Tesla Buys Bitcoin (and will accept crypto payments!) ????

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Название :  Tesla Buys Bitcoin (and will accept crypto payments!) ????
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Кадры Tesla Buys Bitcoin (and will accept crypto payments!) ????

Описание Tesla Buys Bitcoin (and will accept crypto payments!) ????

Коментарии Tesla Buys Bitcoin (and will accept crypto payments!) ????

March of 2022, Tesla and Bitcoin around the same price they were when this video came out. Both were on sale then, and both are on sale now! Last year I was capping up my Roth IRA with Tesla at these prices, surprised they were still that cheap then. Capping my Roth at these prices again in complete shock.
Comment from : Bacontator

David Richard
I'm not buying a Tesla until they start accepting Dogecoin
Comment from : David Richard

Gacheru Mburu
Comment from : Gacheru Mburu

I love you man. I'm a bit late on watching these videos (but ik the news). Now I'm just catching up with your videos. This video is soooo gooodd. "I was wrong". How many people do you hear saying that this happily?
Love you mate.

Comment from : Adnan

The Real c too
TSLA is at $799 as I type this. $100 off its high, because of Bitcoin. This is what happens when you start using a fake currency. Remember, if adding Bitcoin is fine, so is adding Dogecoin. If Dogecoin is fine, so is adding then next crypto, and the next, and the next... and then you have infinite coins. Welcome to HyperInflation!
Comment from : The Real c too

Joe Pappano
Steven, what are your thoughts on the whispers going around about Tesla buying bitcoin to pull a smoke and mirrors show over the regulatory/quality issues in China? I'm holding Tesla for the long haul, just curious on your thoughts. Cheers mate!
Comment from : Joe Pappano

Musk didn't bought Tesla stocks but Bitcoin, you should do the same! Musk: Investing in Tesla is a bad idea, better do Bitcoin.
Comment from : joggelweekend

You'd think after an incredible couple of years, these analysts would FINALLY STOP undermining Elon's decision-making. Never ceases to amaze me.
Comment from : E

"Grandpa over here."
Comment from : E

Comment from : Mentallect

Trade Talk
for the last 10 years bitcoin has been up 200% year over year, its a no brainer
Comment from : Trade Talk

Why wouldnt you put a 5% allocation to BTC?
Comment from : Wyborn

Nick Young
I'm willing to bet that Tesla is using their Energy arbitrage system to trade Bitcoin: buying low and selling high.
Comment from : Nick Young

Steve Fitz
I'm not suggesting wrong doing per se....Can you believe these dopes! They are hilarious. Steven you are funnier than most of the comedians. I don't know how you are able to make so many great videos. CNBC gave you a great opening, talking with great seriousness about how dangerous this move is because Bitcoin is so volatile. Yes I am buying more.
Comment from : Steve Fitz

Adrian Pataki
As a shareholder, i am pissed off that they did NOT put their entire cash pile into BTC last April!
Comment from : Adrian Pataki

Would like to use those market analysts as speed bumps if i could
Comment from : Leafbinder

Hey Steven send me your address I have a gift to send ya.
Comment from : Leafbinder

kreator861 201
Those 3 looked like someone just stole their lollipop..
Comment from : kreator861 201

Tesla probably STARTED BUYING BITCOIN AS EARLY AS SEPTEMBER 2020 and only JUST completed in JANUARY 29, 2021 when Musk tweeted
'In retrospect, it was inevitable.' www.statista.com/statistics/326707/bitcoin-price-index/
Remember Musk revolutionized banking worldwide when it later became PayPal.

