BITCOIN Price Movement 2009 to 2017

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Информация о BITCOIN Price Movement 2009 to 2017

Название :  BITCOIN Price Movement 2009 to 2017
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Кадры BITCOIN Price Movement 2009 to 2017

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Коментарии BITCOIN Price Movement 2009 to 2017

2107 it was 7000 a coin /Today 2021 it’s 57.000

suu wes
I was a fool
Comment from : suu wes

Daniel Costa
Is doge the new bitcoin?
Comment from : Daniel Costa

2020 ... 63000$
Comment from : F F

Alan A
In August of 2011 I fell for a girl who ended up marrying another man right after meeting me. All that time I could've been racking up bitcoin when it was so cheap. Now I'm holding on to a decimal thinking about what could have been.
Comment from : Alan A

Esther Ranson
Mrs Jane has been a blessing to me. I was
able to send my kids a better school
through the profits i got from trading with
her. I wishi had started with something

Comment from : Esther Ranson

p a
Guy I work with started mining them in 2010, and bought $5,000 dollars worth the same year. He sold them all in 2017, and retired. We were all like, WTF!?
Comment from : p a

Dons 45
Haveng the same energy on aafemoon man see yall in 2030 but if it fails burn my body
Comment from : Dons 45

Teknon Sadi
Now Bitcoin it’s 55,987,28 but it’s time to invest to dogecoin🔥🔥🔥 let’s get these papers guys.
Comment from : Teknon Sadi

Rachel Adams
As someone who has experience with the market, I see a crash as a big opportunity. The perception of income generation through financial investments is peaking rapidly and markets are receiving a massive inflow of would-be trade would be investors but due to the complexity of the market, losses are made due to poor leveraging the aim of appreciation is defeated and this is better than gambling. Creating multiple income flow is actually a skill that tasks people to learn. Courses and motivation might not do you much good, even the best learn everyday, my 2cents is to find a mentor and also consider diversification because it actually helps in loss reduction. My involvements lucre a minimum of $13,700 monthly courtesy of my financial analyst Nicole Vieiraon , if you find this useful you can use it to mitigate risks. Equally you can get in touch with the brains behind my success +=6=1=0=9=3=6=4=4=8=5 if you probably need some quidance and expertise.
Comment from : Rachel Adams

Fuck man, I remeber looking at Bitcoin when it was selling for around 3-5$ 😩😩😩 if I would have only invested around 500$ I would be fucking rich today
Comment from : BrianVeliz

now 60k lol
Comment from : Azylon

Chi Chi
l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her
comment below
let's gooooo

Comment from : Chi Chi

Riza Wahyu Nugraha
Coba aja ada mesin waktu gw beli 1000 btc kaya kali
Comment from : Riza Wahyu Nugraha

Andy Juan
Most people remained poor because there friends and family discouraged them and advised them towards investing with Bitcoin and while the wise ones kept investing and financially going higher
Comment from : Andy Juan

Sonny Jay
😶 When you watch this do you contemplate time travel or suicide?
Comment from : Sonny Jay

Sunil Singh
Can Ada become Bitcoin
Comment from : Sunil Singh

Sunil Singh
Which coin now a future of Bitcoin. That in 2026 we will check that this coin was trading at this level. Can we keep Doge Polygon Tron.
Comment from : Sunil Singh

Sunil Singh
Bitcoin is a samraat.
Comment from : Sunil Singh

Azad Tech

Comment from : Azad Tech

Traveling & Tourism
I regret so much coz in 2014 I sell my 5 btc... Plz plz plz cry for me...
Comment from : Traveling & Tourism

I knew about bitcoin since 2012 and never bought it because I thought it was a pyramid scheme and every time it rocketed up in price like when it went from $2 to $100, I just tought "who the heck would pay $100 for these imaginary coins?"
Every time it bumped up in price I thought there's no way it can go higher and yet I still think that. I was right in 2017 or 18 when it crashed from 20k to 3k.

