Bitcoin: WORST CASE SCENARIO 2021 (realistic)

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Название :  Bitcoin: WORST CASE SCENARIO 2021 (realistic)
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it´s really important to always stay neutral and look at both sides, both bearish and bullish, so thanks for being one of the few people on youtube who gives neutral emotion straightforward information 🙏 ☺️
Comment from : KSHMemories

Ty steve
Comment from : RaveAndDive

Steve, awesome content as alwayscannot tell you how much I appreciate your realistic viewsI'm actually hoping for this buying opportunity to play outbrClaytonbrAustin, TX
Comment from : smithent701

The real fear will start if 20k fails to hold
Comment from : Matias

The very first youtuber, who has the exact same price target for the bear market as me Very good! :-)
Comment from : EvilHaasRage

Tempo Ray Ray
Best case scenario next please! 😁
Comment from : Tempo Ray Ray

Peace and love to fellow underdogs !
Comment from : juvenitto

Nice background steve lol
Comment from : izzzzzz6

Therese Hall
People are pulling their money out of the stock market If the stock market crashes how will that affect the bitcoin price?
Comment from : Therese Hall

Boston Lang
Lol love it!
Comment from : Boston Lang

Joe Warwick
Appreciate your realistic interpretation Thanks 👍
Comment from : Joe Warwick

Legendary Movie Scenes
if it goes up my portfolio skyrockets, if it goes down I get to stack up more on digital gold and some exciting new projects Sounds good to me
Comment from : Legendary Movie Scenes

I forecast that Bitcoin was goign to top and fall to $14k in MARCH 2021, so your LATE!
Comment from : MarketOracleTV

Mehdi Rng
there is some good news but you should scarywhat does it meangood news but scary about itgood or bad
Comment from : Mehdi Rng

Flips Media
Ehh if it tanks more I dont really care Im holding for longterm capital gain tax bracket anyway lmao
Comment from : Flips Media

Scott Russell
I already own one Bitcoin Bitcoin drops to 20K I'm buying If Bitcoin drops to 15K I'm doubling down
Comment from : Scott Russell

Edward Locke
I listen to a few good TA guys That said Steve is the best TA without a doubt Thanks Steve !
Comment from : Edward Locke

Marcus Aurelius
I purchase my adult diapers Ready to crapBut seriously, I am accumulating cash
Comment from : Marcus Aurelius

I really love your content, Steve Anything that is so "chart based" can't rationally be criticized It's BTC history--plain and simple One other supporting TA note that is completely in line with this video: EVERY SINGLE TIME BTC weekly price has touched the 50 week moving average, the 50 week MA will act as a support at first, and there will be a 20-50 relief rally And EVERY SINGE TIME, that relief rally is followed by a downtrend--breaching the 50 week ma--all the way down to the 200 week MA Check it out for yourself Just look at BTC on a weekly timeframe, and add the 50 and 200 week SMAs
Comment from : LawyerTom

Nice updates 👌👌👌👌
Comment from : vishsuthar

What do u think about possibility 14k and 30k?? Which I much more possible?
Comment from : vishsuthar

Gracious Quotes - Daily Inspiration
Comment from : Gracious Quotes - Daily Inspiration

Thank you Steve, for showing the big picture I learn so much from your charts No exaggerated hopium injections and no fear mongering, presented with a calm voice That's how I love it
Comment from : MrNewCreation

Jeff S
Best and worst case are great to understand … but, what about the most likely case, with odds ? 😎 educated guesswork 👍
Comment from : Jeff S

Muhammad Noor Firdaus Yunus
So btc will goes down? What about bitcoin cash? Etc????
Comment from : Muhammad Noor Firdaus Yunus

All in
Want the other video too
Comment from : All in

Alyssa P
Beanie babies, lol!!!!!
Comment from : Alyssa P

Bernard Ballesteros
Crypto is just waiting the Stockmarket to get crashed before bitcoin will continue his bullrun for 2021
Comment from : Bernard Ballesteros

