Money Laundering: The Art of Cleaning Dirty Money

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Название :  Money Laundering: The Art of Cleaning Dirty Money
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Кадры Money Laundering: The Art of Cleaning Dirty Money

Описание Money Laundering: The Art of Cleaning Dirty Money

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Comment from : DirtyRat

Couldnt this guy have trouble with the law, cause he's literally teaching people how to do a crime?
Comment from : arte0021

MLJesus ?
Comment from : MLJesus ?

Aiden Kim
If you made money from insider trading wouldn’t that money already be in the systemv
Comment from : Aiden Kim

6:26 which movie is this scene from?
Comment from : ARNAB GOSWAMI

Nehemie Momo
Me:Thinks being I am on Icognito
launders money
NSA:Alr bois is time for the FBI

Comment from : Nehemie Momo

Rosaria Leah
Someone please tell me what that movie is that has the investigator flipping through the wallet of numerous identities at the end
Comment from : Rosaria Leah

Just put the money in The Laundry Machine
Comment from : CêJota

Rommel F
Or just open 50 shell companies in Panama and route all your money there, since it's not even a crime there.
Comment from : Rommel F

Liberty Bell Ringing
What movie is the Chinese women in called?, please, and thank you. God bless.
Comment from : Liberty Bell Ringing

Elias Papadimas
I wonder if I've ever been tipped by laundered money... I ain't judging I'm just curious tho
Comment from : Elias Papadimas

Brenden Parker
When the banks or other institutions get fined billions for money laundering, where does that fine money go to? Does it fund health care, transport, etc etc or does it go back inti the fat cat's wallets?? Can some one please tell me? II really want to know.
Comment from : Brenden Parker

Peter Bournigal
Sto to eating the funding cereal
Comment from : Peter Bournigal

Peter Bournigal
Go to the point 👉 👈 👇 🙄 😒 🙃
Comment from : Peter Bournigal

Peter Bournigal
Who make the scripts because is no you I know for matter of fact think 🤔 is no youuuuuu
Comment from : Peter Bournigal

Dragon Uh
don't mind me just a 13 year old passing by.
Comment from : Dragon Uh

You know how hard it would be to do this in australia?? Majority of people pay with card😭
Comment from : raeraesocraycray

This is so funny to me. Like, I could imagine some dude who robbed a bank googling "how to launder money" and being directed to this video. Meanwhile I'm googling pics of buttholes..
Comment from : Zage13

Megha Singh
I like your explanations. They help a lot with all the crime and mafia movies, shows, books.
Comment from : Megha Singh

So if you want to laundry money, you can make quick asset videogame and sell it for 5$ each. Then you laundry 3,5$ each purchase and lose 1,5$ in process. A non-greedy way
Comment from : MauriMahtava

Tag: "Side hustle ideas" I see
Comment from : KidnClips

Minh đỗ
i dont know why i happy about this vid, even thought im broke
Comment from : Minh đỗ

Flaming Croatan
Money is God
Comment from : Flaming Croatan

All these methods are old and will you in shit. All I can say is that there are much much better ways and no one will find out
Comment from : A H

brick phone
the end goal is legitimizing the source of money and to get money into the bank. also unrelated bars dont work because liquor is tracked in minecraft of course. a few parts missing but you got it right for the most part
Comment from : brick phone

juan ig
This sounds like animal for criminals with this narration
Comment from : juan ig

What movie is that at about 3 minutes? I forgot the name but remember it being very good.
Comment from : KRYPTEC

The ad timing is perfect, I'm not even mad
Comment from : Putri

Dan Paz
How do you buy the business to launder the money in the first place
Comment from : Dan Paz

Toyota Hilux
2:40 "how vital money laundering is to us" us. Jake do you have to tell us something.
Comment from : Toyota Hilux

Hammad Feroz
from which movie is that scene at 6:00??
Comment from : Hammad Feroz

Hammad Feroz
Which is that movie scene at 6:[email protected] Tran
Comment from : Hammad Feroz

