How To SELL BITCOIN On COINBASE - [Step By Step] In 2020!

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Информация о How To SELL BITCOIN On COINBASE - [Step By Step] In 2020!

Название :  How To SELL BITCOIN On COINBASE - [Step By Step] In 2020!
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Кадры How To SELL BITCOIN On COINBASE - [Step By Step] In 2020!

Описание How To SELL BITCOIN On COINBASE - [Step By Step] In 2020!

Коментарии How To SELL BITCOIN On COINBASE - [Step By Step] In 2020!

Halima Hashi
I sold bitcoin for 5.95 pounds but the exchange rate said 33k what does this mean
Comment from : Halima Hashi

El Professor Aleman
If you are paid in btc to coinbase. Then sell all or some, then transfer to your bank. What are the tax implications?
Comment from : El Professor Aleman

hello if i live in New york, no binance and no usdt allowed how do i sell bnb or whatever? i do have bitmart and trustwallet?
Comment from : JASON CALDEIRA

Deborah McKenzie
I like selling into my bank account. Thanks!
Comment from : Deborah McKenzie

👆👆👆This is so wonderful I just got 35k from this website just after I lot my jobs
Comment from : Lucia

Maricha Santiago
Well done,got easy explanation
Comment from : Maricha Santiago

Gary Taylor
I am wondering how to do this in the coinbase app
Comment from : Gary Taylor

Kodiak Bear Steve
Always bank account
Comment from : Kodiak Bear Steve

Thank you for showing how to sell bitcoin and showing how to put it in a bank account. I was a bit worry because I'm new but thank you for the help👍🏼
Comment from : Coldboilmao

sepulveda soto
Massive thanks to everyone who recommended @Oliviaglobal , you all are the life savers here.
Comment from : sepulveda soto

Withdrew to my preferred account...BANK.
Comment from : DDK

jasonmaddison on IG
jasonmaddison2020 has been awesome for me and i received my first ROI few hours ago!
Comment from : jasonmaddison on IG

Christina Gusek
Thank you for this great video...question..what is the largest amount you can sell (USD) in a single transaction? Is it the amount that shows on your accounts for daily transactions or can it be more? I have never sold, only bought and I know on my accounts they show a daily maximum I can spend (to buy)...never was sure if thats the same to sell. Thank you!!!
Comment from : Christina Gusek

You sold it to yourself ,it that what people wanted ??
Comment from : Neil

Track pack GT
Thank you for actually selling some and showing us I have only bought in the last couple years never sold yet holding long term so had no idea how to get it into my bank account but I will be selling one day. Great video thanks
Comment from : Track pack GT

Mr Dnim
do you think is time to buy doge and binance?
Comment from : Mr Dnim

cyblog ng
Please can I be selling my coin to you ? If yes please how can I reach you
Comment from : cyblog ng

Andi k
Holy the coinbase fee is high...
Comment from : Andi k

cosme hurtado
Thank you I like the way you explain very clear congratulations with your videos
Comment from : cosme hurtado

Tracy Howell
Bank account
Comment from : Tracy Howell

Mike Kron
When is the sell considered a taxable transaction..... on the sell or on the removal of the funds out of the coin base base account???????? Thanks
Comment from : Mike Kron

Isra Ayse Nur Gurbuzer
Hello, awesome video thanks! but I am little confused, can you please explain me why there is no more options in the payment methods part except paypal? I do not understand and I cannot sell my cryptos
Comment from : Isra Ayse Nur Gurbuzer

Thomas Rogers
Is there a way to sell specific Bitcoin purchase lots, for tax purposes . As in LIFO.. which would be the highest purchase price? Thxs
Comment from : Thomas Rogers

Angela Jones
Excellent video. But you see trading cryptocurrency requires more than just a primary knowledge of crypto. It is advisable to trade with an expert to avoid unnecessary losses. Trading with Mrs Josephine has been really productive. In fact i would say she is the best broker.
Comment from : Angela Jones

Harry Frederick
Great Mrs Jenifer is legit and her method works like magic I keep earning every single week with her new strategy
Comment from : Harry Frederick

I own $900 worth of Bitcoin in coinbase but am nervous about losing it by transferring it to my coinbase wallet.

