The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin | DOCUMENTARY | Bitcoins | Blockchain | Crypto News | Digital Cash

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Информация о The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin | DOCUMENTARY | Bitcoins | Blockchain | Crypto News | Digital Cash

Название :  The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin | DOCUMENTARY | Bitcoins | Blockchain | Crypto News | Digital Cash
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Кадры The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin | DOCUMENTARY | Bitcoins | Blockchain | Crypto News | Digital Cash

Описание The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin | DOCUMENTARY | Bitcoins | Blockchain | Crypto News | Digital Cash

Коментарии The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin | DOCUMENTARY | Bitcoins | Blockchain | Crypto News | Digital Cash

Lol. Digital hedging over poverty like landlords
Comment from : M M

Mitchell Counts
This was an AMAZING DOCUMENTARY! ❤️ Although bitcoin is at all time highs right now I think we all know its not too late to get involved if your seeing this.. BTC is already the second most advancing innovation ever, behind the internet. However I believe with time, bitcoin may become the most disruptive technology man-kind has known.
Comment from : Mitchell Counts

The gods of bitcoins
Comment from : Ro

he moved from USA to panama.. may be he is putting all cash in a bank account .. why selling you bitcoin speech to you minute: 1:14:15
Comment from : divertechnology

15:30 They had no idea that their test transaction of $20 will worth more than $33k now ))))
Comment from : SamuelBSR

Shoobbie C
This is good stuff!!! Now, I am going to buy myself some badass Bitcoins!!!!
Comment from : Shoobbie C

I am more powerful than the bank .. won't it be a bit arrogant for someone who does nothing? One day the value will stop rising and you will have to go back to uber
Comment from : divertechnology

1 hour and 3 minutes in the video, now in 2021 I just bought less bitcoin than he paid for that $2 tea except it cost me $500 and the price has gone up another 20% this week since I bought...
Comment from : cranedaddy678

jules tonk
btc value is being manipulated by F2POOL
Comment from : jules tonk

Good old days
Comment from : niurou

Gnostic London
By now these guys are rich for good!!
Comment from : Gnostic London

anti/HUMAN Designs
Feels so weird, them talking about how the price moved around the $100 range, and I'm looking at the price right now, watching it move closer to $50'000....!
Comment from : anti/HUMAN Designs

martin smith
I must admit this is a great video but you know the forex market is a very volatile one and as such it’s too risky for beginners without adequate tutelage to go into so rather than lose money to bad trades invest with a reputable broker like Mrs Flores Ben
Comment from : martin smith

sotogun army
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Comment from : sotogun army

Car Stan
1:31:34 when you and the boys pull off a GTA heist 😜
Comment from : Car Stan

Steve Green
The internet only became popular when windows came out and people could click on pretty icons lol
Comment from : Steve Green

Gea Sih
The problem is Bitcoin has no obligations and the source CODE is still owned by unknown person who can do whatever he wants
Comment from : Gea Sih

eran grg
One of the best documentary ever watched..
Comment from : eran grg

ngangsia akumbo
@1:00 who is the owner o bitcoin the guy was like ahhahahahhahah
Comment from : ngangsia akumbo

Cody H.
I don't agree with institutions helping the public gain access to or any way assisting the public in crypto accept as a platform for which peers can interact with others. Watch these people that claim to provide any other services. They are on a slippery slope towards becoming a bank. And, we all know the power banks have on governments and people.
Comment from : Cody H.

Crazy Hérisson
This HAS to be the most depressingly frustrating documentary ever ...
Comment from : Crazy Hérisson

VJ Rio
Scammer scammer scammer fraudgery Fruadgery Fruadgery False Presedent False proppits False Presedent Fruad Bribery Pelany Crimenal coraption Conspiracy Judgement Death 💀
Comment from : VJ Rio

david fredericks
Adam Back
Comment from : david fredericks

satoshi yeh right elon more like
Comment from : J G

This video needs subtitles for all languages.
Comment from : frcike

Robert Armstrong
well done!
Comment from : Robert Armstrong

Bitcoin is ok but Doge is the currency of the future.
Comment from : L M

Mikkel du Plessis
That 19 year old Russian/Canadian bitcoin magazine writer is now the creator of Ethereum.
Comment from : Mikkel du Plessis

