Best Way To Buy Bitcoin Instantly (I Ditched Coinbase)

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Название :  Best Way To Buy Bitcoin Instantly (I Ditched Coinbase)
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Кадры Best Way To Buy Bitcoin Instantly (I Ditched Coinbase)

Описание Best Way To Buy Bitcoin Instantly (I Ditched Coinbase)

Коментарии Best Way To Buy Bitcoin Instantly (I Ditched Coinbase)

Wendy Trish
Hello, please how do I buy Bitcoin, I kept trying it but it's not working and please what is digital wallet? Please don't get walked up with my questions am just a newbie.
Comment from : Wendy Trish

can't even use cash app in UK to buy crypto...
Comment from : cristoff3

You lost me at Jack Dorsey! That guy can bite the big one.
Comment from : THE VIEW IS SPEW

Mabel Logan
Hi .. I'm new to forex trade and i have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it.Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong
Comment from : Mabel Logan

After watching 100 of youtubers trying to sell
their link to exchange wallets I realised the only place to save on fees is coinbase and cashapp. Other providers are charging 5%-15% ! That’s a steal !

Comment from : MrRobot

Mendeline Rose
Hello, I'm new to forex trade and I have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong
Comment from : Mendeline Rose

Wilson celebrezze
How profitable is cryptocurrency investment right now in 2021?
Comment from : Wilson celebrezze

Chart Action
wait .2 cents fee on a dollar is 2% on coin base pro you only pay 1% you cant buy 1$ of bit coin on there though
Comment from : Chart Action

Hugo Valdez
Cashapp has too many limits. I was trying to send out $10,000 & it’s a 2k daily limit & 5 weekly limit
Comment from : Hugo Valdez

Kys Pls
I used to use cashapp all the time for instant buying and sending of bitcoin. But now I’m banned
Comment from : Kys Pls

5 Star Vids
1minute speel and intro omg! Just get on with it no subscribe from me see ya
Comment from : 5 Star Vids

5 Star Vids
Would there be anyone in the universe who doesnt know why to click the lije button or subscribe omg!
Comment from : 5 Star Vids

i love Paxful helped me a lot and has a lot of ways to make money
Comment from : Antdeeziak

Clara Prince
trade now!
+1. 4. 8. 4. 2. 0. 0. 5. 3. 9. 4

Comment from : Clara Prince

CashApp is just as bad as coinbase. Stay away from both.
Comment from : artexjay

Mimi Khan
Is Coinbase Safe in the UK?
Comment from : Mimi Khan

Lukas Morino
But you know lots of people remaining poor due to ignorance
Comment from : Lukas Morino

Suzanne Sanchez
Bitcoin all the way...I trust Bitcoin
Comment from : Suzanne Sanchez


Screw Google
.? I was charged significantly for transferring from cash app to my ledger hard wallet.
Comment from : Screw Google

Ryan Holzer
Voyager is the best onramp for USA customers. No maker/taker fees and in-kind yield can be earned in a lot of the cryptos they support. Be aware that not all cryptos are available for withdrawal and there is a modest withdrawal fee.
Comment from : Ryan Holzer

eRa Goofy
What about buying Mona & Meme ETC.. please help!
Comment from : eRa Goofy

Basics with Angie
As I’m watching this video right now 01/29/2021.. Bitcoin is at $37k partly thanks to Elon Musk and his tweets..compared to a year ago according to this video at $7k ...sigh
Comment from : Basics with Angie

Ande Dunn
It cost me £1.99 ,every traǹsaction here in uk 👌
Comment from : Ande Dunn

Gabriel McKee
River Financial is better than cash app IMO.
Comment from : Gabriel McKee

Why is my Coinbase limit to 15$
Comment from : HouleTTV

Henry Jack
Thank you Coinearners. fund you are one in a million different from others brokers you really help me and my family. I invest and earn bigger money ....
Comment from : Henry Jack

Herbie Hancock
Comment from : Herbie Hancock

You should start a GabTV channel.
Comment from : Texanon

Ho Renomo
Affiliated with Twitter? Then forget it.
Comment from : Ho Renomo

Son of Rock
As soon as you mentioned censorship oligarch Jack Dorsey, you lost me.
Comment from : Son of Rock

American National
how long does it take to fund the account ?
Comment from : American National

Atrain Coming
Can you take out everything you have in coinbase and transfer it to Cash App
Comment from : Atrain Coming

Cathey Ale
Please does anyone know where I can invest my bitcoins
Comment from : Cathey Ale

Coinbase pro better
Comment from : ExtraordinaryIAM

New Leo
According to the Cash App Help page, the service "does not currently support payments to international recipients." This means if you are living in the US and want to send money to your friend who lives in Canada, you cannot do so.

