Bill Gates: Bitcoin Is DOOMED

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Название :  Bill Gates: Bitcoin Is DOOMED
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Кадры Bill Gates: Bitcoin Is DOOMED

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Tom Heavey
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Comment from : Tom Heavey

It’s ideal for young people. They want to get rich fast with no work. It will end badly. Very badly for them
Comment from : AS1313

It’s like the race track someone’s is going to Winn a lot. But a lot of suckers are going to go home broke. Ponzi ponzi ponzi
Comment from : AS1313

christopher edward
This was an interesting video! I'm positive the cryptocurrency market would get back on it's peak with the latest involvement of one of the US megabanks, JP Morgan, according to an article I read on coindesk, JPMorgan bitcoin ETF could kick off sooner than thought and I expect other big financial institutions to key into the future too, due to the high demands of clients wanting to invest in the cryptocurrency
Comment from : christopher edward

Timothy Azbill
Bill gates is doomed lol
Comment from : Timothy Azbill

Dan Druff
Very unpopular opinion: investors of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be thankful so many people are still reluctant to invest in these cryptocurrencies. Because if everybody followed the hype, cryptocurrencies would be like the tulip in 17th century.

And if you're one of those who are adamant in persuading people to invest in these cryptocurrencies, then I got an idea who you really are

Comment from : Dan Druff

Max Maxy
Bitcoin gives dumb people false hope lol investing they cant even pass simple maths exam and claim they making thousands lol dnt be fooled
Comment from : Max Maxy

well i know nothing about crypto. If all internet goes down, will cryptocurrency still be relevant/worth anything? if crypto takes over, will we always need internet access?
Comment from : jls20

mccoy1303 Returned
This Crypto Currency Revolution is being Hand over to the Very People it was made to get away from. But Everyone Keeps Posting their pictures and Hanging on to their Every Word. Eff BG!!
Comment from : mccoy1303 Returned

Gates, Buffet, Munger....all decrepit old fools whose foundation under their feet is about to turn to sand
Comment from : seanautilis

John Gentle
Starting early is the best way getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works
Comment from : John Gentle

Crypto is so dumb
Comment from : G C

Angus Boy Channel
No Bill Gates is doomed to go to hell for his satanism.
Comment from : Angus Boy Channel

Matt R
The only reason Instutions are getting involved in Bitcoin is they see money to be made in the transaction fees....and yes I am a rocket scientist!
Comment from : Matt R

Melissa H
Bitcoins are equivalent to magic beans.
Comment from : Melissa H

The point nobody mentions is simply this: Those who SELL CRYPTO only take dollars or other hard currencies. Crypto is a Ponzi Scheme.
Comment from : chefpetey

Skeet NSSA
Once quantum computers get 100 qbits, Bitcoin is done. That would be when cryptography as we know it now will be easily cracked. I think this will happen in the next 5 years
Comment from : Skeet NSSA

DaCo Video
Fuck this crypto horseshit. Fuck Bitcoin. Fuck doge, fuck eth, and whatever else the fuck coin you made up today. Crypto cultists have become so FUCKING ANNOYING. They won't goddamn shut up about blockchain and it's nearly impossible to get a new graphics card.

You'll NEVER get me to me but into this crap. You have pissed me off way too much with your toxicity.

Fucking get ahold of your community and stop acting like GODDAMN CULTISTS


Comment from : DaCo Video

Who cares about what billie says? NOBODY
What doesn’t have a future? Bull Gates

Comment from : PAULA TORRES 🌸🦋

5 Star Vids
Nice warm glow lightcandcstansard pot plant in the corner lol lol
Comment from : 5 Star Vids

5 Star Vids
Does Gates even own a mirror orca comb lol lol lol lol
Comment from : 5 Star Vids

Derek Macy
Why does anyone care what Bill Gates says? All of these "naysayers" are proven wrong on crypto everyday....as an older person myself, it is hard for people set in their ways to see the real future...they think all the rules that have been burned into their brain will ALWAYS apply. Technology will change the world and leave the "dinosaurs" in the rubble.
Comment from : Derek Macy

