The Simpsons predict XRP $589+ incoming!

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Название :  The Simpsons predict XRP $589+ incoming!
Продолжительность :   7.15
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Кадры The Simpsons predict XRP $589+ incoming!

Описание The Simpsons predict XRP $589+ incoming!

Коментарии The Simpsons predict XRP $589+ incoming!

Last Rights
This Simpsons teaser has me more bullish than ever!
Comment from : Last Rights

Mercy and Glory
Could “eoy” mean May 15, 2025???
Comment from : Mercy and Glory

Chris Andrade
Despite all the predictive programming everything will move into online not only crypto will boom to the universe but so will the technology and energy companies so not only invest in crypto to get rich also invest into energy and technology companies 🚀💎💸💸💸💸🤑
Comment from : Chris Andrade

Sander Fortuyn
So... How did it work out?
Comment from : Sander Fortuyn

rock M
When did they ever mention XRP?
Comment from : rock M

Ashwani garg
if it really hits 589, then I'll be a billionaire!!!
Comment from : Ashwani garg

marc nilo
Here I am, holding only 7 xrp because I can only afford that number. Hopefully, do me good fortune in the future along with ada, VET and theta. Will be back here.
Comment from : marc nilo

Jake Hunter, LPN
This aged quite well...
Comment from : Jake Hunter, LPN

Kuya Ey TV
Today is April 30, and XRP broke the bullish flag! 🚀
Comment from : Kuya Ey TV

multi dave
This combines my favourite things simpsons and xrp.
I will not sell.
X gonna give it to ya.

Comment from : multi dave

"Eat up Martha" also translates to Simpsons in Gematria
Comment from : WWW.UNIONMAG.CO.UK

BeardDan Beats
Man you are such idiots😂 all this is just fking fake😂 is for you to make views 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : BeardDan Beats

fight for your right
Wtf is EoY
Comment from : fight for your right

Steve K
Frink = XRP in gematria
Comment from : Steve K

Probably april 2029....
Comment from : Tobias94b

Scratch De Proje
Yorum bırakalım geleceğe bakalım nasıl olur...
Comment from : Scratch De Proje

Vicneswary Jayabalan
Am I the only one thinking...it's 25th April 2021 and no hike yet on XRP?
Comment from : Vicneswary Jayabalan

HaleUp! Music
is that sheldon cooper? 😍😅
Comment from : HaleUp! Music

if ripple won with sec and usa or other country start using xrp to create own cbdc and company like santander or moneygram start using it to money transfer xrp will be hit 1k$
Comment from : crossfire423

Centralized BS
Comment from : ActionChris

Notonebuttwo Othman
Hmmmmm. I guess the Simpson are full of shit 😂
Comment from : Notonebuttwo Othman

6:05 Look at XRP price this month April !
Comment from : Unknown-Revolver

Andrei David
Much Wow 🍀📈💰🤞
Comment from : Andrei David

Mrs B
anybody also saw homer is wearing a moon suit too on that picture frame at the wall?????🤯🤯🤯🤯
Comment from : Mrs B

Cheaux S
Comment from : Cheaux S

And now! 2021..what happened? Nothing!
Comment from : Mr. BREWOK

Ant S
383k likes. #FISH 😀
Comment from : Ant S

Kevin Hernandez
Comment from : Kevin Hernandez

Whats the name and no. of this Simpsons episode?
Comment from : StarBoy1996

Official Jas
Comment from : Official Jas

Daniel Regalado
When did they air this episode of The Simpsons predicting xrp will hit 589?
Comment from : Daniel Regalado

Konsisten Halu
777 * 589
Comment from : Konsisten Halu

Jessie Escobar
Something is written by the right side of the trash.
Comment from : Jessie Escobar

Wow great video also one one of the episode is meting XLM and I believe the lady in that episodes name is April. can it all be Quinces or a plan hidden in plane sight ? I think not!
Comment from : innerhealing321

Lachrisia Callahan
When you add up the letters it's 5 14 22. So I'm thinking they are predicting May 14 2022
Comment from : Lachrisia Callahan

Jay paid
Well it's on now!!!
Comment from : Jay paid

Anton Sugiri
April 2021.
Comment from : Anton Sugiri

Alex Gonzalez
Xrp x on the black water shoes hanging up
Comment from : Alex Gonzalez

If you see the chalkboard picture , at the wall watch is 3 o’clock... probably $3 ! 😂
Comment from : Adolescence

1997-2021 still not
Comment from : By GÖLGE

Ondrej Ďurík
Comment from : Ondrej Ďurík

Jr Jr
It’s April price is up wow 😳
Comment from : Jr Jr

XRP can crash at any moment because the business model they have. It's all about selling the coins that is the only way they make money. The banks use XRP to transfer FIAT real money, so XRP needs $$$ to be fully operative. Due to inflation and the huge deficit we have, there is a big crash coming in the economy and will start on Feb 2022 because that reason XRP will have a value of almost dust in the next months. Is just the logic of the business model and the reality in economics. XRP never was a crypto and never will be.

