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mr sniff/lick & wet
Safe Moon
10% charge for sellers
5% goes to holders
5% goes to developers
Great concept & New
Worth a long term holding for any small crypto portfolio
Once made easier to buy will be very interesting Q4 2021

Comment from : mr sniff/lick & wet

Greg Shiller
All the biggest smugglers are using the easiest smuggling tool doing money laundering scams - bitcoin is to be banned for its own casino evil - 91% bitcoin is own by 2.5% bitcoin players which is highly manipulated
Comment from : Greg Shiller

Greg Shiller
All the biggest smugglers are using the easiest smuggling tool doing the money laundering scams- bitcoin is to be banned - 91% bitcoin is own by 2.5% bitcoin players and highly manipulated
Comment from : Greg Shiller

Cypto Enterprenour
Investing in Bitcoin and crypto currency is the investment anyone can do this season because it has made a lot of people billionaires today
Comment from : Cypto Enterprenour

Bloginton Blakley
When the price is high it's a stupid time to buy. When the crowd is in a rush... go the other way.
Comment from : Bloginton Blakley

Caine Jackson
Plenty of numbers in my PC without crypto digits- while I still live in the physical world I'll buy physical metal. Please turn off your bot promoters.
Comment from : Caine Jackson

Caine Jackson
Yip crypto bot promoters lol getting desperate.
Comment from : Caine Jackson

Kaiden Kourtney
Bit|coin is on quite the run, with little sign of stopping. I know people hate saying "this time is different" but the amount of banks, institutions, and companies who have invested hundreds of miIIions of doIIars with the intent to hold long term: how can we refute that this may be the "super cycle" everyone is talking about? The conditions of this buII market are unIike anything we have ever seen. βͲ↻ still has a ways to go in terms of gro wth, I have been in the crypt0 world for just over a year now and I have been able to make 31+B T C with 3.5 B T C since last year foIIowing the reasonable adv!se and tradn s!gnals from Dave Bruseth a pro anaIyst that is always one step ahead of other tradrs, he runs a program for serious minded investor/newbies who are curious to e arn from bit coin regardless of the current price chart. You can easily get to him ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ @DaveTrades71 or Wh@TS’@PP/+ 1 3 1 8 5 6 5 6 6 5 6
Comment from : Kaiden Kourtney

Charles ray
How do you get your key ?
Comment from : Charles ray

Stable coins come in handy once the bear market hits
Comment from : ohwillis

David is an excellent host for complex topics
Comment from : ASMRtist

Manfred Druschowitz
Bloodpressure and Bitcoin don’t mix
Comment from : Manfred Druschowitz

kim Dier
But 100k will drive up optimism in crypto again, why would a winter follow that?
Comment from : kim Dier

evy aniy
is bitcoin green? how much electricity is used to mine bitcoins? who pays for that?
Comment from : evy aniy

Ernst Goldman
BTC network can only support 7 transactions per second. Yeah, that's some global scale. They are now in phase of pulling in small-time retail bagholders. That winter is coming.
Comment from : Ernst Goldman

Cobalt Sechzig
did you short silver?
Comment from : Cobalt Sechzig

Loved this one. Great interview
Comment from : Thanks4That

I don’t get Dogecoin. Is there anybody who does?
Comment from : DYLTHEVYL

Tries to sneak Peters joke as capitulation? C’’mon man..lol slime ball
Comment from : 1970mrgreen

Maybe make a video about Kitco’s bankruptcy
Comment from : M B

Not Fade Away
I think he hit on something I've heard others mention too. Market cap, not current price. Ability to scale. Obviously, there is always emerging technology and coins but for the big investors they are betting on BTC's solid upside potential with less risk than the alt coins.
Comment from : Not Fade Away

Stig A
How's the unallocated metal accounts coming along Kitco? You're secretly pulling a 'Perth mint'?
Comment from : Stig A

Djarnis Joplin
David is awesome, allways great questions
Comment from : Djarnis Joplin

Systems Realty Team
I sold all my BTC today. Looks like we passed the peak.
Comment from : Systems Realty Team

Great guy. Great interview. Well done David. Please try to do 1 interview on the Coinbase public listing before it happens next week?
Comment from : EricLV2020

slava key
Peter gave everyone the sh@t about the Bitcoin 🤣. You all ate it!
Comment from : slava key