sandeep jain
Mania (mania) is a type of mental disease that is classified under mentorship. In this, there are unusual changes in a person's feelings and emotions for some time, which affect their behavior, thinking, sleep, and social harmony.
Comment from : sandeep jain

sandeep jain
उन्माद (mania/मेनिया) एक प्रकार का मानसिक रोग है जिसको मनस्ताप के अंतर्गत वर्गीकृत किया जाता है। इसमे व्यक्ति की भावनाओं तथा संवेग में कुछ समय के लिए असामान्य परिवर्तन आ जाते है, जिनका प्रभाव उसके व्यवहार, सोच, निद्रा, तथा सामाजिक मेल जोल पर पड़ने लगता है।
Comment from : sandeep jain

Gorge Rose
Bitcoin is a good business someone can think of doing..
Comment from : Gorge Rose

Hi-Tech RedNeck
Wow it's amazing he thinks it's great to share technology not when he was running Microsoft oh by the way he doesn't want to share the covid vaccines with any of the other third world countries either just think about it
Comment from : Hi-Tech RedNeck

I think the main takeaway is that Bill, Dave Ramsey and others think we're all idiots and will buy high and sell low. And you know what, people do it every day and ARE idiots. I'm up 1600%, because I got in early and had holding discipline, even if you get in now you'll probably make some kind of money in bitcoin/ethereum.
Comment from : scorpiomaj27

C.S. Lewis
He is not a fan because he is losing money. The Elite Construct is failing.
Comment from : C.S. Lewis

Bill Gates is doomed. His affiliation with Jeffrey E-p-s-t-e-i-n is going to unearth some shocking things.
Comment from : mjb0183

Gill Baits is a MANI-AC globalist
Comment from : bible4truth

David Anderson
Did Gates come to this decision while flying around with Epstein, who didn't kill himself?
Comment from : David Anderson

Whether you choose trading or hoarding with digital currencies it still is profitable either ways just do it right, avoid soothsayers.There are a lot of trusted fiduciaries available to put you though, one of such is Michelle Howard.
Comment from : SCOT ANDERSON

John Melcher
Doomed like your marriage, Bill?
Comment from : John Melcher

Dave Terry
Hello I would love to invest in cryptocurrency but don't know how to start can someone enlighten me about it
Comment from : Dave Terry

Ruin Nation
I guess your marriage was a mania too?
Comment from : Ruin Nation

It's the same Bill Gates who said in the early 1990s that computer networks in general are not worth his attention. Please understand that a person who happens to be an expert in X is not automatically an expert in Y. Just let Gates be Gates and ignore his opinions on topics other than Microsoft. You wouldn't ask Albert Einstein for advice on brain surgery, would you?
Comment from : JanPBtest

Bill Gates is the only person I know that would laugh about having sold Bitcoin
Comment from : yankeedoodledandy11

O Prime
Bitcoin is already an old tech. Etherium is a much more advanced coin and a better investment. Bitcoin will be obsolite soon.
Comment from : O Prime

Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme. It worths when people demand it. But if worths nothing by itself. Why is it better that the regular banking system? Better that ABA or swift?
Comment from : 4lugan

Matthew Tong
Its not about higher or lower its about practical application and limitations.

The overhaul of payment point technology will be disastrous for the tech industry.

The value of something comes from making life simpler and easier for its customers.