Comment from : Ric DDDLV

where's the 589? i watched the video several times but cant see tge 589?
Comment from : Bezziekleta

Felix Tv
Fake picture from bart simpsons ?
Comment from : Felix Tv

Backend IT
What about HBAR? Certainly looks more impressive
Comment from : Backend IT

jay Way
Bro thanks for pointing out the ledger I saw comments but could not see it . But once I seen that flipper on the wall it was no more to be said
Comment from : jay Way

jay Way
Damn scary
Comment from : jay Way

Star of Eden
well.it seems the simpsons spoke more of mining than xrp
xrp is centralized controlled by banks
btc is not and is controlled by people

Comment from : Star of Eden

Yamamoto Kansuke Takeda
Nowhere in this Simpsons clip were they talking about XRP and they surely as hell didn't mention any price target of $589. This video is pure nonsense.
Comment from : Yamamoto Kansuke Takeda

Im here just wanna told you all XRP holder. Price hit $8 end before august. $13 end year. $589 end before 2028.
Comment from : Siracusa7

you are being duped
Click bait thumbnail
Comment from : you are being duped

Mercy and Glory
Where to get xrp now?
Comment from : Mercy and Glory

a a
they didnt predict it, they created it
Comment from : a a

Da Rio
Comment from : Da Rio

Kendra Marzo
6:08 Me watching this on April 14, 2021 and XRP is climbing to $2. Simpsons is very accurate!
Comment from : Kendra Marzo

Salih Doğan
XRP=589$ HOT=1000$
Comment from : Salih Doğan

Salih Doğan
XRP=589 $ HOT=1000 $
Comment from : Salih Doğan

Scrooge McDuck
Comment from : Scrooge McDuck

The yard work simulator is VR not Farming simulator lmao
Comment from : ykaplan

Dreaming Cleaning
Who here in 2021 April?
Comment from : Dreaming Cleaning

Eyes on!
Comment from : LohnS

Dogecoin nos va ser millónarios

Stuttering Cris
Am I the only one who finds out about these hot cryptos WAY later?

And have to buy at a lesser dip?


Comment from : Stuttering Cris

Wich year ? I dont see 2020. 2021. 2022 etc etc. 😅 end of year (wich year) ? obviously not by the end of 2020 haha
Comment from : 050Edje050

Amiel Ayroso
Ripple won the case against SEC recently this tuesday 🙀
Comment from : Amiel Ayroso

Oliver Hopwood
Anyone recognise Sheldons voice from the big bang theory doing the voice for Mr cool 😎. XRP
Comment from : Oliver Hopwood

Mark Maker
April 2021 🚀🚀
Comment from : Mark Maker

Rolando Jay Rios
Holy crap man this show predicted it!
Comment from : Rolando Jay Rios

Afdal Azim
XRP rocketing this weekend
Comment from : Afdal Azim

Odugbebe Emmanuel
Well....it’s happening....
Comment from : Odugbebe Emmanuel

XRP army are a confident bunch, no doubt about it. Saying the Simpsons predict the future is a bit of a reach for me. The reason they’ve had “coincidences” before (not predictions), is because they’ve been on the air for 30yrs! It’d be more shocking if they didn’t have any of these “predictions” at this point. XRP is not going to the insane prices some people predict. It’s just not possible. $3-$5, no question.
Comment from : rm1133

muhammad syakir
xrp to the moon today's tho
Comment from : muhammad syakir

Blaster 2012
@ 5:27 - just in case you missed it, to the far left of this scene there are some black hoodies with the XRP "X" logo on them.
Comment from : Blaster 2012

Who's watching this in spring 2021??!
Comment from : bgkob

ofoeshow Hahn
how do u know its talking abpout XRP??
Comment from : ofoeshow Hahn

Michael Solano
Who's here watching this in April 2021 and watching XRP moon! 🎉🎉🎉
Comment from : Michael Solano

"April" it's good to be a XRP holder during this month
Comment from : JesseJizzle100

It's April HODL!
Comment from : RJ13V

Kim Jay Luta
Bruh Xrp just get pump this April
Comment from : Kim Jay Luta

XRP will moon the entire shocked world. 😲
The Future is Digital.🌎💸 XRP🚀 🌙

Comment from : ZNEOPEC

Jerry Sandberg
The $589 could be $5 plus $8 plus $9. This is $22 and sounds about right for month 12 (December- as this is written 12 times on the chalk board). So December 2021 at $22?
Comment from : Jerry Sandberg

Chris Angelo Reboya
April? Deeeeym. I guess this month will be huge for xrp!! To the mooooooon!!!
Comment from : Chris Angelo Reboya

Atty. Jeremy Hogan on SEC vs. SEC? 🤣
The Future is Digital.🌎💸 XRP🚀 🌙

Comment from : ZNEOPEC

Oliver Twist
See the clock, it will moon 03 december 2021 end of year!
Comment from : Oliver Twist

Sadikur Rahman
I’m sorry I watched the original episode of that it don’t show Bart Simpson writing XRP on the blackboard!
Comment from : Sadikur Rahman

Jamin Farrugia
anyone noticed his father in a space suit? 6.31mins.... to the mooooonnn!!! btw today is the month of 'APRIL' and it just hit 1 dollar
Comment from : Jamin Farrugia

Nat Aniela
6:7 X on the flipper
Comment from : Nat Aniela

Giorgos Yfantopoulos
It's gonna got 1$ this April. But I can't invest more. I hope safemoon takes me to the moon instead.
Comment from : Giorgos Yfantopoulos

Xrp pumping
Comment from : Strongsixpack

Bugheanu Mario
Now its 1dollar
Comment from : Bugheanu Mario

April 2021 and XRP just hit $1. Still a little way to go.
Comment from : Martin958

Charles Guero
It's April now.....
Comment from : Charles Guero

Castro Fernandez
i am watching this now on april 6th 2021
Comment from : Castro Fernandez

It’s april now 👀

Ja fajny
which episode is it? or what year it is from
Comment from : Ja fajny

Raul Duke
People laugh but there is something going on with The Simpsons. I have been watching since the Tracy Ullman show, so dont even come at me sideways
Comment from : Raul Duke

Sneakaring SKG
It’s happening 🔥
Comment from : Sneakaring SKG

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