School of Life PH
Taking your classes is the best investment decision I have done in crypto Not paid promotion by Steve, just an honest reflection on how education can give you the correct way of interpreting charts and developing your own strategy in investing Absolutely legendary! Start giving yourself a compass in navigating the market movement by taking his classes Be free from emotional trading and learn decades of lessons of a grandmaster in trading I suggest taking the gold combo He is a great mentor :)
Comment from : School of Life PH

Deborah Kate
I really cherish your humanity, above all else
Comment from : Deborah Kate

Piyush Patel
Absolutely brilliant bear scenario,brNow, can you give us a bull scenario aswell, a possibly cup and handle pattern formation at this 50 levelbrI prefer the bear flag scenario, however, at this point, can a cup and handle formation can be negated?
Comment from : Piyush Patel

Patryk Otto
Evryone expecting 100k eoy but I think december 14k
Comment from : Patryk Otto

Zero Gravity
Hi great video! So what I got from this was if Bitcoin closes above 30k in July, we could possibly be rallying up Didnt quite get the timeline of - by when should it hold 30k?
Comment from : Zero Gravity

Robert Henson
Awesome as always Steve!
Comment from : Robert Henson

Robert Rodzoch
Thank you so much! You provide such a great perspective
Comment from : Robert Rodzoch

Mark Goede
Appreciated Steve, would love to see the best case scenario vid, after this one ;-)
Comment from : Mark Goede

Fernando Ratinoff
Great video Steve, I would actually say, this is getting at another level, absolutely professional I would like to be picked up by BTC at 14k or lower let's wait for the bus at the bus stop for a while if it comes! N see ya n the next video, cheers!!
Comment from : Fernando Ratinoff

Suhas Isloor
If we slip into a bear market, it won't be for 1 year It'll last at least 3 years until the next halving in 2024
Comment from : Suhas Isloor

another great video mate
Comment from : Gus GFX

Riff Raff the Rooster
Facts are not racist lol You do great work Steve thank you
Comment from : Riff Raff the Rooster

Christian Lee
It makes total sense that it could go much uglier, death cross ☑️, under 21 EMA ☑️, every bounce sold off ☑️brbrRetail is still buying dips so far but when they start to give up it can go south very quickly again, they have to capitulate first at some point, only then there could be a possible bottom, i hate to say it but its true
Comment from : Christian Lee

Gerhard Niederreiter
Great video
Comment from : Gerhard Niederreiter

Massive Head and Shoulder pattern forming head to neckline roughly 45 so thats BTC at around 15k anything is possible in Crypto so it won't surprise me if it plays out
Comment from : cozzi67

wolf of charts
Kindly look at the bearish divergence we are forming in Monthly and 3 monthly chart
Comment from : wolf of charts

Tim Kelly
I truly enjoy and appreciate your videos thank you Please do make a video of best case scenario re; BTC if BTc holds 30000
Comment from : Tim Kelly

my 6 month chart do not look like yours on Bitstamp, much more bullish - why?
Comment from : Times

Kh Man
What about altcoins that you were bullish on? EOS? 70 already dump!
Comment from : Kh Man

Zeratul Legend
30k is NOT gonna hold this baby is gonna dump 🤑 and I'm gonna buy the rip 💪🏻⚡
Comment from : Zeratul Legend

Zeratul Legend
THANK YOU for your honest opinion 🙏🏻💙 good job 💥
Comment from : Zeratul Legend

Ein bisschen Glitzer
Thank you
Comment from : Ein bisschen Glitzer

Chris Fraser
the 200 week moving average is around that $14k - if you guys dont buy that dip unistall the internet
Comment from : Chris Fraser

Susanna Van der Merwe
Yes please, give us the best case scenario!
Comment from : Susanna Van der Merwe

thanks for the heads up!
Comment from : MrCalgreenman

Your channel is the best in youtube About crypto!
Comment from : オオ

Amazing amazing analysis man 👏🏻👏🏻
Comment from : VYNL

Tariq Sultan
Great and realistic Anylsis well done strve❤💯💯💯💯
Comment from : Tariq Sultan

