How To Buy Bitcoin SAFELY | Step By Step Guide

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Название :  How To Buy Bitcoin SAFELY | Step By Step Guide
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Кадры How To Buy Bitcoin SAFELY | Step By Step Guide

Описание How To Buy Bitcoin SAFELY | Step By Step Guide

Коментарии How To Buy Bitcoin SAFELY | Step By Step Guide

Denise Gagne
Didn’t seem you cared for Canadians all that much
Comment from : Denise Gagne

david rogers
they ask for your ss number too
Comment from : david rogers

Inkwood Gary
I can’t imagine JASONMADDISON2020 life with the full support of you guys I got my non spendable to spendable thanks for helping my situation
Comment from : Inkwood Gary

the world is not enough
All this , scares me. Great video though.
Comment from : the world is not enough

Cheefus Smith
Thank you, I found this very clear and easy to follow.
Comment from : Cheefus Smith

Jake K

Andrei "Elon where you @?"
Elon "In the future" (Feb 2021 to be exact!)

Comment from : Jake K

Jake K
Hide your Key words & forget about it, but don't forget where you hid your Key words!
Comment from : Jake K

Maxwell Steve
Bitcoin investment control a huge part of my passive income,I invest big and my profits are even bigger, courtesy of my broker
Comment from : Maxwell Steve

Marian A
The simplest yet most exhaustive explanation for how to start with bitcoin. Thank you Andrei!
Comment from : Marian A

Luke Jones
any thoughts on Gemini Earn vs BlockFi?
Comment from : Luke Jones

Hmmm. I think I will stick with Tesla stock up until I don't want to pay taxes!!! LOL
Comment from : L S

Cory Bourrier
You suck so hard for your brutal advice. Why are you lying about so much?
Comment from : Cory Bourrier

Jose Padilla
Why does his head look photoshopped onto his body?
Comment from : Jose Padilla

yollex Ts
With crypto currency you can make and earn a lot of funds just in 24hours
Comment from : yollex Ts

Johnny Singer
Is there a reason to transfer to blockfi vs using the interest function in Gemini?
Comment from : Johnny Singer

Crypto Fox
Andrei for President !
Comment from : Crypto Fox

@5:00 if MasterCard getsin the Crypto game, wouldn't any fee be waived? Like your just buying a product at an online store, like Target?
Comment from : Topcat

Which Platform/app do use to buy all your Crypto?
Comment from : Topcat

Sniper Logic
I’m searching for Sir Nicholas....
Comment from : Sniper Logic

Samarth Sharma
Can we use this application in India?
Comment from : Samarth Sharma

Ricky Marlin
Man really said "WhAt BitCoIn"?!!?! I died
Comment from : Ricky Marlin

Breanna Alvarado
Just started learning and these videos help so much
Comment from : Breanna Alvarado

Does you bitcoin or other crypto in blockfi still fluctuate with the market. Or is it just an interest account. If my crypto increases in value do I get the increase. Also why not just buy it on blockfi instead of transferring. Please any help would be greatly appreciated I have all my crypto on Robinhood and now I don’t want it there
Comment from : wudmyster

Tim Fry
Hey Andrei, Is there a reason you use Blockfi instead of Gemini Earn?
Comment from : Tim Fry

Do you NEED a brokerage like Coinbase or Gemini (primary) then transfer it to BlockFi to secure or gain interest? Or Can you just create an account with BlockFi ? Also are there fees to pay (other than taxes) for holding either one or both of these accounts ?
Comment from : Joe

I'm a bit confused. I understand how to buy Bitcoin via Gemeni, but you say you use the nano ledger for safety, but how do you keep your Bitcoin on the Nano Ledger and still provide access to Blockfi in order to get interest on your money? And still keep it safe? Thanks!
Comment from : 3MinuteTherapyShow

Dan Molja
The wasteful dipstick puzzlingly allow because debtor unfortunately trace anenst a tenuous underwear. perpetual, trite crawdad
Comment from : Dan Molja

Harry Wilkinson
You have to be consistent in your approach! Forex trading is always difficult but with MR WILLIAM THOMAS there’s no doubt he is the most reliable in the market such a genius, I invested with him as my broker and ever since then I have been winning all my trades
Comment from : Harry Wilkinson

Question: Why use Gemini to buy bitcoin instead of Blockfi? Is there some advantage? It seems less of a hassle to just buy it on Blockfi directly.
Comment from : dragonbmiles

Jeremy's Rock School 365
Block fi seems to be pretty safe.
Comment from : Jeremy's Rock School 365

Rolando Nicholas
We should be careful on money useage,if you are not spending to earn back,then stop spending.
Comment from : Rolando Nicholas

Carlos Reyes
can you buy bitcoins being in latin america?
Comment from : Carlos Reyes

souvannarath mounphoxay
Hi Andrei! Ive bought $100 in bitcoins and Etherium on coinbase. What advice can you give to increase profit? Do i need to invest at least $1000?
Comment from : souvannarath mounphoxay

