Dogecoin Rallies | Is Litecoin Next?

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Название :  Dogecoin Rallies | Is Litecoin Next?
Продолжительность :   20.23
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Коментарии Dogecoin Rallies | Is Litecoin Next?

Анатолий Васильев
Your videos come out too rarely… But I hope that the next one will be about Nemesis DAO and $NMS. I am so in love w/ them, & I'll be happy to hear your prediction!
Comment from : Анатолий Васильев

Звёздный instagram
How do ya manage to make such great videos! Reviewing Rebellion Protocol on your behalf was the greatest gift ever!
Comment from : Звёздный instagram

Afsar Ali
What about Floki Inu, Tell Him What the Next Bomb is.
Comment from : Afsar Ali

Rahul Pal
You could make a video about Floki Inu. Other Youtubers speak highly of this token.
Comment from : Rahul Pal

Inder Dev
Hello, Thank you, excellent, and from Floki Inu, what do you think could happen?
Comment from : Inder Dev

Ravi Chaudhary
Floki Inu is the next token, What do you know about that?
Comment from : Ravi Chaudhary

Inder Jeet
GREAT VIDEO. Question: But who are the people behind the project?
I stick to Great Floki Inu

Comment from : Inder Jeet

YUP Floki is the next
Comment from : STREET_x_ÄBHÏ

Floki will make huge Wealth
Comment from : WhatsKing

Indian Penny Stocks
I sold My Dodge and Shiba and I Just bought 10m Floki, worth a gamble.
Comment from : Indian Penny Stocks

Poco Tournament
Most legit team and community in Crypto right now. Floki is
Comment from : Poco Tournament

Shahjaha Freelancer
Great informative video here. Thank You so much but Floki is definitely taking the world by storm!!
Comment from : Shahjaha Freelancer

Dennis Sebastian Shavvy
I will forever be greatful to the name above 👆👆👆👆 after getting back my lost funds from am fake investment platform.
Comment from : Dennis Sebastian Shavvy

Mas Harry
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Comment from : Mas Harry

Deonte Giovanni
Nailed it Buddy... By the beginning of this weeks trade session, moving between losses and gains on its neutral weekly outlook which makes it a tough decision for investors to decide how best to utilise the current market; as for me it can’t be more obvious that tradlng Bitcoin is way more lucrative than just hodling and waiting for the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket. I didn’t think it was possible to make constant win from tradlng till I came across Tony Max program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how tradlng Bitcoin works, to help them recover loss from the crash and also stack up more bitcoin, since late last year till date I have made over 19 BTC from 2.6 Btc with (Tony) help. You can easily get to him on ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ @Tony_signals22
Comment from : Deonte Giovanni

Daniel Schlaegel
Love Litecoin... still undervalued
Comment from : Daniel Schlaegel

Richard Smith
Surely $CRO is one of the most undervalued projects in Crypto? Have you seen the news they're pumping out? Currently sitting at less than $5bn Marketcap, whilst Binance sits at $83bn...
Comment from : Richard Smith

Concerned Citizen
You got me all worked up. I ve been holding a big bag of Litecoin since 2018 :)
Comment from : Concerned Citizen

Camilla Down
t's strange how people talk about the profits they've been Making through trading of dogecoin, I can’t miss out on this while I'm here not making any profit at all please can someone put me through on the right path.
Comment from : Camilla Down

Fernando Cardoso
LTC is a Shitcoin from 2 chinese scamers
Comment from : Fernando Cardoso

Head Shoulders
DOGE is brutal, if I only know this 2 years before, haha. Maybe Shiba Inu (SHIB) is now project to invest, heard a lot about it
Comment from : Head Shoulders

Crypto Pilipinas
Link is next in line
Comment from : Crypto Pilipinas

Jakub Pl
Having googled 'Walter Bulls copy" you can find a interesting individual. He made a fortune a couple of years ago. Lately, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professionals. This character clearly shows how to copy him in automatic mode using such services. We should try while the market is on the rise
Comment from : Jakub Pl

NareL Travel Videos
Your hair is so pumped up!🤘🏽
Comment from : NareL Travel Videos

arif hidayatulloh
the next doge coin >>>> $peckcoin $$$$ make eassy money
Comment from : arif hidayatulloh

Seyed M
Seems till now you got this one wrong. The moment I listened to you and bought it was the beginning of a sharp downward spiral for LTC!
Comment from : Seyed M