Also cashapp only allows bitcoin... who tf wants to invest in just bitcoin

Comment from : New Leo

I'm glad to have heard your review! I was experiencing issues with Coinbase, as well. I can accept being charged with transaction fees, but, they have various fee rates according to large purchase amounts. Also, large deposits are being placed "ON HOLD" (unnecessarily) for longer periods of time Plus their Customer Support is LAME. They don't have phone numbers to speak to a LIVE Support Technician. The entire experiences are a big turn off. I'm pulling all my investments out of Coinbase and I'll open accounts with CashApp and Kraken. Thanx very mucho!
Comment from : KRYPT0 M4N14X

JDunkBeatz Ortiz
How do you feel about buying stock on Cash app?
Comment from : JDunkBeatz Ortiz

What about thinking that now I have bought Bitcoins and later on I get informed that these "Bitcoins" are trash and: "you got cheated". There are tons of youtube channels that say: "hey freako, get your Bitcoins anonymously". Why should anybody sell real Bitcoins to an anonymous buyer? This all looks fishy.
Comment from : lenny108

Tried to buy BSV through Coinbase. They don't support BSV!! Does CashApp?
Comment from : Trainurbody

a l t i k
wow but cashapp is avaible only in uk and us :)))
Comment from : a l t i k

Luis Pugarita
I've been waiting 3 days to get verified on CashApp. I'm glad I came to this video
Comment from : Luis Pugarita

World Wonders
Have you tried Coinbase Pro? It’s the lowest in fees
Comment from : World Wonders

NDAX is amazing too
Comment from : dario2004

Why the hell are none of my banks letting me buy crypto?
Comment from : SubliminalX7

Richard van den Berg
Skip the 1st minute
Comment from : Richard van den Berg

eugene bova
Cashapp blocks you if you send send you coin out to different wallets
Comment from : eugene bova

Don Ricco
"Low fees"
Comment from : Don Ricco

Luke Berg
What’s the Hard Wallet?
Comment from : Luke Berg

Coinbase robs it's customers blind!
Comment from : MoorCrypto

mark hall
Right it is so easy and stocks no fee for stocks and a debit card and direct deposit
Comment from : mark hall

Grave Mind
Dude, I need some guidance. I'm going crazy trying to make a final decision hahah. I'm trying to decide on Coinbase/Coinbase Pro (Pro interface doesn't scare me away), Gemini, Kraken, or Cashapp (Bitcoin only). I only am interested in purchasing Bitcoin & Ethereum at the moment. I plan on getting a hardware wallet. Also, I'm going for buy & hodl. I'm not interested in buying & selling the swings. Instant deposits is another huge factor for me. Waiting days to purchase is a no bueno for me. Thanks!
Comment from : Grave Mind

The Nitruc
Can you withdrawal from cashapp?
Comment from : The Nitruc

Jennifer Appleton
Can you put a “stop loss” on bitcoin purchases?
Comment from : Jennifer Appleton

Johnny Mirabal
I’ve been using Robinhood with their debit card since they don’t charge fees
Comment from : Johnny Mirabal

Alex Martinez
Cash app does not allow you to continuously transfer your bitcoin to an external wallet. They basically just want you to buy it and leave it there.
Comment from : Alex Martinez

I was first starting and I struggled for many days trying to fund my exchange on kraken, Gemini, and etc. I even debated eating the 7% for ATM using libertyX. My buddy introduce me to cash app... Omg light and day!! Love this app
Comment from : GunBlade

Emmanuel Avila
Thank you for this video..
Comment from : Emmanuel Avila

Brian Moore
Dropped coinbase for cashapp? What else besides those 2?
Comment from : Brian Moore

Arsalan Haider
canada ehhhhhhh dude
Comment from : Arsalan Haider

Have you heard of the apps that pay interest on your bitcoin? I wonder if that means you can't use the hard wallet.
Comment from : bunburychic

Larry Brenda
Accurately speaking, bitcoin is the only true democracy ever existed in the world. Investing and diversifying your portfolio with, crypto currency and bitcoin investing is the wisest thing to do and really profitable.
Comment from : Larry Brenda

itsss skinerrr
I'm tryna in es 1000$ on btc but I'm stuck which one should I use coinbase or cash app. Ill appreciate your suggestions
Comment from : itsss skinerrr

Sunitha Krishnamurthy
How do I move my crypto from Coinbase to cash app?
Comment from : Sunitha Krishnamurthy

Michael Robinson
So, how do I buy anonmously? with cash.
Comment from : Michael Robinson