When you gonna make the Hillary Clinton version
Comment from : Yourp

Great tutorial
Comment from : LoafOfBeans

Hey FBI agent in my computer, i’m not selling drugs i SWEAR
Comment from : KryptoTightPussyKween

Sara Cobblepot
Thank you for this useful tutorial
Comment from : Sara Cobblepot

Fingr'z B'Grubbin'
I mean ok you got some "clean" cash, but you're still a criminal. Therefore that money will never be truly clean.
Comment from : Fingr'z B'Grubbin'

Nicolas K
The drug dealers in my neighborhood have control over the tobacco shop, and they watching for anyone winning big at lottery or something so they can buy their ticket with cash. Not very efficient but it’s another way of washing money
Comment from : Nicolas K

Nod Squad
great video, but just a correction. Cryptocurrency has over time revealed that it is actually more traceable and therefore a more incriminating way to purchase illegal substances. It is looking recently that physical cash is the #1 means used for criminal ventures.
Comment from : Nod Squad

Storm Lykke M
have laundered about 400.000 dollars now
Comment from : Storm Lykke M

please stop speaking like a new anchor
I have hard time paying attention to that tone

Comment from : amazon

the video quliaty i mean the actual rendering quality
is lossy

Comment from : amazon

Kenny Saphir
Sigma male mindset: learn about stuff on YouTube
Comment from : Kenny Saphir

Welcome to the FBI watchlist !!!
Comment from : Anonymous

deekshith krishna
0:01 what movie was that?
Comment from : deekshith krishna

franco perrotta
Simple make a LLC deposit money into atm no tellers you can deposit onvce a week do it slowly n safe
Comment from : franco perrotta

lee Roberts
Is that Bryan Cranston in a laundromat for real?
Comment from : lee Roberts

lee Roberts
There use to be this place in Philadelphia called the yellow front deli. They sold Chinese food cash only you go in make an order and they would right down your order in two different books right in front of you. Not subtle at all
Comment from : lee Roberts

Cassie Jacobs
When you invest, you're buying a day you don't have to work
Comment from : Cassie Jacobs

Jennifer Robles Fitz
Me, completely lost within the first 5 mins: Ahhh yes, simple economics 🤏🏾
Comment from : Jennifer Robles Fitz

LaLa Johnson
Hunter Biden selling his art got me here.....2021 is fuckery of its own
Comment from : LaLa Johnson

Theoretically of course. Mr NSA man I did not nor will I ever sell Nitroglycerin,Alcohol, Methamphetamine,Gunpowder or homemade firearms that would be very illegal and bad
Comment from : Mrducky

Movie names?
Comment from : nexc

Thank you, but I’m pretty sure I’m on a watchlist now
Comment from : Merrick

Who is the woman narrating?
Comment from : Peedinkus

jakes a big legend #endclub
Comment from : CFCFaisal

Great Supine Protoplasmic Invertebrate Jellies
Comment from : distxnt!

Eskil Lødemel
I wonder how many watch list's Jake is on.
Comment from : Eskil Lødemel

This is very helpful
Comment from : Seocc

Lokesh Kumar
4:43 what movie is this scene from?
Comment from : Lokesh Kumar

Help the homeless help themselves.

The biggest looters are our politicians, banks real estate, doctors, lawyers etc. etc.

Let go and let God always. Put a d before anger, and you get danger. Keep written audio, and video journals. Help non beggars help themselves with both hands.

Comment from : acajudi100

Why you sound so gay? Unwatchable
Comment from : 3DHDcat

thank you jake for the illegal life tip, i am so close to becoming a criminal and am only 24 living with my parents, almost about to graduate. bro you saved my life over here, thanks.
Comment from : SilverFox

Clybourn Street
Which Danial Craig movie is that?
Comment from : Clybourn Street

Boughatii Lovren
How ironic stealing from a bank 🏦 just to put it back in a bank 🏦
Comment from : Boughatii Lovren

Siddharth chauhan
Jake join bitclout
Comment from : Siddharth chauhan

Mikey Noels
Proof Jake is a dirty Laundryman 😉 “

 today it's different law enforcement
have realized just how vital

money-laundering is to us”

