

still cant understand where the value (real world) is created and attributed to a bitcoin, are those huge calculations ppl mine(solve) sent by a firm somewhere , like an engineering calculation that needs a hive like net of small computers, to solve it, and thus make a valuable data for that actual company, like is bitcoin mining, solving data by spreading it out for multiple computers to solve bits of it, then turn that, into better products, medicine, aerospace stuff, etc?!?!
Comment from : octane

Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm
Bitcoin uses too much power, and can’t even produce enough gpus, it’s a horrible ‘solution’ to anything. Just a giant waste, and similar to gold it’s not a good investment, not producing any wealth, just pure speculation. That’s called a bubble. How will bitcoin be currency of the internet? Dollars work perfectly well.
Comment from : Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm

robin mitchell
ForkU? u mean Forkme for wasting my time not answering a simple question...
Comment from : robin mitchell

So gold can be used in circuits and bitcoin can be used in...? Or is bitcoin a certificate of work that has been done by a computer (for example executing an algorithm)
Comment from : S

Yea bitcoin is sooo decentralized..
95% of all bitcoin mined is in 2%
Of the accounts. Same thing as money.

Imagine mining bitcoin when you got 50 bitcoin per hour and saving it until now.
There are people with hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoin in an account but they forgot the password..
And those coins are stuck there forever.

Comment from : Rizztana

G Man
This still did not explain why it has value.
Comment from : G Man

Dorothy Randall
I personally think that BTC is becoming more of a store of value (like gold) than one that's used as currency (like cash). I think its deflationary nature is a headwind for BTC being used as a currency and it's rise right now also prevents that. I know that I'm not spending any of my BTC at the moment with upside of trad!ng much bigger right now. I’m not a pro tradr but I was lucky enough to make 13’B’T’C since late last year following the instriuctions and s!gnals from Allen Moritz. He runs program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how trad!ng Bitcoin works, to help them utilise the volatility of the crypto mar:ket and also stack up more bitcoin. You can easily get to Allen on Եҽlҽցɾαต {AllenMoritz} ահαեsαթթ + 1 8 0 4 9 9 9 5 6 1 2 for Crypto related issues. Leave a like or sub-comment if you are headed to the moon with me.
Comment from : Dorothy Randall

Value is subjective. For example on a dessert island, a bottle of water has more intrinsic value than a ton of Gold. Today we value gold, but other than some use in electronics & jewellery, Gold has very limited practical use, and yet we value it highly. The reason being; scarcity. Like Gold, Bitcoin is scarce and not subject to a change in supply like Gold (discovering a new gold mine) or like the dollar (the Fed printing more money).

The reason hedge funds are buying Bitcoin today is to protect against inflation and to hedge against a largely uncorrelated asset class.

Bitcoin is scarce (digital scarcity), divisible, identical in composition (like gold), fungible (your btc is the same as my btc), durable and portable. Everything that Gold is. This is even before we go into the fact it’s decentralised and has a record of every transaction.

I understand that other high respected people do not believe Bitcoin has value. At the end of the day like I said, value is subjective and they may not value it as others do. And they have every right, don’t invest in something you do not value, it’s your money and you should decide where and how you wish to invest it.

Comment from : avarmauk

Stephanie Haugan
yup still don't get it lol
Comment from : Stephanie Haugan

This explained nothing to me.
Comment from : Aiden

László Isó
Crypto is thinner than air! You remember the tail: THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES???
Comment from : László Isó

Jesse Garcia
One day this fraud that is Bitcoin will collapse and I will f**** laugh out loud
Comment from : Jesse Garcia

Benjamin Cowen
kya aapane instaagraam par * larry_hachkz * ko apana sarvashreshth aur bharosemand havai banaane kee koshish kee hai
Comment from : Benjamin Cowen

Robert Gray
Until you have something you can spend that doesn’t fluctuate in price like Bitcoin you will never convince the average person who only understands that dollars or currency is used to by common goods gas groceries etc it will never work. As far as a storage of wealth you then have a ponzy scheme except with Bitcoin you will never be able to arrest the original schemer because no one knows who that is. If the banks and brokerages except this as value when it crashes our government will bell them out but not it’s citizens. You will soon see that in the future Uncle Sam will say how dare you.
Comment from : Robert Gray

the more people lose trust in the government/fiat money system, the more value bitcoin etc will have, conversely, if people's trust in the government/fiat money system gets restored, the bitcoin will have no more value
Comment from : Rhonin

