How to GPU mine NVIDIA on linux - ubuntu 16.04 - step by step

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Информация о How to GPU mine NVIDIA on linux - ubuntu 16.04 - step by step

Название :  How to GPU mine NVIDIA on linux - ubuntu 16.04 - step by step
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Кадры How to GPU mine NVIDIA on linux - ubuntu 16.04 - step by step

Описание How to GPU mine NVIDIA on linux - ubuntu 16.04 - step by step

Коментарии How to GPU mine NVIDIA on linux - ubuntu 16.04 - step by step

ChiaHui Liao
The first time I came into contact with ubuntu, I didn't know how to execute the script after I downloaded nbminer, decompressed the tgz file and modified the file.
Comment from : ChiaHui Liao

Some Kunt
You sound like patrick bateman.
Comment from : Some Kunt

Konsul IT
hey guys, can you make this system to docker images ?
Comment from : Konsul IT

Aidan M
How can you change the pool
Comment from : Aidan M

Alex Monaghan
Would this work for budgie? Also if I wanted to change the coin mined how would I do that?
Comment from : Alex Monaghan

Carlos Eduardo Baldocchi
Hello friend, is this "how to" still working?
Comment from : Carlos Eduardo Baldocchi

Does it work with linux mint?
Comment from : tissyy

Luis Ernesto villamizar Rincón
ERROR: Stratum subscribe timeout
Comment from : Luis Ernesto villamizar Rincón

Liyakat Shaikh
Will this work on ARM processor?
Comment from : Liyakat Shaikh

4:02 in newer version, replace lightdm by gdm
Comment from : Bruhlux_

Abhinav Singhal
Thank you bro you crashed my whole ubuntu and now I had to delete my ubuntu and reinstall and dual boot it alongside windows again. Ty so much I now remember how to dual boot. Thanks bro :)
Comment from : Abhinav Singhal

Michael Pink
Have you got an update?
Comment from : Michael Pink

Uilber Lomeu
My linux crashed after trying to restart the lighdm.service... I'm not able to restart my ubuntu anymore ... even in the safe mode....
Comment from : Uilber Lomeu

Aonoymous Andy
I would like to know how to modify the start file to my own wallet
Comment from : Aonoymous Andy

Hi, Jesse. Thanks for the video. It looks helpful even after 3 and half years. Some details are missing in the video. Could you help clearing these out? Thanks in advance. First, did you install a NVIDIA display driver? Or did you just use Ubuntu default driver? Second, did you install NVIDIA CUDA driver? Hope there is a prereq section before running your sh scripts.
Comment from : huifengruxun

is it profitable to mine on a 750ti?
Comment from : Klairm

I installed this and when I rebooted my laptop doesn't turn on. In his defense, I am using pop.os but either way this shouldn't happen. There are a few either comments just like mine.
Comment from : Pentaflouride

Lawgend Lucidous
do you mind doing the new one in 2021? I can't do any step you are doing right now. thank you and much apprciate mate
Comment from : Lawgend Lucidous

Alexis Lavado
one question, is it possible to also put something like gpuclockoffset -210 [mhz] and memoryclockoffset 695 [mhz] to do a better underclock setting, i mean im trying to use greenwithenvy but when i apply underclock only applies to the GPU0 and NOT for GPU1, and thats is a pain in the neck that i have. thanks
Comment from : Alexis Lavado

Rob McCourt
Hello, can you help me set this up on my miner machine which has linux installed.
Comment from : Rob McCourt

Tsui Tsui
dudominer how to setup this miner GPU ubuntu linux terminal command line for the step by step to earn,Thans Your
Comment from : Tsui Tsui

joseph jimenez
Will Linux and all the commands you have work for a 8 radeon gpu mining rig build ?
Comment from : joseph jimenez

Kenny Michael
How did you quit from vim? I couldn't quit from vim after I inserting :q can u please help me?
Comment from : Kenny Michael

Thomas Mery
Is the same to mine in Ubuntu or Windows? or affects hash rate?
Comment from : Thomas Mery

How do I mine DGB with Linux GPU setup? This doesn't seem to work for that?
Comment from : XorsonX

E Stanforth
You could get better linux performance if you use a different, lighter weight distro such as archlinux and don't run a GUI
Comment from : E Stanforth

After trying to run the enable nvidia fan it says nvidia-xconfig not found I have downloaded nvidia drivers and can someone teach me how to run a .bat file wine won't work
Comment from : Amirkia

dick nockxee
What bootloader are you using? Awesome gui
Comment from : dick nockxee