Breaking Toast
I'm ready Steve cheers
Comment from : Breaking Toast

Andrew P
I appreciate and respect your analysis Thank you!
Comment from : Andrew P

Swaz Ti
That was a great perspective Very informative overview
Comment from : Swaz Ti

Alawi Fadaaq
pray With me please All of you
Comment from : Alawi Fadaaq

Alawi Fadaaq
if BTC hits 14k it would make the market to look like a gambling joke, Buying BTC at 14K is not guarantee that BTC wont go lower, a 5k BTC why not? its a gambling joke after all We should pray for BTC to hold above 30K
Comment from : Alawi Fadaaq

Pi Cycle was right!
Comment from : Ancora

Alawi Fadaaq
Yes please we want to now what is best case scenario STEEV THANK YOU ALLOT
Comment from : Alawi Fadaaq

yames hraberts
soooo, still hodling?brstill hodling
Comment from : yames hraberts

Kyle W
Hey crypto crew! and man himself! wondering where i should start watching your videos to learn the fastest but also learn the most important things to learn about these indicators signals etc even to learn some of the lingo I just have seen too much on the other crypto channels and this guy is the ONE CHANNEL that seems to not only know what he's doing but actually and TRULY be FOR US and also cannot afford anything right now got all my bags in AMP TOKEN tryna be smart days before gotta move find a new apartment and get a new car being on my own financially independent was a really stupid kid dealing with abuse running away using drugs and have found who I am have been sober 4 years since I was 20 I'm 24 now operations supervisor at UPS (401k money I worked 4 years for I guess I cant even touch in this situation I in) perfect credit score BUT no history or accounts to be able to get anything without a cosigner and haha I don't know I guess you could say there's a lot more to it on how I'm alone how badly I need to double my money in days and how badly I want to be successful don't want to be homeless again I know I got this just reaching out anywhere I can anonymously seeing if anywhere here has any tips of advice for my life situations with investing and to get money fast if I can pay it back with my job and investing over time or if any of you friendly ppl know of where I should kinda start to learn more about chart analysis with this guy cause I prefer him over the others Thank you to anyone who took the time out of their day to help a young guy tryna succeed god bless you I am a believer and sometimes we gotta use the devils airways to connect to other angels am I right? haha okay I don't smoke weed stop it that's all love you all LOVE YOU CRYPTO UNIVERSITY FOR BEING THE MOST FOR THE PPL INVESTING CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE
Comment from : Kyle W

Bárbara ML
Thanks for this video Steve and reminding us to stay level headed People are already calling for the imminent demise of BTC, and my husband keeps sending me doom & gloom he finds on Twitter I am keeping my BTC, and holding on, I entered this with a long term mentality anyway Looking forward to the best case scenario video!
Comment from : Bárbara ML

Chad Young
we all kind of blew off the pi cycle chart -- perhaps a follow up video on this?
Comment from : Chad Young

Gn C
Less stress and more success🙄
Comment from : Gn C

Marc AJA Bikker
Thank you as always Steve, for prepping us and showing realistic possibilities, at least makes us more prepared and well informed to make our decisions on If BTC drops to $14k and survives, yes indeed, best buying moment for all of us underdogs Pitty of the humble buying I did so far, but buying in so low would more than compensate for that Sight tight everybody 👍🏽🍀💫
Comment from : Marc AJA Bikker

Just when we thought the FUD was tapering off
Comment from : B B

Basuki Jayusman
The half empty glass scenario, the other half will also be as good It's amasing how different time lines have different story, butterfly effect in full swing Good vid
Comment from : Basuki Jayusman

E 8a
I'm getting weak ✋, contemplating about selling my bags
Comment from : E 8a

David Brown
This was honestly refreshing to hear I'm really tired of people acting like it'll be 100k tomorrow I'm invested for the long term, but we have to be realistic and look at both sides, we're basically in no man's land right now, price could go either way, it's good to have a rough outline of what could happen in both scenarios
Comment from : David Brown