Google User
"the actions of one person can not affect the Bitcoin ecosystem"
Elon "Hold my doge coins"

Comment from : Google User

Henry Harper
Blah, blah, blah...no explanation.
Comment from : Henry Harper

Chris Fuller
My girlfriend still says Bitcoin is useless and a figment of imagination.
Comment from : Chris Fuller

Tomas Mac Carthy
Apples and oranges. There are fiat currencies like USD, currencies with intrinsic value like gold, and currencies that require huge amount of energy to produce like Bitcoin
Comment from : Tomas Mac Carthy

Sarah Heather
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Comment from : Sarah Heather

Sarah Heather
Omg I can't say but AVAILABLE_TOOL on IG that guy Is a professional his just like a God sent his a genius +15852062725....
Comment from : Sarah Heather

The only reason I disliked this video is because it has 420 likes as I type this comment otherwise, I would've liked the video :)
Comment from : ASGP

Marcelo Balestrini
Another crap video: voice talking nonsense over a collection of fast changing fancy imagery that literally represents the words being said. Is this the new era of junk content making?
Comment from : Marcelo Balestrini

Chutiya video
Comment from : coolsachin2737

Enstigator Official
so in other words the value of bitcoin is illusionary . it is like a giant ponzie scheme is the best way to describe it
Comment from : Enstigator Official

You mean: "goldmines are dark places controlled by dictators and the workers are low-key slaves"
Comment from : TheMrarrie18

Meowdy Partner
Ok i think i get it. Comodities are valued by how useful they are and their limited supply. Bitcoin get its value from its role in the 4th industrial revolution. Bitcoin will be valued the same way as software companies while gold will be valued as always.
Comment from : Meowdy Partner

Joe Evan
I don't think this video creator understands bitcoin.
Comment from : Joe Evan

Kostantinos Kanelopoulos
No, no, no! Bitcoin is another fiat currency where as instead of bonds issued and base money (currency/notes/bills etc.) coin supply is issued based on an algorithm. Traditional fiat has and crypto, in addition, also have likeness in that both are intended to be representative of economic value and unlike gold have no direct utility (precious metals can be employed in industry such a Palladian in vehicle exhaust pipes for example). However, unlike traditional fiat, crypto has a limited supply that is not dependent necessarily on a central power ie. The Federal Reserve, meaning that crypto cannot be printed into the infinite which is what corrodes fiates value. On the other hand crypto has the capacity to inflate to a maximum without uncontrolled collapse although this comment is an extreme simplification of even the foundations economics 101.
Comment from : Kostantinos Kanelopoulos

Painless ZM
You presented this so fast I didn't understand any of it the first 10 times. Am slow lol
Comment from : Painless ZM

Terrance Morgan
US currency is back by a country's GDP
Comment from : Terrance Morgan

2:00 Don't know if it might have been mentioned here already, but DASH does NOT have a CEO.
Comment from : cmad

Gods Eye View
So basically it has value because of the internet and some computer geek saying it has value otherwise its intangible with absolutely no value?
Comment from : Gods Eye View

ahua aondonege
Nabel tools on Instag help me in increasing my Bitcoin on my wallet account the guys is a tech professional he increase mine in less than 45min
Comment from : ahua aondonege

this chanel no longer exists
You didnt explain why there is a limited amount of bitcoin
Comment from : this chanel no longer exists

Where Content
Gold is shiny and beutiful and bitcoin is.... there?
Comment from : Where Content

Gold has been proven for thousands of years and bitcoin’s price is too volatile to be accepted in trade. Stable coins are better, but the public not interested, because they cannot speculate on it
Comment from : 1qaz

anything over that fast music
Comment from : bgordon420

Benjamin Zazulak
How do we know they won't just make more bitcoin
Comment from : Benjamin Zazulak

Benjamin Zazulak
I still don't get it
Comment from : Benjamin Zazulak

JPF Macro
But what makes a Bitcoin valuable aside from the fact that other people think it is valuable? I don’t get it. Gold has real use in the real world. Bitcoin does what exactly I’m the real world that cannot be replaced by another crypto currency?
Comment from : JPF Macro