Dumitru Brinza
Hi createthis, I mined for 2 days an equivalent of $50 in HUSH using Zcash address. I can see amount on hushmine.pro, but none of transactions or the amount appears on blockchain or in my wallet. What could be wrong?
Comment from : Dumitru Brinza

how do i change the details so im getting play for the mining im doing
Comment from : Joshua

Erich Damin Girenz
I would like to know what is the code for mining in the CPU? and which mining program to use. thank you.
Comment from : Erich Damin Girenz

Cairo Flores
What does he press at 3:12 to get back to the terminal?
Comment from : Cairo Flores

Hey Createthis do you have another one of these for AMD gpu?
Comment from : SaltSquad

D Co
This is so helpful thank you!
Comment from : D Co

Pratik Narola
i am running kali linux on my pc. after running enable_nvidia_fan_control.sh i just restarted my pc and now i am getting started update UTMP about system runlevel changes and i am not able to boot into my system..

plz help me what to do now?
i have nvidia 940mx graphics card

Comment from : Pratik Narola

bitcoin mining is dead now. :(
Comment from : wally123ish

John M
Jessie, I was thinking of trying this with XMR-STAK 2.4.7 on Ubuntu with Nvidia GPU to mine Bit Tube. I will let you know how it goes. Let me know if you have any advice.
Comment from : John M

Chris AlwaysWin
I want to start to use Linux and I see Ubuntu 18.04 on the download page. If I download 18.04 will the setup be the same as 16.04? And would Linux enable me to mine Ethereum with 1060 3gb on Claymore? Thank you for the help!
Comment from : Chris AlwaysWin

I got “error CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version” right after I did ./underclock.sh and how do I change my hush address
Comment from : Falx

script for minning using ubuntu linux
Comment from : Y

give me script for minning please
Comment from : Y

John M
Do you think this would work in Ubuntu 18.04? Thanks in advance for the advice
Comment from : John M

Ryan Hamilton
hey man i really appreciate this but im getting a few errors but i think because im running a VM its not working. the VM is running through unraid
Comment from : Ryan Hamilton

Michael Henry
I have 2 P104-100s installed (vendor modified 1080's, made for mining) and using Ubuntu 16.04. How do I get these to start mining? What drivers and will they work with this software?
Comment from : Michael Henry

Million like for "step by step"
Comment from : Руслан

Thanks, good info
Comment from : RDYS

Jonathan Borg
Would be interesting to compare overall power usage as well i.e. Linux vs Windows...
Comment from : Jonathan Borg

Paul Mita
Pls ,some1 help me
Comment from : Paul Mita

Paul Mita
Hi. Would you pls explain me how to mine with etherminer ? Thanks a lot
Comment from : Paul Mita

Ahmed Benmessaoud
hello ubuntu reading only one nvidia Whatshould i do
Comment from : Ahmed Benmessaoud

wonderful explanation! thank you. i followed your instructions but could not get the miner to work. when i execute the modified start.sh everything that i get is a './miner: symbol lookup error: ./miner: undefined symbol: nvmlInit_v2' maybe its because of my old NVIDIA 2100M card.
Comment from : tankcircuit

Could you do a vid on setting up a Linuz wallet for BitcoinZ(BTCZ) .
Been trying to follow a couple different guides but they dont say the same thing and reference zcash.
It would be great if you showed setup a BTCZ wallet and generate a new wallet address we can use

Comment from : RWBimbie

Crypto Bro
Thanks for the cool video, finally got my rig running. I will mine it to your address for a day! Thanks bro
Comment from : Crypto Bro

John M
Jesse, I owe you a huge apology. This video ended up being my only salvation in attempting to mine on Linux. It finally worked!!! Maybe because I finally followed the directions step-by-step at short intervals. Well Done! Your videos will be my first stop for using Linux! Great job!
Comment from : John M

Aleksandr Simonov
Thank you for this great video! Perfectly clear explanation, understandable even for a total Linux noob like me!
I'm totally new to mining as well, so, can I mine something else but Equihash with your miner?

Comment from : Aleksandr Simonov

Stephen Francis
Okay, so I changed the addresses in the start.sh and the miner.cfg files to my ZCash address and changed the pool address to www.zecmine.pro and it seems to have connected, but my GPU says that it's using 0W with an Efficiency of 0.00 Sol/W...

Also, when I run the underclock.sh file, I get this:

"Attribute 'GPUFanControlState' (Earth-CPU-RED:0[gpu:0]) assigned value 1.

Attribute 'GPUTargetFanSpeed' (Earth-CPU-RED:0[fan:0]) assigned value 80.