Comment from : Username3544

Gurpal Sandhu
Jisne 0.01 usd la khreed ho gya vo abb 40 lakh ka Malik hoga
Comment from : Gurpal Sandhu

Jay Mack
Dogecoin is next
Comment from : Jay Mack

Prakash Pawar
Please change my life

Comment from : Prakash Pawar

Francis Juarez
I invested Bitcoin in 2011 for .29 invested 6,000 the rest is history Baby!!
Comment from : Francis Juarez

The market’s bulls offered some fightback at the $3.78-level as Tezos floated just above its press time support. The Awesome Oscillator registered a single green bar at the time of writing as momentum switched to the buying side. The Stochastic RSI saw a bullish crossover and a reversal towards the neutral zone would likely see the bulls successfully defend the aforementioned support. The resistance at $4.08 would likely present a target if the bulls manage to enforce a northbound breakout on the back of buying pressure. In case of a fall, the next support would be at $3.48. Chances are institutional investors are playing a vital role in this rally because confirmation abounds that the digital currency is luring more and more big-name participants. If B!tcoin has become the cryptOcurrency world’s version of gold, a method of exchange that its boosters hope will always gain value, then NFTs are its asset class. Volatility nature of the crpytO asset is a plus for trαders because it's good for trαdiing and if trαdes are placed correctly that's constant profits which in turn increases your portfolio, which is why I copy trade with Burwell Coleman because his trαde signals are the most accurate and I have been making 6btc every month for the last eight months in a row. His on 𝔀ℌ𝒶𝓉𝔰🅰️🅿️🅿️ (+44 7723 022159) and Gmąil (burwellcolemanfinance@gmailcom). Burwell is so good that I can attest to the accuracy of his trαde s!gnαls which is why I would recommend him for any trαder looking to stay profitable.
Comment from : barisberlin

Lover Girl
Hello, I'm new to bitcoin and I have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong
Comment from : Lover Girl

Asripg Perlis
Easy up and easy.....
Comment from : Asripg Perlis

Chinese David
I wasn't actually expecting my profit from Austin today.too good to be true but I just earn from Austin platform...
Comment from : Chinese David

Robert Vanderzalm
Just an update current price 2021 @$54,793.-
Comment from : Robert Vanderzalm

cOmMeNt LoVeR *_*
Now $50000 above 50,000.00
Comment from : cOmMeNt LoVeR *_*

mortgage agent
Dogecoin next one 🚀🚀🚀🚀
Comment from : mortgage agent

Martin Von WunderGass
I'm imagining the price in December 2017 to be about $19,500.
Comment from : Martin Von WunderGass

Lisa Red
Luis INVESTMENT is a well-registered company with the top legal authorities in United States. His purpose is to provide maximum and Good returns in line with your investments
Comment from : Lisa Red

John Axel
With the big Network that luiz have, you could invest in his packs and make 10000 in a matter of days, i I’m currently making profit. I do appreciate Luis he is a genius and you can actually trust him to handle your trade.
Comment from : John Axel

Mr. Darkness
Bitcoin is like ex Gf. She was ugly back then, now she is super hot that I have to cry in pain 😭😂😭
Comment from : Mr. Darkness

Clara Bella
Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Comment from : Clara Bella

I remember reading about Bitcoin in 2008, I think in Money magazine. I only wanted to invest because I liked the picture of a Bitcoin, but as I read the article it seemed to be difficult to get. So, I spent my money on ice cream and a mountain bike. I REGRET IT!!! 😢 I like the music. Made me think about my childhood memories. I’m now sad, and want to go back. I MISS YOU CHILDHOOD!!! 😭
Comment from : JamieHinesHQ

oh boy
Comment from : Oliveira123

I need time machine

I know its impossible

Then i need only one bitcoin

Comment from : ZeeMIX VIDEOS

пьяная россомаха 3 клыка
Самое тяжелое видео за 3 года в ютюбе. Ведь в 2010 году я выкенул жесткий диск с 2500 биткоинов
Comment from : пьяная россомаха 3 клыка

Mikey P
I was gonna but 2000 bitcoins when it was 6.76 and I didn’t lol now im laughing in pain
Comment from : Mikey P

Jimmy Salas
Comment from : Jimmy Salas

Elthros Gaming
im part of that percent that wished they would of bought some back in college. so much money
Comment from : Elthros Gaming

Graham Stephan
I lost my job due to covid and a friend of mine recommended sir Luiz and ever since trading with his platform I have been benefiting a lot
Comment from : Graham Stephan

Comment from : AshrafFilms2

Stonks go Brrr
Broh 😭😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Stonks go Brrr

Crypto currency (bitcoin) trade is just like that any other business, but in this case more sophisticated and advanced. When you invest your money goes through the market and is used for trade, only a professional know how to trade with these currencies with yrs of experience and software available.
Comment from : ネイションルすごい

Danut bleajbu
2021 yanuary 27 k pounds
Comment from : Danut bleajbu

It's not too late to buy now.
And if you don't buy now then by 2030-2040 you will be regretting too.

