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Unite America
I don't condone crime either. There are criminals that want to tax everything.
Comment from : Unite America

Megan Rain
Wow!! I just got my bitcoin and working on cc’s from carderman777 on telegram, he is honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Thanks man
Comment from : Megan Rain

Edward Ferry
Run your own node
Comment from : Edward Ferry

Corin Michael
Very informative. Thank you!
Comment from : Corin Michael

Very great video. 👏🏿 Informational.
Comment from : TheObaby18

Ol' Blue OBS
Bye bye IRS
Comment from : Ol' Blue OBS

Jake Alexander Bryant
Samouri is very expense $800+ Do you have any other recommendation for a cold storage, not Ledger or Trezor? Thanks for the great video
Comment from : Jake Alexander Bryant

Tink Ertime
And if your not guilty then why do you want a lawyer?

Because I have the right to have one!

Comment from : Tink Ertime

Mrclo_ L0pz
So the question really became how to get a WALLET anonymously :/ ... well, actually how to get the private key anonimously I guess.
Anyway, ALL videos on Bitcoin privacy puts one through this PAINFULL yada yada "disclamer" justifying WHY one should have right to privacy that REALLY sucks. HATE it :(

Comment from : Mrclo_ L0pz

Matthew Coleman
This guy looks like Sun Knudsen's brother
Comment from : Matthew Coleman

Erik Garpovic
Thanks a lot for a great and informative video Sam, keep up the good work 🙏 You got a new subscriber !!
Comment from : Erik Garpovic

Dave Abdella
does this work in the USA?
Comment from : Dave Abdella

Anthony Intelisano
How do you prove the seller didnt release payment and you already paid them? Take a screen shot of your wallet under transactions where it shows sent to XYZ?
Hypothetical question: If you buy crypto this way. How do you turn it into cash? If you send it through an exchange and then to your bank now the IRS has a record of it.

Comment from : Anthony Intelisano

Celsius is a great investment but with KYC, if you want to invest anonymously you can do it with compound or aave but gas fee are so expensive... maybe with Etherum 2.0 this will be better
Comment from : Lean

Bt Doe
In Sweden we changed the "law" one year ago so that the police can spy on you always without and reasonable cause. We were told that it is for our own protection...
Comment from : Bt Doe

Sean Shabazz
Can you buy bitcoin then send it to your personal wallet ?
Comment from : Sean Shabazz

paul eglinton
Great content, and well presented. A question. You mentioned download client as a requirement on Bisq. What does this refer to?
Comment from : paul eglinton

se well
Thank you very much Sam! Very informative , and well prepared vid. There sure is a lot to learn. I want to buy BTC with no KYC, and my uncle can stay out of my business!!! I'm sure you know which uncle i'm referring to. Anyhow, thanks a lot!
Comment from : se well

That’s incredible thanks, also the prices on hodl hodl are pretty low compared to LocalBitcoins, can i also make a wallet anonymously ?
Comment from : Leo.

Stephanie Larson
Do any of these companies and platforms you review give you anything for the reviews?
Comment from : Stephanie Larson

Yo awesome video! Cleared up a lot of questions I had
Comment from : Mad_DentistHD

Invisible Impostor
cryptocurrency is mean to be bought anonymously. privacy is important. Bitcoin is losing its meaning slowly.
Comment from : Invisible Impostor

hows using a mobile btc wallet private when it is on ur phone linked to ur number?
Comment from : Ichigo

Mari Robert
Got real card from @Darktrode12 on  and he helped me load more on it , it still working no security issues so far......that guy is good for the card job💯💯
Comment from : Mari Robert

Edward T.
Hodlhodl doesn't work.
Comment from : Edward T.

jack thompson
I never regret dealing with premiumtoolsaid. com they are the best when it comes to bitcoins, cash app, PayPal, credit card. Making money online works fast and perfect 👌
Comment from : jack thompson

