The Different Ways Money Laundering Works

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Название :  The Different Ways Money Laundering Works
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Create small businesses then buy your own product. Anything that has been taxed is already clean. Simple. Then expand gradually.
Comment from : SuperAdmin

"you cant just spend it "

yes we can

if you mean a large amount of money then yes
but you forgot to mention that
you just said you cant just spend it

bro drug dealers make few thousdns sure they can spend it the next day it will never draw any attention

Comment from : amazon

Luís CC
Thanks 😊
Comment from : Luís CC

Alex Klatt
"The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." 1 John 5:19 Just another reason why Armageddon has to come to cleanse our planet of all corruption!
Comment from : Alex Klatt

Hold up. I'm taking notes.
Comment from : Jake

Might be buying a new van tomorrow! Its time to start emptying the floor boards of my old hard earned cash ! Sweet dreams 😤😩😤
Comment from : MegaMissfitz

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Lucky smith522
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Wasequr Rashid
The video should be renamed as how to money launder 101…
Comment from : Wasequr Rashid

FBI i am just a curuous 16 Yr old
Comment from : Mariusl

Night Wolf Gaming YT CFM
How can I do this as a 12 year old and yes I’m a plug
Comment from : Night Wolf Gaming YT CFM

Ok, so let me explain, I m watching this just cause I m curious, that s all.
Comment from : Edy

Jay allan
Youtube should take this down. If you are money laundering its highly likely youll get caught so dont.
Comment from : Jay allan

Iris Fletes
I still don’t get it lol
Comment from : Iris Fletes

Christopher Walker
FBI looking through my phone ready
Comment from : Christopher Walker

What does it mean by the transaction with the shell company method? Like I don’t understand
Comment from : MrGamer545

Rusty Arsonic Brigz
Me love ozark
Comment from : Rusty Arsonic Brigz

Stan daman daman
don't disclose this
Comment from : Stan daman daman

Curtis Carpenter
Better call saul.
Comment from : Curtis Carpenter

Beverly Gannon
I don't get it
Comment from : Beverly Gannon

YN Double x
I’m just here because I’ve been watching on my block I’m not doing this
Comment from : YN Double x

Herbert Ant
Why this is on my recommendation
Comment from : Herbert Ant

Small Potatoe
Video sponsored by IRS
Comment from : Small Potatoe

Just to clarify, I am solely here for educational purposes!
Comment from : iknowcharley

Lé Username
So yeah I’m watching this for uh, school...
Comment from : Lé Username

Rocky Dubois
Oh you mean like trillion dollar stimulus packages where we get $600 and make believe programs in "Pakistan" get billions?
Comment from : Rocky Dubois

Here after watching Power 🤣
Comment from : LEONORAMICAH

Vladimir Lem
Comment from : Vladimir Lem

Thanks to this video I now can start cleaning my dirty money

Mad respect

Comment from : PAIMON VS THE WORLD

Taylor Smith
What do you mean by ‘dirty’ money
Comment from : Taylor Smith

scott mcbride
Comment from : scott mcbride

scott mcbride
Lol ozark got me hete
Comment from : scott mcbride

Horrible video why would u teach the youth this. You got a dislike from me. I hope anyone that tries any of these gets caught and served a hefty prison sentence!!
Comment from : Kxexn47

Comment from : K3N6ASSINO

Anthony Cash
Dear FBI I am only watching this for entertainment purposes only 🙏🏿
Comment from : Anthony Cash

just someone with weird profile picture
"For research purposes"
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A Guitar
I know a way. I put my money in my dirty jeans and throw them into a laundry machine!
Comment from : A Guitar

Olivia Clarke
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foro 38
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I highly recommend him for that

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Subodh D.
Comment from : Subodh D.

Jane Sigabaro
I just wanted to wash my dollars.........Like in the washing machine.
Comment from : Jane Sigabaro

Chinmaya Dhiman
CBI please bring 1lit milk with you,,
Comment from : Chinmaya Dhiman

you can buy giftcards
Comment from : Dav1d

Thank you
Comment from : Claire

anybody here after watching the Ozark ???
Comment from : ANDY ERAS

sebastian kush
I’m am only watching this bec I am binging blacklist 😂😂
Comment from : sebastian kush

Watching this for a friend
Comment from : THE1GAMER 666

YRN Diazz
My drug money stacking up
Comment from : YRN Diazz

Andrew Cordova
To much work and people to pay off just spend the cash
Comment from : Andrew Cordova

Andrew Cordova
I think they report it if it's 5000$ now
Comment from : Andrew Cordova

charan sri
1:03 no one's talking about lester?
Comment from : charan sri

Jayden Kropog
I’m surprised this isn’t even taken down by youtube
Comment from : Jayden Kropog