Comment from : LIBERIA KWADO

Bryan C
Show a graph
Comment from : Bryan C

AWP 666
I need a time machine
Comment from : AWP 666

were those 2 pizzas worth $300,000,000?
Comment from : LemonsAreJuicy

Jimy the Duke
What is the New bitcoin
Comment from : Jimy the Duke

Jimy the Duke
Why i didnt buy it at 0,01$ and sold it in 2022
Comment from : Jimy the Duke

5:32 nice 😎
Comment from : angryhobo212

Hulk Hulk
The trading system is a set of certain algorithms trading, instructions, and action of the trader, on the basis of the technical analysis. In each trading system, the conditions for entry/exit time intervals, money management, and risk management are clearly defined. Trading systems allow you to limit the factor of emotional influence on decision-making, as well as to give the trade a certain degree of systemic character. I have been trading forex for 6 months now and never have! regretted going into it, my only regret is not going through the right way as I lost a lot before l was directed to the best trading agent in the market, Expert Mrs Linda Tamara, she grew my account drastically with my initial investment of $4500 to $32000 in a week
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what's app.....💯💯 thank me later

Comment from : Hulk Hulk

Lita Esguerra
Who's watching now @ $41,000?
Comment from : Lita Esguerra

This Is Sparta
Let it reach 50k and stay there for a while.
Comment from : This Is Sparta

Juan Marent
Hello from 39,364 USD Jan 9, 2021
Comment from : Juan Marent

Ali Hüseyn
now 35.000 dollar ))))
Comment from : Ali Hüseyn

Rudy Vargas
Bitcoin is now on 1-4-20 @34000

I bought 7 bitcoins at $489 a coin

My advise buy bit coin it's going up to 160000 buy 2230

Comment from : Rudy Vargas

Daquan Dai
I get 10% interests monthly for holding bitcoins on the axisoption com wallet.
Comment from : Daquan Dai

Evans Gonzalez
Honestly, When it comes to Bitcoin Trading I always recommend beginners to Alicia Braswell my mentor since I started trading with her , I've been able to build a huge income stream and I’ve not had a loss due to the signals she uses during trade. You can reach her for help..

+1 (762) 233-4052

W h a t s A P P & T e l e g r a m..:..

Comment from : Evans Gonzalez

Jan 2021 its over $34,000!!!!!!
Comment from : MrJdolby

Here in 2021 when BTC IS £25k/$31k approximately ! WOW.
Comment from : HB LTD

Can you update the video from 2009 to 2020?
Comment from : panzer86

Krishna Mendez
You will like 5:36
Comment from : Krishna Mendez

Margaret Donald
Basically Bitcoin trading/investment is one of the most lucrative investment opportunity at the moment...Fortunately many investors like the stock market and forex traders are involved into Bitcoin and investing heavily into Bitcoin .. As i speak with you I am making a minimum of 1,000 USD on a daily basis investing in Bitcoin.
You can earn earn just like i am doing as well if you will allow me guide you on how to started in trading Bitcoin....Contact me for more information.
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Comment from : Margaret Donald

Lucas MZ
Damn speedyorks on telegram is s a whole genius , I just bought a bitcoin script from him and I could generate 0.17btc in few hours am sorry happy right now , text him to get your bitcoin script .. am thrilled @speedyorks on telegram
Comment from : Lucas MZ

Eric_Cartman The second
In 2009 the price was 0.01€ and now it is more than 23 100 to this date
Comment from : Eric_Cartman The second

Demetrius Johnson
Comment from : Demetrius Johnson

Zion Emmanuel 3rd
I’m glad I was able to clear my bills using www.trackcentury.com they’re such a blessings out there
Comment from : Zion Emmanuel 3rd

tom rade
Exchanging was difficult for me. Lost a great deal of cash to exchanging collaborators and duplicate dealer's I nearly abandoned bitcoin exchanging. Be that as it may, a companion of mine acquainted me with a decent intermediary, from the outset I thought it was another method of squandering my reserve funds. However, to my most noteworthy shock that my expense came out with something great in 24hours exchanging this was simply so stunning... You simply must show restraint toward them till your exchanges is effectively completed..To be true I made considerably more than my past misfortunes. As a matter of fact he charged me 15% which didn't influence my exchange at any rate since their exchange proficiency comes in various of your speculation.

Basically I emphatically suggest WWW.TRACKCENTURY.COM for best duplicate exchanging consistently exchange with them and quit wasting/loosing your cash connect with them trust me a preliminary will unquestionably persuade you.