Green energy takes lots of silver not the Cryptocurrency‘s I’m Elon musk I bought bitcoin but I also bought a shit load of silver because all of my products require it so buy bitcoin not silver keep the price low
Comment from : LOKTOUTlocksmith

Us military has killed many people around the world to protect its currency and you believe your bitcoin will be allowed that’s a joke keep pumping useless sh”””t
Comment from : LOKTOUTlocksmith

John E. Jay
Great guest
Comment from : John E. Jay

Hannah Too
Love watching Kitco daily especially if it’s David hosting 🤓
Comment from : Hannah Too

Now that Bitcoin's high, gold's low. If you want to sell some of your Bitcoin, and you don't want to purchase something immediately. Where do you put it.
Comment from : STEPHAN FEIBISH

I think he is right about the crypto exchanges. I own a number of them and they have done well over time. He is also right about the crypto winters. I went through that after 2017 when prices collapsed and it was not fun. For these types of investments patience and large risk tolerance are keys.
Comment from : casienwhey

Globetrotter 4FR
7:48 diamond face laughing
Comment from : Globetrotter 4FR

Another amazing casual but informative session! David you da man
Comment from : AIai

Theta will be the infrastructure!!
Comment from : T A

Jeff Sherman
Breath of fresh air. Love you and MV. Keep up the good work.
Comment from : Jeff Sherman

thomas owen
The amount of scams in the comment section is crazy.
Comment from : thomas owen

Bitcoin investors: 100k ez...
Gold investors: We might see some resistance at $1750 but we are confident with strong support at $1650...

Comment from : DarthDNA

Bert Visheau
David, please interview $teve Ehrlich of Voyager Digital.
Comment from : Bert Visheau

Frankie Danger
Government tacitly confiscated gold nothing prevents eviseration of bitcoin...
Comment from : Frankie Danger

Frankie Danger
Maybe 10 maybe 20 maybe 50yrs = MAYBE NEVER...Stupid nonsubstantive response..
Comment from : Frankie Danger

Bill Johns
Good interview
Comment from : Bill Johns

The Mordor Berserkir
Perfect conversation
Comment from : The Mordor Berserkir

Press Play
by next year Theta will become the #3 coin. to get there it will rise around 50 to 100. then in time go into the 100 multiples.
Comment from : Press Play

This guy must not know about the Pi cycle top that's coming anyday lol . 60k is the top for a while .
Comment from : Agreek

Mr Burtenshaw
He was very good
Comment from : Mr Burtenshaw

Mario Moerman
Always enjoying ur interviews, thanks David
Comment from : Mario Moerman

Great news! Great channel! Thanks for content
Comment from : J F

Dogecoin. Think big.
Comment from : Schargiel

Adam X
BTC will never scale, only Bitcoin (BSV) can scale. Saylor and Venuto don't have a deep enough understanding of the design of Bitcoin to understand this.
If you believe that scaling is mandatory for the future of crypto, then BSV is the only solution that can deliver this onchain

Comment from : Adam X

Good interview. The advice from Michael were all very good.
Comment from : vladi1000

Peter Burke
Just buy gold
Comment from : Peter Burke

Al 281
When "experts" talk about the Tulipmania, always say that people lose everything, Well, Some people got rich, right? I think the only chance to get rich is get success when there is a bubble

Being a strong defender of gold, I´m starting to hate it owe to the blind of the gold bugs about crypto-currencies

Comment from : Al 281

I love how every comment on here has scammer crypto bots on them.
Comment from : A C


Cormac Guerin
stuff might get built on bitcoin using scaling chains like matic, but I doubt substantial stuff will ever get built on bitcoin directly..
Comment from : Cormac Guerin

Alice Incognito
I'm ready for WW3, I own 0xMR. 0xMR is a fairly mineable multi-chain, multi-contract privacy focused project.
Comment from : Alice Incognito

Me Andyou
The intrinsic value of cryptocurrency is zero dollars. A crypto winter can be a tough awakening.
Comment from : Me Andyou

John Muller
I love crypto,it's so alive and moving so fast🚀 not like the stock market 😁
Comment from : John Muller

yaaa boy bat to the moon
Comment from : Vidzo99

mine coins everyday
that was great interview. thank you
Comment from : mine coins everyday

ronnie saras
he was doing so well up until @14:00 when he lost credibility.
Comment from : ronnie saras

Bitcoin will hit $1 million within the next 5 years. Which is a $20 trillion market cap.
Comment from : pascalrouen