Ricky_ Drillz
Other than Cash app which other app is good for buying crypto currency that doesn't hold my money for 30 or 60 days until I can actually invest? coin base was horrible I lost out on a huge surge due to money still being held for so long
Comment from : Ricky_ Drillz

Jedi Crypto
What are ur thoughts of swan bitcoin
Comment from : Jedi Crypto

Johnny Vo
How do you transfer bitcoin purchased from Cash App to a Hardware Wallet?
Comment from : Johnny Vo

Matteo Fusari
Or just buy on coinbase Pro then transfer on coinbase
Comment from : Matteo Fusari

robert henkins
Through thick and thin it’ll forever be D a i l y w e b E a R n . c o m they got so much skills I’m glad they helped me
Comment from : robert henkins

robert henkins
Through thick and thin it’ll forever be D a i l y w e b E a R n . c o m they got so much skills I’m glad they helped me
Comment from : robert henkins

Esteban Flores
Can we get an update? Is Cash App still your go to?
Comment from : Esteban Flores

Literally no crypto channel talks about this super easy uncomplicated way to buy BTC. So easy for beginners!
AND...there is almost always zero spread to spot price. So all you get is the less than 2% fee.

Also, you don’t need to fund your CashApp account. Just link a bank account or even pay with credit/debit card which I don’t recommend.


FOR INTERMEDIATE+ Coinbase Pro is great! Limit orders are game changers! And fees are .5% or less

Comment from : MM_2020

Cash app is not available in Europe
Comment from : MoreChannelNoise

Best crypto wallet ?
Comment from : TY DIGITAL

Kelsie Dailey
What does a hardware wire wallet do for the bitcoin ?
Comment from : Kelsie Dailey

Jeff S
Should you create and use a new email account to link the cash app?
Comment from : Jeff S

coinbase pro has no fees lol
Comment from : youngniq

Proud Babylonian
cash app has gone down hill with bitcoin usage. you can't put in the dollar amount regularly and have convert the bitcoin equivalent on your own. then all of a sudden one time, like five minutes later, it let me put in the dollar amount, but two minutes later it would not.
Comment from : Proud Babylonian

Panagiotis Panos
Great video, clear and easy to understand. Keep it up!
Comment from : Panagiotis Panos

Byron Steele
I knew it! Cash app is freaking awesome for BTC purchase. And no fees to send it to your wallet!
Comment from : Byron Steele

K Naimah
alot of fees
Comment from : K Naimah

I watched an interview where someone said that Coinbase is the left arm of the Federal Reserve. I'll have to find the video and share it.
Comment from : 7Vibes2Passion

Abelardo Hernandez
Can I send it right away once I buy it?
Comment from : Abelardo Hernandez

Great video! You’re the first person I’ve heard talk about dollar cost averaging in terms of Bitcoin... Just researching it all now and I appreciate how simple you lay it out...
Comment from : LoveAndBaconBrian

Mathew Kiraguri

Comment from : Mathew Kiraguri

Mari Robert
Got real card from @Darktrode12 on  and he helped me load more on it , it still working no security issues so far......that guy is good for the card job💯💯
Comment from : Mari Robert

shimura 1
is luno a good app i heard isa crap app because of the volume suck is it good to invest on luno btc i now investing on xrp
Comment from : shimura 1

Rick Ryan
did good
Comment from : Rick Ryan

I live in the EU and use primarily Kraken & Binance. Didn't know about Luno but will have a look ;)
If i could use Cashapp I would use it but unfortunately, I can't because I'm not located in the USA.

Comment from : David

Chronic Crypto
What's the limit tho?
Comment from : Chronic Crypto

Mia Monika
Wow I'm just shocked about this hole bitcoin investment, I never thought of it before now but Expert Mrs Linda help me out until I got my first profit and I invested more and
Comment from : Mia Monika

Thomas Casey
Coinbase takes a little time because it actually buys Bitcoin - Cash app does NOT
Comment from : Thomas Casey

Brianna martins
I was expecting a shady move when I invested on a platform by COINEARNERS•FUND I just made my second withdrawal of $15,000 from invest of $1,500. He was very helpful..
Comment from : Brianna martins

Ashley Rogge
Investment is the key and it's the right thing for us to do if we want to secure our future. Please beware not all that glitters are Gold that is why you need trade carefully when you're trying to invest, that's why you need the right platform to kick off...{ COINEARNERS•FUND } the best services
Comment from : Ashley Rogge

asmau asmau
buy from ITECHTOOLZ on Instagram he's legit and reliable use him
Comment from : asmau asmau

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