Bla Lala
Yo thanks I really didn't know wat to do with all these money I just stole from maybank
Comment from : Bla Lala

FeaR FuZiioN
Just open a business account
Comment from : FeaR FuZiioN

Steve K
Another know tactic of launder money are those where politicians and high class people are donating their money into charitable campaigns. They gather so much money as they are so greedy and you could say they care about LGBT or abandoned child anywhere in this world ? How stupid they think we are ? :))
Comment from : Steve K

Aditya Singh
I lack the means to form an extra legal enterprise, but this video did teach me something interesting.
Being in an Asian family is amazing for smurfing

Comment from : Aditya Singh

Thibault Willemyns
Better call saul
Comment from : Thibault Willemyns

royalty kosmetics
yeah im hear for research so fbi leave me alone
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Ozark lol!!
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Steven James
I'm broke for real
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Alex Dolce
I here because am watching on my block.
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Audrey Flemming
My perspective on this after my experience with subject is that you do not have to be THE villian to make millions, you just need to be in the loop. Just like as stated in this video you just have to be strategic and innovative. I am not saying I know everything about money laundering but I know that a lot of you already have what it takes to be in the loop to consistently make hundreds of dollars daily. You just need to be in touch with the right people, just like I luckily got in touch with BinaryReap3r who changed my life. I will forever be grateful. Here's his contact [email protected] com
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FBI please dont look at me..i just want to learn
Comment from : DraMaKinG

mer meh
Step 1: Make billions of dollars selling marijuana
Step 2: Get marijuana legalized
Step 3: Oh woweee! Look at that guys. I am a successful businessman.

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Blah Blah
How did DB Cooper do it?
Comment from : Blah Blah

Rufino Quiros
Comment from : Rufino Quiros

Rufino Quiros
Comment from : Rufino Quiros

Jacob Cole
They should put this in gta 😂😭
Comment from : Jacob Cole

Sylvie Defaine
The firm NC SOFT is specialized in laundering money trough it's games like Lineage 2, they don't need live players even, they just have their staff and the staff of their first processing router to do it for them trough bot-accounts in their games like Lineage 2, the bot accounts go as far as killing live players to have the game to themselves, so the bot accounts use the stolen credit cards to purchase in-game cash items , they then sell it to another bot account who will purchase in-game money(Adena) bought (illegally for the game but legal for the player) online and your money is now clean. by my low estimate, NC soft has arround 60.000 bots , if by extreme low estimate every single bot, only would launder 1 credit card with extreme low estimate 5000$ cash limit on it, they win 60.000 x 5000$ = 300.000.000$ per month, these are extreme low numbers, the real number is at least 3 times higher, so what the hell is Interpol doing ? If i can figure this out as a housewife....
Comment from : Sylvie Defaine

Why did my FBI agent recommend this video?
Comment from : BaYzell

Alexander Onuoha
Who’s here because of Ozark?! 😆
Comment from : Alexander Onuoha

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Rodrigo Juarez
Ozarks anyone?
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I stubbed my toe
Nice tutorial
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Kpool_igs broward
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Tony Tran
You can go to a church or any charity programs to clean the cash. They're tax deductible for a reason.
Comment from : Tony Tran

Ryan O'Reilly
Where is Ireland in the world map at 1:01?
Comment from : Ryan O'Reilly

Anastasia’s Gaming
Congratulations! You're teaching people doing a crime.
Comment from : Anastasia’s Gaming

Adrian C
Lmfaooo I used to think they literally used a laundromat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Adrian C

Why is this on Bloomberg? Lol
Comment from : MrBurns

DK Capitals PH
Mirror trading is quite impossible because you need a BANK ACCOUNT to fund a trading account. So, if a big money passes through Bank, Anti Money Laundering authorities' attention can be caught. It's impossible.
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Contact Andrey +1 501 943 5979 if you want to launder any amount. They are fast and trust worthy
Comment from : Ethan

big C
fuck fbi im alaunderer
Comment from : big C

What I don't get it. Here in Europe. Why can't you just take your 1mil euro from illegal and buy something legal. No one will question how you got a house a car some diamonds gold.
Comment from : R

Disable your location when watching these videos!
Comment from : YouCantKillUs

As a wild imaginary example, let's say they're Russian and the bank's in Austria... We'll call it Deutsche Bank
Comment from : cascade

Anthony Romano
Goodmorning NSA
Comment from : Anthony Romano

sorry, but what are shell companies?
Comment from : Leslie

Frederik J
Bloomberg, the mastermind.
Comment from : Frederik J

I just want some information for my mediocre writings FBI. XD
Comment from : Rekkenze

usama jamil
This is very helpful tutorial
Comment from : usama jamil

1:10 Shady Bank

HSBC: Hold my beer.

Comment from : rrufio

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