Wouter De Schuyter
Comment from : Wouter De Schuyter

Love a good discount day! ✌
Comment from : NAH

I believe in Bitcoin but I also know Doge will hit $1 this summer. I said Doge is a meme and missed too many opportunities before.
Comment from : r4v1

Ultimate Indian
Which portal/software are you using to study charts?
Comment from : Ultimate Indian

I bought litecoin like 3 days ago because it looks very undervalued. I definitely agree with your analysis there, and appreciate your confirmation on what I suspected.
Comment from : atherises1

I'm grateful for DOGE because it has convinced several friends to get into investing for the memes. Now I can help them to outgrow the meme trades hopefully!
Comment from : atherises1

octavian julii
Litecoin could be next but I am thinking more likely to be coins near a dollar or within two decimal places of a cent.
The new investor will watch the hype and buy cheap coins thinking that there will be higher multiples.

I think we will see xrp pump soon

Comment from : octavian julii

Thanks for the education!
Comment from : glazier5150

What does he exactly mean when talking about altcoins ? All coins existing, exept for Bitcoin ? Or the top 20 coins ? Top 100?
Comment from : Elite

Aaron Dames
“A rising tide sinks all boats.”
Comment from : Aaron Dames

Alex Xander
Great video
Comment from : Alex Xander

Crypto Seven
Its a rising tide lifts all boats
Comment from : Crypto Seven

Sebastiaan Dekker
Just a little bit of room to go? I thought you said this was just the beginning 1 month ago
Comment from : Sebastiaan Dekker

Charger Fan NY
Comment from : Charger Fan NY

Alan Wan
great vid thankssss!
Comment from : Alan Wan

sold some csgo skins for a fewlitecoin when it was at 200. pretty good deal it was ^^ :D
Comment from : TheSweetyMan

Buy Akita token instead !!! 2000% UP, Elon tweeted about it, big pump coming
Comment from : DotaInsider

Nathan T
Litecoin 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Nathan T

David Ludolph
Over a month now. Still can't access my 2k worth of comp through digifox. Starting to think this man is a scammed.
Comment from : David Ludolph

Z Potatoes
I believe it was Plato who once said "a high tide... no... all boats fair on, or... a rising tide, I dunno"

Wise words.
Words by which I live by.


Comment from : Z Potatoes

timothy Van der Meer
Comment from : timothy Van der Meer

Baran Toprak
Videolarına acilen Türkçe altyazı desteği getirmen lazım seni takip etmek istiyorum ama anlamıyorum 😉😉
Comment from : Baran Toprak

Huseyin Saruhan
Türkçe alt yazı ekleme yapsan da bizde anlasak
Comment from : Huseyin Saruhan

Next will be CargoX?
Comment from : Genotron

Lisanne H
Great video as always. Just wondering, I heard you mention a few times that we are further into the cycle. This makes me a bit confused, because you frequently emphasised that the cycle would be longer this time, and even a normal cycle would be until the end of the year, right? Just want to know your perspective as I really appreciated you calling the end of the cycle being near in 2017 as one of the only people out there!
Comment from : Lisanne H

Kris I.
Doge coin is garbage and people are going to lose alot of money for no reason, other than following a meme
Comment from : Kris I.

Seth KubE
I don’t think people realize that this isn’t just hype. People actually love this coin
Comment from : Seth KubE

Paul Mitchell
The start of March the total market cap hit 1 trillion. Since then it's more than double. Now DOGE is bringing in a ton of new money plus institutional investors just getting in. I think you have to throw out all the previous thinking. We are just getting started with what is going to be a crazy year. You can pretty much throw a dart at the thousands of coins and make money.
Comment from : Paul Mitchell

Anything Nick talks about, will influence these markets. I'm fine with it :)
Comment from : Rudy_Dstroys

Any news on Rimbit (RBT)?
Comment from : OU8Aspark

Premas N1
Good morning!
You are the best. I have learn a lot watching your videos. Have nice day😎👍

Comment from : Premas N1

Comment from : Erik

The answer is no.
Comment from : facciolite

Edwin Goh
No but vechain is
Comment from : Edwin Goh

Eero Pyörre
makes me doubt the real value of 'good' crypto like ada,dot and everything else when joke coins like doge pump this much, overtaking them
Comment from : Eero Pyörre

Secure Maple
@Nicholas while talking about tax partner site, would be important to say if they deal with US market or all countries
Comment from : Secure Maple

what if we want to just hold litecoin??
Comment from : LOS PRIMED

Richard Crawford
Please put video in lower left corner so we can see the right side of the chart. Thanks!
Comment from : Richard Crawford