Comment from : Zeudock

Johny C
Wonder why Elon not make his own crypto. Hey Elon.
Comment from : Johny C

John Beech
FYI: Bad audio on this video; echo in the back.
Comment from : John Beech

Wild Bill Arizona
Careful with the Grandpa jokes. This Grandpa bought his three-year-old Grandson five shares of Tesla! I am confident I will be his favorite! Ha Ha Ha!
Comment from : Wild Bill Arizona

Luzius Ambühl
I‘m a Tesla investor, but I don‘t like it. That has nothing to do with the investment per se. It is just completely against Teslas mission to help the transition to sustainable energy. Bitcoin is completely the opposite of sustainability - it‘s a gigantic waste of energy. Every single transaction has a Carbon-Footprint comparable to an Economy class seat on a short flight. Cryptocurrencies need to fix their energy problem now!
Comment from : Luzius Ambühl

U were wrong 🤣
Comment from : superitgel

Lol she said I wonder how Tesla investors feel about it being so volatile 🤣
do you know what demograph you are speaking to? Most of us have been on a crazy volatile ride for the last 2 years

Comment from : filmislife77

Sam Ahn
Payment of tax is settlement of two debts in the directions opposite to each other. Tax is what you owe to the government and your money is what the government owes to you. Money is a debt instrument under 12 USC 411. No government will take bitcoin as means of such a settlement, because bitcoin is not a debt instrument. What is neither a debt instrument nor a commodity cannot be a money. It is often said that "bitcoin is a commodity because it is money." The word "money" in the preceding sentence must be either a debt instrument money or a commodity money. As it is not a debt instrument, bitcoin can be said to be only commodity money. Saying "bitcoin is a commodity because it is a commodity money" is a circular argument.
Comment from : Sam Ahn

Myron P
Now it makes other major companies seriously rethink their position on Bitcoin.
Comment from : Myron P

Craig Ritchie
i think in a normal environment (pre reddit and GME) the SEC would be trying to have elons head on a plate for this. I think yes bitcoin diversification was inevitable, but why now, why tweet like mad about it lol? i think this is a slap to the sec, a big fat bitch slap. The SEC are in a shitstorm right now and this is elons way of trying to crank up the heat on them lool shorty short shorts loool
Comment from : Craig Ritchie

maybe move to a sunny places at high altitudes (sun and cold) and add a few solar panels to your bitcoin farm
Comment from : Ascendant

Sanahas Kuranage
What would the government do about this?
Comment from : Sanahas Kuranage

Pascal S.
I really do like when someone has the courage to say he's wrong when he is! It does tell a lot on that person. 👍
That being said, I'm still a bit skeptic on bitcoin, not as a speculative asset uncorrelated to other asset classes, but as a currency because it is not.

Comment from : Pascal S.

Cnbc is a muppet hub for the daft.

Brian Berg
Hi Steven, can you weigh-in on Michael Burry’s bubble prediction? Market Insider article paints a ticking time-bomb...
Comment from : Brian Berg

CNBC is a mouthpeace for the hedge funds! They are irrelevant
Comment from : Z P

chaim Loecher
Investor approved 👌
Comment from : chaim Loecher

Ulysses (PokeTuber)
Takes a big man to admit when they are wrong. Only then can you be truly open minded and grow from it. Bravo.
Comment from : Ulysses (PokeTuber)

Nick E
I think Elon knows what is going to happen to the Three Gorges Dam !
Comment from : Nick E

George Tifft
If your going to change the world...change it!
Comment from : George Tifft

Comment from : ZACHARY ROEBUCK

I am not sure if I like the new situation with Bitcoin. our family has invested over 800 shares in TSLA, and thats about 90 percent of our portfolio, and I am a long term Tesla fan, owning a model3 since about one and a half year, but I dont understand the motivation? is Elon gambling with Tesla’s cash? Should I still hold Tesla shares? Are we getting bad news from the SEC and shares will go down again? Why not using this money to build some extra 4680 battery lines in Fremont? It’s always said that Tesla cannot keep up with the demand, so they should go ahead and do copy/past with the new lines.
Comment from : WirtzfeldValley

Reclining Buddha
What concerns me is the amount of energy that bitcoin transactions consume. This may not be a big issue if it is green energy, however it seems to be at odds with Tesla's mission statement.
Mike Butcher, an editor at news website Techcrunch, tweeted: "Tesla: Sells carbon credits to buy Bitcoin, which requires as much energy (not always Green energy) as a small country to mine."