Lami Reque
I wonder everyone thinks if I put in just $100 when started was $1.00 & now is $46.000 🙈
Comment from : Lami Reque

good video- great information, LOL wished I heard of BitCoin in 2012
Comment from : Brad

The BEST documentary I've watched on this subject.
Comment from : Corrander

Mateusz Mazur
The execution of your video is above par. I enjoyed the story you had to tell. Can wait to see more from you.
Comment from : Mateusz Mazur

Time Code
This is the most incredible thing to happen in a very long time. I wish I had of taken it more serious sooner
Comment from : Time Code

i watch theses and get filled with joy knowing the right people who are loving and caring and just want a different world jumped on the band wagon early and now have muti generational wealth. <3
Comment from : zneoz11

Cl Arice Tayag
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Comment from : Cl Arice Tayag

Mahoney Jack
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Comment from : Mahoney Jack

Angeli Bea Monte De Ramos
Is there a Netflix version of this? 😲
Comment from : Angeli Bea Monte De Ramos

The Dude
Amazing content as always.
Comment from : The Dude

Noah Morris
Me trying to remember what I was buying in 2013 instead of Bitcoin 🤦🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Noah Morris

Anth Pat
The next big pump from WSB: @t
Comment from : Anth Pat

Luis Cervantes
Ponsi scheme
Comment from : Luis Cervantes

Michael Stein
Just moving my BTC from an exchange to a wallet cost a transaction fee in the neighborhood of $15. It's like buying a front loaded mutual fund. If BTC is going to be widely adopted, it needs to get a handle on these transaction fees. People who work for and care about their money are paying attention. The SO who you may provide resources may not care and just buys stuff with BTC - but by nature, the people who see BTC as an alternative to $, are paying attention to this.
Comment from : Michael Stein

Michael Stein
How do you buy a cup of coffee with BTC when the transaction fee is equivalent to 5 coffees? What am I doing/thinking wrong? Who buys an $3 coffee and pays $15 in transaction fees? I mean they talked about Credit Card fees ... this is much worse.
Comment from : Michael Stein

Michael Stein
I bought my first bitcoin less than a week ago. What I don't get is the transaction fees. Moving $5 in Bitcoin costs $15 in fees. How is this workable? So, I guess buying hamburgers at lunch time isn't Bitcoins calling but buying a car or a house might be.
Comment from : Michael Stein

The Belge
i loved the content. And i am wondering. Do you have any documantaries that tells that bitcoin is a scam or something like that. I am wondering what arguments they have. (Funded arguments: cause an argument like " bitcoins are used to to illegal things" yeah thanks good by). Because I just disbelieve in the current financial system. But i am no freak i know the world won't change in 2-3 days.

Comment from : The Belge

RL Days
Pumping prices is good. Of course. Dumping prices are also good. To buy and to shake out the FOMO speculators. The only real killer is a flat curve. Dead flat.
Comment from : RL Days

RL Days
Andersen going to Australia is the key to knowing who Satoshi is.
Comment from : RL Days

Jamalva Kamal
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Comment from : Jamalva Kamal

Leon Campa
How is he mining bitcoin with all these GPU's?... Bitcoin is mined with ASIC's... not GPUs
Comment from : Leon Campa

Amazing to think how all these people made so much money out of thin air, happy for them, but also sad to think how being a pioneer in something big can screw your life forever or even put you in jail
Comment from : eden5260

Jeffrey Ebright
what if it was elon musk... and now he's pushing dogecoin...
Comment from : Jeffrey Ebright

This was amazing content 💯
Comment from : snowcat

Jose Robles
Bitcoin at this exact time is worth $46,588.47
Comment from : Jose Robles

GERARDO Hernandez
wow i never seen anything this interesting before i wish i would had study about bitcoin in the early days
Comment from : GERARDO Hernandez