Your videos have helped

Comment from : ginacervi

I'd like to more about FEES, please,
Comment from : NANCY

Serene Scarlit
Don't have PayPal
Comment from : Serene Scarlit

Rosen Dachev
I have problem with the app . I traing to sell , but showing me ,, the user is unable to sell,, !? Any ideas?
Comment from : Rosen Dachev

Achieng' Opiyo
I like and love the easiest way of buying. i will also introduce my team to it. thank you
Comment from : Achieng' Opiyo

Chaz W
Why does mine say I can’t sell it
Comment from : Chaz W

Lucas Johnson
Hello what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now
Comment from : Lucas Johnson

Maria B
Can you sell you bitcoin when it hits a particular price?
Comment from : Maria B

Ahmed Hassan
Comment from : Ahmed Hassan

ניר שאול
whan i want to add a payment method it says: "You can't add a payment method while your account is restricted". what can i do?
Comment from : ניר שאול

Thanks for the info.

PayPal changed policies in early 2020 and it basically provides cover for scammers. Despite having proof from UPS that my package was sent to the wrong person and address, they closed my case and flagged my account to automatically close the case should I try to open another.
I have zero recourse. After looking around online there are countless people like me with the same story.

Comment from : C C

samuel adaletey
From wallet to bank account
Comment from : samuel adaletey

Warren Edser
Though you show how it would work in America, how will it work in Australia as Coinbase says we can't. Any clues. Convert bitcoin and send it paypal or bank account, or what? Thank you for your video. It was a pleasurable and well spoken and very clear video. Thank you
Comment from : Warren Edser

claudette poirier
From wallet to bank account. Love your clear and helpful information
Comment from : claudette poirier

Are there limitations to the amount that you can sell. What if you were selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crypto. Will coin base be able to handle it?
Comment from : Observer1

Alexandra Brener
Great video
Comment from : Alexandra Brener

Dbl J Puppies
You probably won't respond to me but would really appreciate it if you would question ?
Were just wanting to start with bitcoin an can u buy an sell at anytime an if I do sell who do I sell it to ?
Or does like a company buy it back at any time

Comment from : Dbl J Puppies

Jhun Dela Cruz
Thank you for this Video now I have learn how to sell my coin in case I need to do it. I think with the bank account is the best way for now. but please include How to cover the bank info for privacy.
Comment from : Jhun Dela Cruz

Leonardo Martinez
Thank you, for showing me how to sell Bitcoin and transfer to my bank account. And now i know Coinbase will make a wallet and store my money in dollars on their site.
Comment from : Leonardo Martinez

I’ve tried to do it through my debit card but it won’t let me, why?
Comment from : Laprimatrini

Nicholas Lewis
Nice. But why not your debit card?
Comment from : Nicholas Lewis

alan lars
i sold it and it shows that usd but when i go to withdraw it says i have no funds available to withdraw
Comment from : alan lars

Daniel Pedraza
I don't see sell in the app
Comment from : Daniel Pedraza

hassan omar
I am just sharing just starting everything I am Student and I really appreciate your lessons sir

Comment from : hassan omar

Financial Freedom Seeker
Thank you for sharing your step by step process
Comment from : Financial Freedom Seeker

Speed Demon
why won't Coinbase link my account I've sent the fee they credit it back when I go on its not verified I've done it 3 times I still can't sell
Comment from : Speed Demon

David Evans
I prefer to withdraw to my bank account.

Thanks, you made it easy to sell. I did not know how.

Comment from : David Evans

Motersickle Bum
I wanted to sell my CIVIC because it was up and the market was going down. my civic had doubled in price to about $700.00 but coinbase would only allow me to sell $250.00. but now it says i have zero CIVIC left. also, when i click "sell all" IT WON'T LET ME. very frustrating.... i see that my portfolio balance is much higher than my available balance. what's the deal?
Comment from : Motersickle Bum

anazplayz player
Thx if you give me
Comment from : anazplayz player

Cephas Dyirakumunda
What do you do when you’re told “user can’t sell”?
Comment from : Cephas Dyirakumunda

Darren Moore
Hi just watched your video... I've tried to sell, but it says user is unable to sell?? Any ideas??
Comment from : Darren Moore

Jon Crofter
I'm so noob. I actually made my first sell this morning... or thought I did. Moved it to my wallet just to see it drop 50% 2 hours later! 🤣 (Broke even instead of 2X) NOW I find your video and know what to do. Thanks for your simple easy to follow videos 👍
Comment from : Jon Crofter

Xernan Lantajo
im from phil... i cant add payment method.. coz it shows my account is restricted
Comment from : Xernan Lantajo

Amaka Eze
I created the coin base account with the link in description and didn't get 10$
Comment from : Amaka Eze

Bank account
Comment from : AceNorym

shazad shah
When i try sell my bitcoin it says user cannot sell please help me
Comment from : shazad shah

Jake Stevens
Is selling it to a your checking account the same fee as to your bank account?
Comment from : Jake Stevens