Comment from : Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha
Great quote on Twitter by Chadford Whitmore VI
“Nikola and Dogecoin have the same market cap of about $9B.
This makes sense because Nikola is based on a drawing of a truck and Dogecoin is based on a drawing of a dog.”

Comment from : Reclining Buddha

david cohen
bad idea if tesla invested in gold i could understand gold have alot of use in the industry what bitcoin has ?
Comment from : david cohen

Victor Greenwood
There is inflation on Gold - this is Gold's weakness - storage costs and management - Bitcoin does not have these costs !
Comment from : Victor Greenwood

Koco's channel
₿ to Mars and beyond :)
Comment from : Koco's channel

The Ryman
Wish I had understood investing and bitcoin 5 years ago
Comment from : The Ryman

Cesar Pegado
I think it’s awesome!!
Comment from : Cesar Pegado

what are you talking about 15% that would be like 3billion.. they invested more like 7.55 of their cash.. little mistake their Steven ;) otherwise great episode 👍🏽
Comment from : Lifestyle4Dividends

I honestly don't know what to think about Dogecoin 😄 I put £200 in it just to see what happened, doubled my money in a week and then split it 50/50 half btc half doge 🤷🏻‍♂️ now I'll just leave it and let it grow 😄
Comment from : blaneysiktube

Buckle up boys!! We are moving 👍🏽🚀
Comment from : Lifestyle4Dividends

Ossian Nunn
I love they have done this! Michael Saylor and Elon musk are the two smartest people i have discovered on my journey on the hurtling rock so far, Tesla is the future of energy and transport why not use the future of money just all makes sense.
Comment from : Ossian Nunn

Luke Marshall
Nikola and Dogecoin have the same market cap of about $9B.

This makes sense because Nikola is based on a drawing of a truck and Dogecoin is based on a drawing of a dog.

Comment from : Luke Marshall

Gavin Broughton
I can't wait for Gordon Johnson to say that's they only make money from regulatory credits and Bitcoin. 😄🤭🙏🙏
Comment from : Gavin Broughton

CFN - Compact Financial News DAILY
"Today it's not about return ON capital. Today it is about return OF capital."
Comment from : CFN - Compact Financial News DAILY

Geoff Scanlan
Tesla is my biggest holding and I love it!
Comment from : Geoff Scanlan

Dabin Hanson
Bitcoin > ethereum > many coins later.. maybe doge
Tell us your Bitcoin story. Stoked for that one

Comment from : Dabin Hanson

2015 Yin
I don't think it is about making money for Tesla. It is about conducting international transactions with less regulatory scrutiny. For example, if Tesla made a USD 1 billion in China and want to move that amount cash out of China, it may be difficult. However, if it was USD 1 billion of bitcoin, it will not have that issue. If it operates in a country that is not very stable, it may make sense to hold the asset in bitcoin and convert to local cash as needed. And if both buyer and sellers agree to accept bitcoin, the transaction is outside the financial system and may not be subject to tax (in some countries at least).
Comment from : 2015 Yin

Miroslav Miklovič
Hi Steven,

What do you think about this - Bitcoin for RoboTaxi services (rides) payments. Could this be a preparation for RoboTaxi rollout?

Comment from : Miroslav Miklovič

Ed Bliek
Buy a Tesla.? If they are available enough.!
Comment from : Ed Bliek

Ed Bliek
Why take the risk.? It takes what it takes.! Necessity to "We the People".
Comment from : Ed Bliek

Tesla is now truly a tech stock. Gordon cannot deny it anymore. Not just a car company.
Comment from : mos

Ian Fraser
Great Video Stephen Elon knows what is best I support all his decisions this will be great for Tesla.stock
Comment from : Ian Fraser

Energia Vadász
I still think crypto is meaningless, worthless nothing, waste of energy.
Comment from : Energia Vadász

Also, very much respect to you for the turnaround of opinion after learning a bit more. I like when people can adjust for new information.
Comment from : J F