Jonathan Fisher
It's sad, but one day videos like this are probably going to be illegal,
Comment from : Jonathan Fisher

krazy krista
Incognito check it out!
Comment from : krazy krista

Chris Rosenkreuz
a well spoken man
Comment from : Chris Rosenkreuz

E abebe
Hi bro I wanted to use this platform, but after I opened the account it gives me a message saying I confirm that I am not a citizen or tax resident of us is this mean it's not authorized for us??
Comment from : E abebe

can't wait to see more wallets for linux mobile wallets...people who have been brainwashed into thinking "i have nothing to hide privacy isn't important" need to realize a government that isn't corrupt needn't fear a citizenry that has privacy. that being said i don't want anyone to know i buy btc. nor do i want them to know i buy gold or silver. not looking to get robbed.
Comment from : Syndicator

Micheal Kiss
Got my cc from Johnsoncard on telegram today and it's so nice working same way he explained to me. You're so real man and he's respectful is one more I like about him
Comment from : Micheal Kiss

Tisha Gonzalez
Sweet vid! The peeps who dislike this video need a life. I live in Venezuela and I can sincerely say bitcoin literally saved us from the streets
Comment from : Tisha Gonzalez

Why not to change bitcoin for monero and then using a monero sub-address to transfer btc with "XMR dot TO" to a new bitcoin wallet? If I don't use the same monero address for the two transactions and I use "XMR dot TO" with Tor browser, I should be barely fully anonymous. Am I wrong?
Comment from : mem_dump

Bt Doe
There is no such thing as privacy. Not even your thought's are private...
Comment from : Bt Doe

Great content! Can you recommend a wallet for ios? thanks
Comment from : Anon

Comment from : DVS DVSDVS

Perfect video Sam!
Comment from : jmish

Popescu Claudiu
Well if you want to mix some KYC bought BTC you can use a platform that lends it out, as once your BTC is out you can claim it back and Celsius or Nexo or BlockFi will bring you some fresh new BTC . Right ? ( Still those platforms are KYC ones )
Comment from : Popescu Claudiu

henry cavill
I am so thankful to expeditetools,com for the help .They sent me a transfer of $25,000 just yesterday
Comment from : henry cavill

Fifty Six
Well done. Keep on tackling the important issues and simplifying the complex.
Comment from : Fifty Six

Trustee Higgins
The fractional Banker Need to be Taken Down!
The fractional banking system being the true cancer of society since conception.
Man is Greedy by Nature and some are 100% driven by this greed with nothing stopping their paths to fulfill that emotional desire.
They enter government positions to exercise it and trample Rights of Others over Greed, thus a Malignant Cancer That needs to be cut out.

Comment from : Trustee Higgins

Trustee Higgins
Thank you Brother! Privacy is Very important, All Gov are crooked! Trust me! I am real Old! The U.S. Corp Gov is the Worst, can not Trust them, the elected agents are the worst!
Comment from : Trustee Higgins

Krypto Kuchár
Good and interesting but you still use your bank account to purchase it dont you?
So they know you bought something with your money....

Comment from : Krypto Kuchár

Sound Asleep Space
Buy Monero too =)
Comment from : Sound Asleep Space

Philippe Dumonet
Trying to use bitcoin anonymously is like trying to fly with a car, it just wasn't designed for that. Use monero, more privacy, cheaper, faster and more decentralized.
Comment from : Philippe Dumonet

Nana Acheampong
Honestly, mandatory KYC and its related stuff don't help promote the original Bitcoin idea as you said. Anyways, that is also why privacy enhancement tools are available to help bring back the anonymity. A notable example is Bitcoinmix.
Comment from : Nana Acheampong

Burn Astro
And then you will learn all of a sudden that your purchased Bitcoins are “dirty” and they will be confiscated and you will also have a LOT of hassle😿😜
Comment from : Burn Astro

mick lbx
Nice vid sam ;) thanks

Hey !! Have a question for you pls :

what if you convert all your btc that you just buy on exange with kyc in monero ? Kind of wash .. throught a swap wallet for example ...

Did it could work ?

I just thot if you convert to monero you diseaper from the btc blockchain( link to you kyc) than re-enter in btc to become new again ..clean as a bird :)

i am wrong ???

Thank you in advance brother

Comment from : mick lbx

great now i'm in the craving for KFC
Comment from : cchhrriissttoodd

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