Key word “us” haha

Comment from : Mikey Noels

buckie mohawk
Ozark is not the show to learn money laundering from.... First money does get "lost" during the operation. Even at that, anyone with a brain knows it pure profit no matter what....
Comment from : buckie mohawk

shady copilot
which movie is those b roll footage from?
Comment from : shady copilot

IRS or FBI, if you’re watching me, just know its because of breaking bad im not laundering anything
Comment from : Λrchalias

Was planning to rob a bank, this was the video I needed

(I'm joking)

(I'm not)

Comment from : NekoNori

stealing jae
How to take over the mafia in a week
Comment from : stealing jae

Diesel Burner
“This video was sponsored by the FBI, I mean ... whoops”
Comment from : Diesel Burner

Alex Gillespie
what movie is the scene from 3:04 ?
Comment from : Alex Gillespie

Time to go start my crime empire...LMAO...
Comment from : Anime-Teaser

Comment from : Pjsucksatlife

Luis Khan Of Khans
I spilled grape juice on my Bill, wrong video lmao
Comment from : Luis Khan Of Khans

Nicholas Brown
Very informative video!
Comment from : Nicholas Brown

j t
You should make a course of how to edit videos like you do
Comment from : j t

Pale Amigo
"To live the lavish lifestyle you rightfully deserve..."😉👍
Comment from : Pale Amigo

Democrats- BLM - 2020 election
The $90-120 million dollars scam, all that money funding Biden’s campaign
It’s their Largest money laundering scheme and nobody saw it

Comment from : RoyalZarak

Comment from : TobbyHappy

sheilaxx espinosa
how about getting allowance from bf like 500$ a month..for 3 years...is that money londering? then he passed away...after less than a year i found a new bf...that want to support me..am i include in money londering because the gov. called my bf that i am a member of fraud which im not...or is that a scam call
Comment from : sheilaxx espinosa

Informacion Kali
Please Whoever has control to view my history if its Sketchy, trust me this is JUST TO LEARN hahahahah FBI WATCHLIST after watching this, but good DOC btw
Comment from : Informacion Kali

Kashif Khan
It’s like some high level criminal teaching me to ‘how to launder money without getting caught’
Comment from : Kashif Khan

If you watched this video, you are now on the radar 😂😂
Comment from : Thaddeus

Patson Lim
i am just trying to sell some curry rice and Susan recommends me all these video lol
Comment from : Patson Lim

if it were only that easy
Comment from : 41Fivin

I'm here for no suspicious reason at all.
Comment from : Dani

Fair Shake
good stuff
Comment from : Fair Shake

Cryptocurrency is the new way
Comment from : kpirez

Angel Harper
2:34 , Anyone know the name of the background music ?
Comment from : Angel Harper

New Smurf Character: Mob Smurf :)
Comment from : MisterTutor2010

Slippy Socks
For some reason, it’s so interesting!
Comment from : Slippy Socks

Green Sneakers & Hot Dogs
but if you put that money into a business wouldn't you have to pay taxes on the dirty money? you can't launder a million in a business and then pay no taxes on it.
Comment from : Green Sneakers & Hot Dogs

Indecisive Bruh
Best tutorial ever!
Comment from : Indecisive Bruh

Which movie scene at 3:51 and 8:31
Comment from : RISHU RAJ PANDAY

Nunofyour Business
the use of bitcoin by criminal entities has plummeted over last 5 years.
We certainly can't say that about the US dollar... or the Euro, Pound, Yen etc etc

Comment from : Nunofyour Business

Nunofyour Business
the UK's dark web of "tax havens" are instrumental in much of the world's money laundering, as is the " The City of London Corporation" (a banking/financial cartel) usually shortened to: 'The City of London' and AKA: 'The City' and 'The Square Mile'.
To avoid the imminent intro of new EU laws bringing new transparency to those 'tax havens' the UK's owners/controllers (the rich) carried out an audacious scam, known worldwide as "BREXIT"...no more threat of pesky EU rules which will interfere with their massive money laundering crimes.

Comment from : Nunofyour Business

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