B Bustin
Correction.... internet 1.0 was Democratized. Until most recently. Now it’s censored and manipulated by companies for their purposes
Comment from : B Bustin

B Bustin
Dude you’ve been saylorized ..... speak for yourself. Don’t go there
Comment from : B Bustin

B Bustin
Crypto will be the leading indicator for the major market correction .... manias always lead the panic
Comment from : B Bustin

B Bustin
100 millions users ... more like hodlers.
Comment from : B Bustin

B Bustin
How to pick crypto ..... Don’t .
Comment from : B Bustin

Sue Souvannavong
Michael Saylor did accept the challenge. I tweeted out
Comment from : Sue Souvannavong

I N T E N T I O N A L . F R U I T I O N
Comment from : I N T E N T I O N A L . F R U I T I O N

This guest is shit! Bring Charles Hoskinson from Cardano!!!
Comment from : B G

Kitco has fallen for the bitcoin pyramid scheme. Bye bye reputation!

Comment from : JRL INNOVATIONS

imagine owning gold instead of bitcoin
Comment from : BlokCrafters

Michael Vittori
This is the first time I've heard someone say to buy a cryptocurrency so you can learn about it after you buy it. Everyone else says to do some research first, and then pick the best one. Likeable guy though, and I hope he doesn't run BLOK using the same philosophy.
Comment from : Michael Vittori

Dave Dave
I can think of a lot of reasons why Crypto will not work but i will say just one and its a big one. No one will know the value of anything. I can see it now i go to the store for a can of food and the price tag says. 0.0136493 of a bit coin Do you really think most people can deal with that.
Comment from : Dave Dave

I bet David, our great interviewer from Kitco, has a nice cyrpto portfolio.
Comment from : crypto0634

This guy is head of the "morons for Bitcoin" group
Comment from : ehex3

rue bin
can you carry even 5 bars of gold outside your country?
Comment from : rue bin

There's 100,000,000 users of Bitcoin? If "using" it is HODLing, yeah.
Comment from : heymisterderp

Alex Jones
Just buy Theta and hold
Comment from : Alex Jones

ryan lovegrove
Holo chain. in the next 5years will be the guys to change crypto as we know they are trying to change the way it works for the better if they can market and get the adoption needed they can be big
Comment from : ryan lovegrove

Bill Wood
Everything stops when the electricity goes off.
Comment from : Bill Wood

Here's how to pick crypto currency. Eeni meeny mIny NO!!
Comment from : stemdar

down to earth and realistic conversation that not many are talking about.
Comment from : Kimican90

who dat
Sailor knows kitco is a joke
Comment from : who dat

crypto winter you know....just like Glold/Silver winters just minus a few decades....hahaha
Comment from : gipsytree

Prepper Daze
Peter Schiff already said it was a April fools thing
Comment from : Prepper Daze

AAhhhhh....Central Banks and Countries are buying gold....they big enough for you?
Comment from : M K

Bugsy Malone
BTC's utility is speculative price- it is not a commodity and its marginal utility is purely an increase in price. Its not sound money and is not a hedge on inflation. Satoshi is the Federal Reserve, you have been fooled - you want real money, you want a real utility SILVER !
Comment from : Bugsy Malone

Pete Godard
Great interview. Thank you
Comment from : Pete Godard

Aaron Razee
Theta, is internet 3.0
Comment from : Aaron Razee

Shannon Baron
Talk about crypto not Bitcoin! These are regulated all over the world. The USA's regulatory opinion isn't relevant. This proves your show is fake news and biased reporting.
Comment from : Shannon Baron

Neil Walker
Confessions of a crypto hype man - a good video to learn how the vast majority of cryptos are a scam. I think it was coffeezilla that posted it.
Comment from : Neil Walker

David Rabinowits
bitcoin will crash, the question is when?
Comment from : David Rabinowits

Duke Silver
someone desperately need more greater fools, system is not stable anymore, need new infusions.
Comment from : Duke Silver

Bitcoin is a shit and the biggest Fake in the world. Bitcoin down to 8900 Dollar.
Comment from : Bianca

Noelio Emerald-Isle
Comment from : Noelio Emerald-Isle

Yeeeeeaaah buddy. Lightweight baby
Comment from : Metacognition88

Saylor said he's doing the debate. The swarm has spoken
Comment from : MrBusItDown

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