Comment from : tom rade

A friend of mine bought 200 back in 2012 and some how he forgot about his account and password to this day he’s hatting life 😓
Comment from : rezxsxundz

Jaxon Ethan
I think Bitcoin has something big for the world
I have been investing for months now, and it has been awesome.
Be rest assured to invest with the right platform always. There is NO DOUBT about the credibility of this platform.
This is why Mr George platform is always offering you opportunities to grow and increase your bitcoin and financial status.
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Admin on WhatsApp
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Comment from : Jaxon Ethan

I’m glad that I invested all my $1000 for 16,666.66666666667 Bitcoins on April/14/2017. It’s 2020 and I haven’t touched one. Thanks Bitcoin!!!
Comment from : SOULTY

Michael Kelly
Comment from : Michael Kelly

Huanted Deals
2020 October 27 13.8k
Comment from : Huanted Deals

James Taylor
I'm so much excited to count myself among those who earning and also testifying about Expert Mrs Tamara trading platform. It's like a dream come true because I was quite afraid at first, not still I invested and I received my profit from him, it was unbelievable, till I received a notification of income Bitcoin in my wallet from her and I made withdrawal successfully. To all investors facing challenges, I recommend to you the best account manager via What@Sapp +1 (347) 919-8602
Comment from : James Taylor

James Taylor
I'm so much excited to count myself among those who earning and also testifying about Expert Mrs Tamara trading platform. It's like a dream come true because I was quite afraid at first, not still I invested and I received my profit from him, it was unbelievable, till I received a notification of income Bitcoin in my wallet from her and I made withdrawal successfully. To all investors facing challenges, I recommend to you the best account manager via What@Sapp +1 (347) 919-8602
Comment from : James Taylor

Jiří Vejnoska
1BTC 13k October 2020
Comment from : Jiří Vejnoska

Milton Loaiza
BTC Septiembre 2020 PRECIO $10.665🙏
Comment from : Milton Loaiza

maikl shayuk
BITCOIN SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : maikl shayuk

Sir Valentin
The history is not correct! I bought BTC for $ 0.003 in February 2010, 1 BTC cost 0.003 until the end of Mar 2010. With a transition of $ 0.07 and $ 0.008 per BTC...
Comment from : Sir Valentin

luciano karraro
I just want to use this medium to say a big thanks to James Carlson for guiding me through the cryptocurrency course. Few months ago I was in finical problems and issues from my work place recently someone mentioned about Mr James Carlson ..I tried my luck and contacted him and wow the first two weeks I'm already in control of $57,000 I found the course content to be extremely informative, I now know how to buy Bitcoin and how to research into gaining profits by trading. He was extremely patient with me and ensured that I understood each step before we moved on. I will have no problem referring friends and family to Mr James Carlson. To those that wish to do this course. Just mail him for any Trade issues and trust me he'll solve it and make you rich with his explicit signals and guidance WhatsApp +447476717980. Telegram @ {JamesC51}.
Comment from : luciano karraro

Wow I just found www.helpcare.tech on google search they funded my wallet with 1btc. Now I’m gonna trade to make more money
Comment from : ThatWasEpic

1-8-2020 price over 11000$ or 10000€
Comment from : Jasonツ

Hugo A
It’s crazy how all you needed was 100 invested in 2011 to become a millionaire in 2017.
Comment from : Hugo A

Yoyo Gaming
I want to go back and and want to buy 100k btc 😭
Comment from : Yoyo Gaming

Purple Strike
In 2011 or 2010 I attempted to mine Bitcoin. I heard about it and thought it was interesting. I don't remember mining any blocks though.
Comment from : Purple Strike

Robert Vanderzalm
That was one expensive pizza he ordered there. Can you imagine, paying $8,000,000 for a pizza?
Comment from : Robert Vanderzalm

Tumbal Tumbalan
Today 3 july 2020 is 9000 USD
Comment from : Tumbal Tumbalan

Please make a video from 2009 to 2020.
Comment from : panzer86

Khatarnak Paul
The man who got 2 Pizza for 1000 Bitcoin must be regretting it now.
Comment from : Khatarnak Paul

Coin Bureau
Excellent video. Bitcoin has more value and profit when you invest under Mr. Princewill
Comment from : Coin Bureau

Most Sacred Angel
No chance, when bitcoin was created I was only 11yrs old and highly autistic, only got able to accumulate money by the age of 18 when bitcoin already had pumped to 20k and no, bitcoin is not giong to go too far by 2020 max high gonna be 50k or so.
Comment from : Most Sacred Angel

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