Blue Stroti
It is like gold but it has no physical body. Gold has some property that u can use but most of the value is not from those property but it rarity. Bitcoin is the same the fact that it is digital made it easier for transition. This is the important point!! "Transition" so imagine u transfer your Bitcoin to someone how could any body agree that u don't have that coin anymore and now the coin is in Mr.A hand. "Block chain" Yes it is like a recipe that is created for every single transition and everybody that has internet could get a copy of that recipe to verify that specific Bitcoin that u just transfer to Mr. A so that specific Bitcoin only has value when it is in Mr.A No one can counterfeit that coin and spend it in other name because everyone that use Bitcoin has the Block chain that record the transition and only value that coin in Mr. A hand. How do u get more coin? Like the vod describe u vertif the transition that other Bitcoin making transition u record and verify that the transition is correct with the Block chain that existed and u got the reward. That is called Bitcoin mining.
Why gold and Bitcoin has value?
-Rarity (Just like gold it doesn't has value at first until enough people truth it and give it a value that everybody agree on)
-Can't be counterfeit and easy to verify with the right tool
-No one can manipulate it value ( everybody has the Block chain that record every transition)
I just compare it to gold so it is easier to understand hope it help

Comment from : Blue Stroti

Quick RobloxDev
Lol the channel name
Comment from : Quick RobloxDev

John Park
btich chill out and slow down jesus and explain it easily lmao
Comment from : John Park

Master Augmented Production
Bling bling 😂
Comment from : Master Augmented Production

X Iulian
Finally Rocktechie on !!g wàs able to Generate bulk BTC to my wallet any additional payment they are best platform for instant BTC.
Comment from : X Iulian

Mobil Temp0778
Bad voice
Comment from : Mobil Temp0778

Elijah Mejia
First commodities was replaced by Cash & Now Cash is being replaced by A digital currency deemed valuable by developers & corporations.
Comment from : Elijah Mejia

pourqoi mililani
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Comment from : pourqoi mililani

I need a clear explanation on how the mathematics works. About how the price of Bitcoin goes down, I only lose a fraction of what I put in!
How does that work?
That's how I found this video and I'm not finding the answer.

Comment from : Mizner

Recently most specialists on Youtube when gotten some information about expectations of bitcoin or xrp, are generally nonexclusive without any particulars on its course and everybody is by all accounts speculating and getting considerably more confounded about the eventual fate of bitcoin. The main thing that has stayed consistent and sure as of late is the way that merchants have been procuring massively, while Holders are more worried about what's on the horizon for bitcoin. However, with the aptitudes and mastery of a dealer like Brian Lucas, the sky I can say is the beginning stage. I accomplished this accomplishment when I paid attention to his exchange signs and expectations and they have been right and precise, procuring me more than 8 btc on 2.5btc. He can be reached on Telegram (trustsignals1) or WhatsApp (+1 332 334 5018) . I sincerely wish we would have more individuals like him to gaze upward to for direction in the crypto space
Comment from : Sallynas

What gives bitcoin value though? Is it gold? Or is it the fact that its putting the power in the peoples hands? When you buy bitcoins you have to hand over something of value correct!?
Comment from : Level13Paladin

studio vic
bitcoin has value, because people demand outweighs supply. still not clear why people began demanding it in the first place other than the fact that when it was created, the creators called it "currency"...is that all it takes?
Comment from : studio vic

Gold is beautiful to look at, bitcoin is not.
Comment from : Bledoston

Antonio Perez
I honestly cannot believe this has so little views
Comment from : Antonio Perez

This video still didnt explain why bitcoin has to have a value. Why it is still traded for dollar in the market to acquire it instead of creating it as a parallel monetary system.
Comment from : S0j0urner

Patrick Pellegrino
This does not explain btc actual value
Comment from : Patrick Pellegrino

100 million subscribers with no videos
I'm still very confused. Please explain!
Comment from : 100 million subscribers with no videos

Turd Ferguson
Comment from : Turd Ferguson

Turd Ferguson
But I can turn gold into art, jewelry, or even computer components... What the fuck use does Bitcoin have in the real world???? Please I want an answer!!!!!
Comment from : Turd Ferguson

What ?
Comment from : PonziZombieKiller

Archit Stark
Last part was funny...hitting with gold brick😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Archit Stark

The Keto Chief
Comment from : The Keto Chief

Tom Williams
True genius is demonstrated when highly complex concepts are explained in a way that the average person can grasp it. Please find a genius for me.
Comment from : Tom Williams

Dan Gould
Excellent animation, some analogies I’ve never heard before. Cool! 😎
Comment from : Dan Gould

Enrico Polanski
gold has 7'000 years of history as a solid investment. Bitcoin has a decade of speculation.
Comment from : Enrico Polanski

Comment from : ddnbbuddy

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