Comment from : Matthew Tong

Brian Rusher
Thank goodness people never lie or deceive to make money, oh wait...
Comment from : Brian Rusher

mr sniff/lick & wet
Safe Moon
10% charge for sellers
5% goes to holders
5% goes to developers
Great concept & New
Worth a long term holding for any small crypto portfolio
Once made easier to buy will be very interesting Q4 2021
Just Saying

Comment from : mr sniff/lick & wet

Ron Sonntag
Love it. Gates also is quoted as saying there will never be a need for more than 640K of RAM. Yea. He's right because he's a billionaire.
Comment from : Ron Sonntag

Lashon Bannister
bill gates....anything out of the mouth of this P A R A S I T E. believe ABSOLUTELY THE OPPOSITE.
Comment from : Lashon Bannister

Comment from : ALFRED HERESI

Never take financial advice from people who are broke.
Comment from : G S

geoffrey keating
Chamath Palihabitiya all in Bitcoin@ $135.00 .Imagine Gates went all in same time ,🌎1st multi trillionaire !
Comment from : geoffrey keating

Frances Olivia
Hello guys I have been watching some videos and I was thinking about investing in bitcoin/forex but still don't know where to start from.
Comment from : Frances Olivia

Grouper Dude
What does bill gates know? Nothing. He didn't even create the software he got rich off. He stole it.
Comment from : Grouper Dude

Pie his face.
Comment from : ChadatWork

Since Bill is evil, he lies, and one day he will buy Bitcoin because he is a hypocrite. He doesn't care about it but he would like to short it if he could.
Comment from : ChadatWork

Bill thinks Bitcoin is a mania because like Buffett, it threatens his globalist position. Hey Bill the only things that are a mania is your morals and your thought processes. Your former wife realized being with you was a mania.
Comment from : ChadatWork

What is bitcoin based on? I don't understand how it has any value
Comment from : Skye325

Willy John
No.. the ungodly are doomed..
Money or no money..

Comment from : Willy John

George Soreass
It makes their money obsolete... of course they hate it
Comment from : George Soreass

Tom Richardson
This video is full of nonsense. I feel dumber after watching. Exponential demand growth? There is a very very tiny amount of actual use of Bitcoin. That is real demand. People buying it to get rich is not real demand, that is a pyramid scheme.
Comment from : Tom Richardson

Elijah Bey
Bill was taking Ann Winblad to Pound Town the entire time he was married!!! My man!!!
Comment from : Elijah Bey

Stephanie Josh
Hello, I'm new to Biticon trade and I've been making huge losses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. please can someone tell me what I'm doing worng?
Comment from : Stephanie Josh

George Georgecp1953
Gates is dr. Evil , what a puke goon
Comment from : George Georgecp1953

Rothschild has something to do with bitcoin plus it ww3 happens what happens to it ... Basically it's just another stock exchange the elite have taken control of
Comment from : bandhsilvers1

chris jones
It's doomed for sure, I only have £1100 worth.
Comment from : chris jones

Red Tarmac
I think bill gates luck may be turning.
Comment from : Red Tarmac

Smartest investor on bullish side ........then what about Warren Buffett???
Comment from : Amazing

DaBullish Bear
What does this old piece of leather know about crypto
Comment from : DaBullish Bear

Who is getting the dollars from selling Bitcoin?
Comment from : Gilbert

Supply is limited and demand is growing exponentially. Like tulip bulbs in 1636 Netherlands.
Comment from : halneufmille

Jeff Cokenour
Cryptocurrency has no intrinsic value. One could say neither has the dollar but as long as there is a US there is a value. A few persons will become very rich trading bitcoin just as a few options traders make it big, but I fear the mom and pop who plunged their savings into bitcoin will lose everything. I hope I'm wrong
Comment from : Jeff Cokenour

bryan wayne
It's strange how people talk about all the profit they have been making through trading of bitcoin While I'm here not making any profit at all. Can someone put me through on the right path.
Comment from : bryan wayne

The Tree of Life
I bet Gates is secretly buying BTC
Comment from : The Tree of Life

Elena Peter
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Comment from : Elena Peter

Ebenezer Quartey
Microsoft are partners in some cryptosystem projects. Rich are just annoyed you commoners will also be rich and not be slaves in the employment gig.
Comment from : Ebenezer Quartey