J. Charles
It takes a wise man to admit a misstep. As Terrance McKenna said " All knowledge (or what we perceive as knowledge) should be considered provisional- i.e. a working model- to be discarded should a better idea come along." Not being too attached to what we think we know is is the sign of a wise traveler on this fcking crazy ass road brother. So glad you came back aboard as I dig your insights into T and found your take on BTC the only time I disagreed with anything youve said! Cheers from Woodstock NY mate.
Comment from : J. Charles

Comment from : J K

Tesla, you dirty bastard, making me not regret selling my tesla shares, for bitcoin. Such good boys.
Comment from : J F

JennieGirl's Closet
in addition to all the reasons mentioned, TESLA buying $bitcoin seems like a great place to create a new income stream, if the currently continues to show these big movements.
Comment from : JennieGirl's Closet

apex octane
what if crypto was backed by energy.. and that energy or power is then taken from the physical world to the virtual world by converting it into crypto. that way the backing of the "currency" would be energy production or storage.
Comment from : apex octane

Miguel Escobar
I think that was an awesome move in the right direction. I actually bought more Tesla on the news. Lol
Comment from : Miguel Escobar

Delano Jackson
Steven, one added upside to the 1.5 "investment" in bitcoin: If they take more than 2 years to use that bitcoin, I really think it will be significantly more valuable than it is now. This is just pure game theory at this point and Tesla has made a GTO move, watch the rest of F A T M A N follow their lead
Comment from : Delano Jackson

Агрон Департье
Cryptocurrencies will be banned in few years - Davos talked about this.
Comment from : Агрон Департье

Alan McIvor
TSLA is my largest stock holding and I very much approve. These CNBC 'dweebs' can go pound sand.
Comment from : Alan McIvor

Hmmm 5 years from now. I will buy a roadster and cyber truck with 1 Bitcoin
Comment from : windy415

Joey Tesla
Why take the risk? It's not Elon's money, and unlike most of us, he does not seem to care if he is worth 1 trillion or 1 billion or 1 million. As long as other goals can be achieved.
Also, I promise there are many early BTC hodlers who will trade 1 for a Model 3, or 2 for a Model S.

Comment from : Joey Tesla

You just got on bitcoin? Jesus. Get with the times my man.
Comment from : S C

btc,doge, eth in that order....im super excited
Comment from : AreYouOnBoardPodcast

Inflation is coming this is the responsible thing to do. Bitcoin only appreciates with time. Only 21 million bitcoin, the government can’t print more bitcoin. They don’t control bitcoin. It’s a hedge against inflation.
Comment from : Edras

danver mark
Buying Bitcoin , bad bad idea. Elon is wrong this time.
Comment from : danver mark

Cory Kaupa
I'm glad they're holding it now I have bitcoin exposure but don't have to commit capital to it. Margin requirements are much higher on crypto than tesla.
Comment from : Cory Kaupa

The Stock Source
You know.....it is VERY likely, given the recent price of BTC and the 1.5 billion purchase, that Tesla bought 42069 Bitcoin.
Typical Elon

Comment from : The Stock Source

Nathaniel Cradle - Your Rich Friend
Once a technology (blockchain) becomes digital, meaning once you can translate it into the 1 and 0s of binary code, it jumps on the back of Moore’s Law and begins accelerating exponentially -The future is faster than you think.
Comment from : Nathaniel Cradle - Your Rich Friend

Tu Tran
Did you lose your btc because of Mt Gox?
Comment from : Tu Tran

Toby Ray
I’m thinking there might be a female involved in the separation of SMR & his Bitcoin 🥲.
Comment from : Toby Ray

Toby Ray
I also see it as great shelter from the dollar due to the current administration who can’t seem to give enough money away to everything & everyone. Elon and the board at Tesla will have the last laugh.
Comment from : Toby Ray

Chin Chang
At present, one bitcoin is $46000. Tesla is going to sell their cars in China for $25000. So if a Chinaman buys a car with one bitcoin, does Tesla have to give back a change of $21000 in cash?
Comment from : Chin Chang

Tesla Investor here: feel great!
Comment from : Tom

Angel Guzman
Only have 45 Tesla shares but I approve
Comment from : Angel Guzman

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