Dimas B
Thank u Steve! Your free course is great as well
Comment from : Dimas B

Robs Axe
In all honesty, I hope it tanks to zero Please tank to zero!!! I'll buy buy buy till I'm broke One man's ugly is another man's buying paradise This cycle is not like other cycles No one knows WTF they're talking about, nobody
Comment from : Robs Axe

John Muller
Buying opportunity means nothing if youve already bought And why didnt we take profits at 60 k? Because you and most commentators said the pi cycle top indicator is only one indicator with only 3 touch points fit retrospectively Lets watch the other indicators As we watched we all lost money
Comment from : John Muller

mavis merv
but wew are due for a bounce
Comment from : mavis merv

wolf 762
If people are thinking, that gives them some time to gather up their money to buy btc at 14k If not, and it goes bullish, then hold what you have and watch for another top By the way, the beard is dapper 👍
Comment from : wolf 762

Arizona Jones
Any worse case scenario snd 2017 I’ve placed on the shelf Facts plus logic favors adoption not destruction If $24k-$26k, then it’s a candle tap on the butt and out the door to $47k, the bulls are getting restless and need to stretch their legs brbrSeems the SEC by default makes XRP key to what happens next not bitcoin, and I’m no doubt bullish for an XRP stampede Blue skies ahead ☀️
Comment from : Arizona Jones

Luisa Dolores
This is the best scenario ! Buy deep and strong hands will win! Thanks for all of yous video! You are one of the best!
Comment from : Luisa Dolores

Surf Skates
Man I've been watching your vids since 2017 Thanks so much for your calming insights Your thumbnails dont fit your profile and spell the opposite of your genuine nature I would be very happy to help you on some potential improvements Hit me up for a chat if you see this
Comment from : Surf Skates

Heck yeah I want that video
Comment from : MM F

Anthony Bebefa
Thanks Steve, this sounds like best case scenario for those waiting for best buy oppotunity
Comment from : Anthony Bebefa

Gabriel Bernardo Carreon Portillo
Thanks for sharing, you are a realistic Guy "More success, less stress" Greetings from Monterrey Mexicobrbr!Mas éxito, menos estrés!
Comment from : Gabriel Bernardo Carreon Portillo

Adnaan Moseeb
I loved this video Steve really, may be coz the way you presented it lmao thought as if I was in a movie when you said best buying opportunity of your life and countries banning crypto etc it was amazing
Comment from : Adnaan Moseeb

itll be hard to hold 30k with so much interest lost in bitcoin as it stays level people will not care and it will go down to 14k ill hold even though i bought in at 38k just will lose my money otherwise will invest another 5k when the 14k level comes
Comment from : A S

Ibrahim Mojeed
Pls how can I add 5 days timeframe and 6 months thanks
Comment from : Ibrahim Mojeed

Ibrahim Mojeed
Hi thanks for the videos
Comment from : Ibrahim Mojeed

Immy U
Million Token the token for millionaires Million £MM
Comment from : Immy U

steve Oooo
Another amazing video Steve - hats off for your hard work!
Comment from : steve Oooo

J Fid
Hey manbrIf we’re not bullish, why’s your hair still bullish!?brMixed signals…🤔😳🧐br🤣🤣🤣🙏
Comment from : J Fid

Tamilla Mizrahi
you the best !
Comment from : Tamilla Mizrahi

Ali Anderson
We will see what happens
Comment from : Ali Anderson

Lost Legacy
Fact the facts
Comment from : Lost Legacy

Rony Nandi
Sounds like a fire sale to me! Keep up the good work always a balanced approach
Comment from : Rony Nandi

Rave Song Records
Yes! Best case please !
Comment from : Rave Song Records

How many confirmations you need People to realize that we are in #bearmarket ? Safe your money and sell shitcoins
Comment from : Cezary

Shawn Snow
If Bitcoin drops to 14K it's done Investor confidence will never recover
Comment from : Shawn Snow

The Mighty Titan
If it goes to 20k it won't stay there long at all Major investors will buy in big, we will have a day or two at that price if we're lucky before it goes up like a rocket
Comment from : The Mighty Titan

Nice video, very nice analysis
Comment from : TradingLive

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