Confident in Crypto
Amazing content as always nick, really appriciate your views as do all of your subscribers and viewers. Thanks bud
Comment from : Confident in Crypto

Blaž Habjanič
Hey Nicolas, shouldn’t the alt coin cycle last until roughly the end of 2021?
Comment from : Blaž Habjanič

My _Opinion
How many % the government Stilling from us for Tax ?
Comment from : My _Opinion

Scott Dibenedetto
Comment from : Scott Dibenedetto

Scott Dibenedetto
Comment from : Scott Dibenedetto

Litecoin has been underrated for a while now, its LTC turn now...
Comment from : Juicy

Mike Nowitzki
Great vid. Do you know if there are any tax implications on giving crypto as a gift. Say I send $1000 in crypto to a friends account. Thanks
Comment from : Mike Nowitzki

tofeur s
The next one will be Verge XVG ; same DNA with wraith (I hope so :) ) Thanks again for your great videos !BRGDS
Comment from : tofeur s

thank you for this videos nick, you always make the right calls. made some money on LTC. thanks a lot, best crypto analisis youtuber out there, no doubt
Comment from : WERE

Martein De Beer
Comment from : Martein De Beer

Litecoin about to get absolutely sent.
Comment from : Shusui

william simin
Ltc and dash will surprise you soon
Comment from : william simin

John Davis
TRX Torn is the next coin to the moon 🌝 buy some before it gets too late.
Comment from : John Davis

September 2022 bull run ends
Comment from : Breakinmedia5

Martin V.
Every single DOGE holder will be responsible for the next market crash and even more bad public perception and that is when the regulators will swoop in and destroy crypto as we know it today. DO NOT chase instant gratification over temporary gains! Invest in projects with actual use case and with better tech! Elon Musk is a market manipulator and should be in jail!
Comment from : Martin V.

The Modern Existentialist
The fundamental value of Dogecoin is comedy😁
Comment from : The Modern Existentialist

Nathan Kaiser
Great video as always, Nick!

One question about Doge... Do you worry that a huge Doge pump and dump could invite regulators into the crypto space in the name of consumer safety? (Similar to what happened with the GME price spike)

Comment from : Nathan Kaiser

Chad C
You were right about litecoin, unfortunately i found this video an hour too late!! Fml
Comment from : Chad C

MIke Waln
Nicholas I appreciate your programs. Listen to you for years but, Dog? You spend a lot of time on it and what does it actually do? Okay so you say let's just make money on it then what about XRP that actually has utility? You're not helping your listeners that much I don't think in this regard
Comment from : MIke Waln

i wish you would say dollar values once in a while...most people do not get satoshes talk..
Comment from : roadstar499

Matt B
Litecoin isn't next, doge only moons because normies on twitter talk about it.
Comment from : Matt B

Doge to a $1.00 soon...to many fomo newbies are hoping in...yes it will chill a few days,but then go nutttzz... no doubt it will blow by XRP soon!
Comment from : roadstar499

Nick J
You nailed a perfect risk to reward call with LTC once again, you are the reason so many of us are in this space. Your hard work does so much for so many people, great call.
Comment from : Nick J

Jimmy Lee
litecoin still hasnt hit all time high. look at bitcoin and eth. all well over its ath and litecoin is now just catching up. my prediction is well over 420 around the 500 to 600 in the next couple months.
Comment from : Jimmy Lee

Tbiddy Wag
Finally some optimism on LTC
Comment from : Tbiddy Wag

Fun to watch this 6 hours after is posted and see Doge be nearly double that price, just adding 20 billion and dropping 15 in 15'.
Comment from : Animanganime

Amazing content! Thank for you such in depth analysis of LTC and making the obvious comparison to DOGE, there are so many similarities here.
Comment from : genericwannabe

stw crypto
You gotta read this book "MONEY AND BITCOIN: Everything you were never taught in school: on Amazon.
Comment from : stw crypto

What's your opinion on Chiliz at the moment? It's already rallied earlier this year in March but with more events coming up at the end of April I believe it could reach its ATH again or even go beyond that. What are your thoughts?
Comment from : _Blackheartemoji_

morrissey guy
Doge is going to bring in the regulators/SEC so quick when this bubble BURSTS. and the 3.0 blockchain projects will have to clean up the fucking mess.
Comment from : morrissey guy

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