Enabled persistence mode for GPU 00000000:01:00.0.
All done.
Changing power management limit is not supported for GPU: 00000000:01:00.0.
Treating as warning and moving on.
All done."

-Temp is 55C and total speed is 14 Sol/s

-Any idea if I'm doing something wrong or if this GPU is just not capable?

Comment from : Stephen Francis

Bob Marinho
I got "nvidia-xconfig: command not found"


Comment from : Bob Marinho

Brandon Authement
why is it when I change your hush address to mine that it gives me a ERROR: Stratum authorization error
Comment from : Brandon Authement

Does anybody know if the target fan speed is constant at 80% or that's the top speed? Or maybe it's the GPU max temp?
Comment from : ElMoren0

nvdia or amd?
Comment from : Leverquin

Jessie A
Ubuntu is almost as bad as windows. I prefer SysV init.
Comment from : Jessie A

Are there any limitations when mining in Linux vs Windows?I prefer Linux but I want to be able to setup mutiple different GPUs so I can mine different currencies.
Comment from : youngfyah

Justin H
what if you get the error: nvidia-config not recognized when doing the second command (enable fans)?
Comment from : Justin H

Snake Blood
and how do I mine with a different algorithm than "equihash?" More specifically, X11
Comment from : Snake Blood

Trivacker - Zatie Wanderer
thank you for the video tutorial... which version to download? the ubuntu server or desktop?
Comment from : Trivacker - Zatie Wanderer

John M
I think that the knowledge that you are giving is priceless. I think it is worthwhile to watch it again, but it was way too quick to reasonably catch up to. Maybe try and slow it up a bit for future videos.
Comment from : John M

John M
Most of us are Windows people and wanted "step-by-step" as you offered, not chuckles about you not having "vim" on a new machine.
Comment from : John M

John M
Too damn fast dude! Its not a fucking race! Do you want to help or show us well you know Ubuntu?!?
Comment from : John M

Donald D
Thanks for video. I am mining newbe. I have been able to connect to the hushpool. I am getting 155 sol/s rate with my geforce gtx 1050 ti. Can I crank it further.
Comment from : Donald D

Captain Rylen
Hello, Great video. I am new to Linux platform. I followed step by step but it gives me this error" Grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install inot/target/.without the grub boot loader, the installed system will not boot" . I do have windows 10 currently running with nvidea softwear not amd. I also cannot get into wify as it is fully gray out. Please help thank you
Comment from : Captain Rylen

how do i go back from the screen you have in 3:13 into the other cmd
Comment from : Kru

Awsome vid! What wallet do you use or recommend using?
Comment from : Bobby

Tom D.
Stupid question here - can the GPU used for mining be the same GPU used for video services?
Comment from : Tom D.

hey im doing so good so far and I was wondering if you could help me im a little stuck and hard to explain in words
Comment from : Watery

Alex Payne
Dude, I am so grateful for this video. I've been trying to mine with my gpu on and off for months and after much wrestling with drivers and watching this video, I finally got it working.
Comment from : Alex Payne

you made it easier than most. Thank you dude!!!
Comment from : Gary

Алексей Вадимович
man, it works great. thank you
Comment from : Алексей Вадимович

Sebastiao feitosa
How do I add more video cards ?, I have 6 1070 but only recognize 2.
Comment from : Sebastiao feitosa

Justin Ndwiga
Great video there. I have a couple of questions. What kind of hardware are using, and what's your hash rate per second? I have a core i7,16GB RAM,4GB dedicated Nvidia graphics card, would it be economical to mine with it and what coins?
Comment from : Justin Ndwiga

I keep changing the pool address in the config.cg but it still connects to hush pool any ideas
Comment from : x47

Mir4 ALAGON Asia 264
Comment from : Mir4 ALAGON Asia 264

Alican c
is it also possibleto install for Linux Mint 17.3 ? thanks
Comment from : Alican c

Frank Wyatt Music
Thank you! I have been trying to get a straight Linux box to run a miner with 4 cards for two days and your video made it happen. I'm stuck trying to get the script to run automatically on reboot though in case of a power outage. I set the BIOS to Memory, enabled auto login so no password prompt, but can't get the 'start.sh' to run automatically. Ubuntu 16.04. Any ideas??
Comment from : Frank Wyatt Music

Kapt Krunch
Thanks for the video! Got my rig up and running pretty easily, Ubuntu had me a little worried!
Comment from : Kapt Krunch

Antoine Solomon
what are the specs on your hardware ?
Comment from : Antoine Solomon

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