Xingthe Rubicon
What about bitcoins low tps?
Comment from : Xingthe Rubicon

Kenny The King
46,000 anyone?
Comment from : Kenny The King

GERARDO Hernandez
the burgers are burned
Comment from : GERARDO Hernandez

Comment from : StuntmanDAN

Dean Clark
What an amazing story
Comment from : Dean Clark

Olga Conway
How can I buy Bitcoin , I buy Thru Coinbase and they charge a big fee and it goes out of your bank so big brother knows .So what’s the difference??
Comment from : Olga Conway

These people are balling out of their minds today
Comment from : Z

41:36 who notice that lol
Comment from : tonykilla12

7 years down the line...BTC is 48K to the dollar, who would have thought?
All of us!!!

Comment from : inchaoswetrust

AB’s Pokemon
I hope these people are billionaires
Comment from : AB’s Pokemon

Eleftheria Theloume
Technology is enslaving people.
Comment from : Eleftheria Theloume

Raphael Kuttruf
1:09:00 did he say assembler for a lot of performance ?
Comment from : Raphael Kuttruf

Tony Kang
Comment from : Tony Kang


dashe burner
The spectacular chicory inexplicably chop because pocket directly use given a agreeable record. sour, annoying income
Comment from : dashe burner

calin castillo
who is here after papa Elon purchase?
Comment from : calin castillo

Agnes Hunter
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Comment from : Agnes Hunter

Big Meels
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Comment from : Big Meels

Nikolas Larson
The next financial nerd bubble...
Comment from : Nikolas Larson

Joshua Traffanstedt
I think ethereum is underrated. More tps by far.
Comment from : Joshua Traffanstedt

jorian bosch
Bitcoin = shit coin no utility. It's a marketing coin from TV and billionaires.
Comment from : jorian bosch

Bottom line all l know is, Bitcoin is money acomulated in a database system www' but unlike internet that no one can claim to be of it's property, Bitcoin has a key to be able to use it. (Own it, spend it ,transfer it.) Bitcoin is internet trust.
Comment from : ProvidEd709

patrick Tirop
just want to know how I can earn more bitcoin
Comment from : patrick Tirop

patrick Tirop
cant disagree this has been the best BITCOIN documentary ever
I have learnt a lot

Comment from : patrick Tirop

james Angel , power to you brother
Comment from : SAMPA

and here we are today, $BTC at 47k
Comment from : Tobi

amazing documentary
Comment from : EYES WIDE OPEN

There are a lot of bots commenting under this video. Watch out to everyone.
Comment from : NetworKrakle

Kenzo Negishi
he's not just going to college, he'd buy a university
Comment from : Kenzo Negishi

Tomi Connelly
The Cult of Technocracy enslaves people
to machines while starving them of affection.

Comment from : Tomi Connelly

Satoshi watching this like :) glad to where it went
Comment from : Jamie

Interesting! Currently in law school. Also trying to get my finance channel off the ground. Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Dulari

Real Estate Animal
Imagine how pretty this guys sitting right now! Good for you, bet your family’s thanking you every day!
Comment from : Real Estate Animal

Does there anyone else who still do not understand Bitcoin even after watching this or is it just me?
Comment from : iamfemo

Johan Larsson
In 2010 I had 2000 dollars that I needed to spend. Having heard about the bitcoin pizza on 4chan I seriously considered buying bitcoins for them. I've always felt a litte cheated that I didnt, but thanks to this movie I now know that even if I tried I would not have been able to. There were only 4 million bitcoins and I would have been trying to buy half of them. Impossible.
Comment from : Johan Larsson

Avalanche (AVAX) is the most technologically advanced blockchain of 2021! The price action speaks for itself!
Comment from : ezpz1515

long ngo hoang
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Comment from : long ngo hoang

amazing video
must be chapter 2

Comment from : TOM A

Couldn’t the government manipulate the price of Bitcoin by hoarding coins?
Comment from : Nrthnmonkey

Ryder Kalaris
The deeply timbale adventitiously announce because engineering bareilly store until a amazing warm. superb, lavish aftershave
Comment from : Ryder Kalaris

jeff hallaran
Man i hope Satoshi is alright!
Comment from : jeff hallaran

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