Anthony Ferrara
Love this dudes videos but homeboy speaks so slow. Playback speed: 2x = 😊
Comment from : Anthony Ferrara

Michael Taylor
Why should we trust the words of a sociopath ?
Comment from : Michael Taylor

alp alp
It is strange, but bill gates saying this news is god news
Comment from : alp alp

Rocky MountainBeauty
Bill Gates needs a Gen Zer to explain it to him.
Comment from : Rocky MountainBeauty

Vrok Kronos
It's all fun and games till a solar flare kills the power grid and the internet goes dark...
Comment from : Vrok Kronos

amberly dedi
The fact is, BTC is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to invest? before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish. while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. i would say trading has been going smoothly for me, i started with 1.5 BTC and i have accumulated over 6.5 BTC in just three weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by expert trader Anthony Perez. His methods are top notch and profitable and he can be contacted easily on 🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅰🅼; (@Anthony_Crypto8) cheers.
Comment from : amberly dedi

Host Hoof
Screw Gates!
Comment from : Host Hoof

I think it's so silly to ask people like this if they own Bitcoin. You can't expect Bill Gates to give a straight answer because people will just use it as a selling point and manipulate people with that idea. He may endorse the technology, but not his investments. Why do media outlets continually do this?
Comment from : VISION

Lopsang Lama
You gotta react on Bill maher's rant on crypto :D that's hilarious
Comment from : Lopsang Lama

Mavin Scout
I can’t thanks @Darkphate11 on Telegram enough for providing me with those dumps cashed out 3k yesterday 👌
Comment from : Mavin Scout

Grace Walker
Great video... The covid-19 global pandemic shut many financial institutions from functioning thereby rendering most people jobless & investors lost more than they ever thought of losing
Comment from : Grace Walker

salman kukku
Comment from : salman kukku

The next fool’s game
Comment from : Hannah

Matthew Gummow
I don't feel like you address Bill Gates concerns with Bitcoin at all, that would have been a much more valuable video. He brought up some really good points about the limitation of Bitcoin.
Comment from : Matthew Gummow

Andy Thompson
Fuck him.

Crypto is a lifeline for everyone all around the world to make ACTUAL money .... not get 1% returns per annum on a bullshit bond made for the rich or get a ‘phenomenal 3x’ on the traditional stock market

Rebel, my brothers and sisters. They can’t stop this revolution ... blockchain technology is infallible to the corruption that this piece of shit and his billionaire friends are currently complicit in on a daily basis.

Comment from : Andy Thompson

Microsoft accepts BITCOIN
Comment from : Psalmpaio

ade spade
Does Western Union produce anything, or does it just transfer money around.
Comment from : ade spade

ade spade
depopulation is mania
Comment from : ade spade

קירסטן I know what's up!
Give me a break... these elite own some bitcoin...
Comment from : קירסטן I know what's up!

Logan White
Bitcoin is nice. Ethereum is better. Cardano is the best.
Comment from : Logan White

Daniel Porter
Bill gates made software... now hrs the foremost authority on vaccines and finances
Comment from : Daniel Porter

Sophia O'Brien
i make my profit investing with a professional broker Mrs katie wallace.she manages all investment and it gets me awesome profits,her strategies are top norch coupled with her low commission she charges on her trades.
Comment from : Sophia O'Brien

mpd mpd
btc has it flaw we yet to see
Comment from : mpd mpd

Saint Algorithm
Each day, the lily pads double in size & it takes 32 days to cover the pond. How many days does it take to cover half the pond? Reverse this puzzle to find out.
Comment from : Saint Algorithm

Mit Mit
Bill gate really prove that old generation should just sit down and rest leave it to the young generation like Elon Musk . Bill was a great guy when he was younger but now it's time for the new generation , Thank you .
Comment from : Mit Mit

Janice Lee
What did Bill Gates invent? Oh right, nothing.... He bought DOS and everything else.
Comment from : Janice Lee

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