Michael Minor
I Prefer checking account deposit
Comment from : Michael Minor

monica g
I transferred to my bank account.
Comment from : monica g

monica g
I’m a real novice. I do have a mentor who has given me advice and answered my questions but sometimes it’s not convenient to reach out to him. Your video was great and taught me exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!
Comment from : monica g

Stephanie Stokke
Is there a limit of how much you can move into your bank account? And do u pay taxes on this money?
Comment from : Stephanie Stokke

Legendry Dan
Did you actually get the money
Comment from : Legendry Dan

Yusuf beautiful World
Thank lot for video
Comment from : Yusuf beautiful World

Jannette Del Rio
Hi thanks for this video. Super helpful. I wanna ask if this works on coinbase app via iphone? I tried selling (using mobile app) and im always stuck in the payment merhod. the window always ask to "add payment method." If i click add payment method, the only choice is either debit or credit card. There's no option to add my bank account. So in short, i added in my debit acct infos. But then, always encounter "error" at the end process. What do u think is the problem here? Pls help, thanks in advance! Cheers!
Comment from : Jannette Del Rio

Ghost talker
Thanks so much! I never knew how to sell my coins.
Comment from : Ghost talker

Who exactly are you selling it to when you sell?
Comment from : Keegan

baz B
Let’s say I have 7k in bitcoin at 30k and it goes up
7500 @ a little over 32 k , can I sell $500 worth and still keep earning after the original 7000 or should I just leave it in there for 2-3 year

Comment from : baz B

thanks for the info.
Comment from : krystil_king_fpv

eolderog a
Do you have any experience with selling bitcoin through Paxful? Nice video. I’ll try transferring to Coinbase if possible. I’m relatively new to BTC.
Comment from : eolderog a

Sam WD
so in coin base you directly sell the bitcoins to the exchange instead of individual person? sorry i am new to it and leanring it.
Comment from : Sam WD

Victoria Callahan
Thank you for step by step video
Comment from : Victoria Callahan

Kresha MF
why is my account restricted i just made the account is t here anything you know?
Comment from : Kresha MF

Emily Beans
I appreciate the simplicity of this video. Question... When you withdrew the money after you sold your bitcoin, how long was the wait to actually receive your money? You said Friday but I don't know what day of the week you did this video. Thanks!
Comment from : Emily Beans

Saumava Das
Sir I have a qyery. I want to create a coin like bitcoin, I want to market that coin. how can I do that?
Comment from : Saumava Das

Hi I would like to do my Bank Account.

Comment from : MimbleWimble

Gary Johnson
Coinbase charges a 20% fee to convert bitcoin to cash?
Comment from : Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson
He goes through all that trouble and cost just to retrieve $4 in U.S. dollars? Can he retrieve $40,000 in bitcoin in 5 minutes? If not, this seems like a pretty crappy "store of value" investment if you only make $20 transactions.
Comment from : Gary Johnson

Joe Fontánez
Excellent guidance, very grateful.
Comment from : Joe Fontánez

Richard Defrin
i would like chat with you on my name facebook richard defrin
Comment from : Richard Defrin

Richard Defrin
hi do you have facebook
Comment from : Richard Defrin

Saudia Ally
Thank you for your clear video, i would like to use Bank Account
Comment from : Saudia Ally

Hello nice video would it work the same for LTC/XRP/ETH etc on coinbase? Just buy and sell that easy? Thanks
Comment from : seazonCS

Tush Patel
It says User unable to sell
Comment from : Tush Patel

C Mac
Why doesn’t it let use me sell my bitcoin because I live in another country (Australia)?
Comment from : C Mac

C Challinor
Bank account has to be the way to go
Comment from : C Challinor

Hayley Bonnell
Can you sell all crypto on Coinbase? it says not on the site I think Im in the UK is it different?
Comment from : Hayley Bonnell

For the country of India could not set Bank Account, is there any way to do?
Comment from : B VANLALHRUAIA

Great video
one thing i didnt get to claim the bitcoin reward when i signed up i do not know the reason, or maybe i did and i just dont know..?
anyways how do i check how much bitcoin i currently own in my coinbase account?

Comment from : OpenSounds

S 01
So is the price it says when you click sell the definite price you get ? How does coinbase do this , have they got to wait for a buyer? Say I sold say half a bitcoin for 5 grand , would I be guaranteed to get that , what if they cant find a buyer , and the price changes lower .
Comment from : S 01

Hey brother so im new. I just bought $500 dlls worth of bt 3 days ago. I paid about 7 dlls in fees. Now when i sell it i will only pay 99 cents? I heard other youtubers say coinbase charges to many fees? Please help srry im brand new to stocks and bt. But loving the bt community!!
Comment from : J D

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