Lilly Hayden
Hello, please how do I buy Bitcoin, I kept trying it but it's not working and please what is digital wallet? Please don't get walked up with my questions am just a newbie.
Comment from : Lilly Hayden

Kwasi W
Guess what? Elon did listen to you!
Comment from : Kwasi W

Kelvin Savage
Are you looking for ways to invest on Bitcoin forsyn
Comment from : Kelvin Savage

May Guenivere Juani
Hi Andrei, thanks for your simple and easy explanation but yet I still don’t understand;(
I really want to buy Bitcoin I just don’t know where to start.

Comment from : May Guenivere Juani

Bob E
Comment from : Bob E

Life with TE
Love this! this helped a lot thanks so much. Would you recommend using a wallet and transferring into the exchange and buy crypto that way?
Comment from : Life with TE

Benjamin Franklin
Stocks are good but I swapped and invested in Bitcoin trading I've been making good profit
Comment from : Benjamin Franklin

75% of these comments are bots 🤪
Comment from : pj8uch

Mark Ferrell
So can you just buy your coins on blockfi and deposit it into their account to get the apr
Comment from : Mark Ferrell

lol you were right ....TESLA
Comment from : YouParent

What if I just invest 50 bucks in Bitcoin?
Comment from : BiztosAngol

Kelvel James
Miss Beckie is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Comment from : Kelvel James

crypto kruz . com
You should be really psyched about crypto with Elon's purchase of 1.5 Billion worth of crypto coins a few days ago? Love your video. Thanks. be wise
Comment from : crypto kruz . com

Devon McPherson
You mention Authy and using your phone, but can all Gemini transactions take place on the web browser, or do you have to use your phone?
Comment from : Devon McPherson

Mustafa Alsaedi
Can I buy just 500$ Bitcoin???
Comment from : Mustafa Alsaedi

How is Binance.
Comment from : Amish1782

jordon Mark
Coming from someone who's had tough luck with online platforms, I once again tried bitcoinsamurai, like I always tried others. And no, unlike others, they didn't let me down
Comment from : jordon Mark

Michele Filandro
You are great Andrei! Seriously: I love the way you explain these things breaking them down step by step to help small investors (and essentially "everyday ordinary folks") to start this journey into the crypto world 👏
1000% happy and confident with your channel and transparent videos & recommendations.
Keep shining my man🙌
Saluti from Italy🤙🇮🇹

Comment from : Michele Filandro

Hiroshi Takagi
Is it too late to buy?
Comment from : Hiroshi Takagi

Alla Koz
Andrey, cpasibo za video! Whats crypto friendly banks , do you know?
Comment from : Alla Koz

Reminds me of that Rick and Morty episode where they change the 1 to the 0 ...

Comment from : Bauks

Mike Ike
I like your videos broh
Comment from : Mike Ike

John Barron
Andre just to clarify I'm not saying that you buy it with your money I'm saying you set up a little business where people pay you to do that sort of work for them people that are willing to do that people like me
Comment from : John Barron

John Barron
Hey Andre have you ever considered buying Bitcoin for people like your subscribers we pay you a fee and you set up a system where you can do that and you make money and people know that they have somebody honest doing what they can do to make sure they get it safely because even though you do a wonderful step-by-step job explaining it some of us would rather give you a hundred bucks to do it for us just a thought man I think you would be shocked at how many people would would honestly do that and you'd be working so you wouldn't have to feel bad about taking money I know you're the type of guy that wants to put legit information out and you're not looking to you know squeeze a dollar at every place you possibly can like some of these other YouTubers who already make a ton of money anyway but this would be a legitimate way you know people like you so much they'd be happy to do it but just a thought this message is definitely wouldn't pass a grammar class of third grade level but I am speaking into my speakers as I drive my car so I really don't care about any of that
Comment from : John Barron

salah roualmi
guess what? Elon probably saw your video and converted 1.5 billion. question in case i save my crypto in Ledger key how can i sell it out when i would like to do?
Comment from : salah roualmi

Laurence Snow
I'm new to this and I don't understand why I should buy my bitcoin on Gemini, and then transfer to BlockFi or Celsius. Why not just buy the coins directly on say, Celsius? Also, Why move the bitcoin to a Ledger instead of keeping it on Celsius?
Comment from : Laurence Snow

Protik Khan
Any luck to buy from China?
Comment from : Protik Khan

crypto kruz . c om
Don't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway Damn good content 🤩🤩🤩. I also have been watching those rather similar and kinda wonder how you guys make these stuff. kruz Tutorials also had amazing information about similar money making things on his vids. be wise .
Comment from : crypto kruz . c om

You are kinda funny :))
Comment from : 94maryan

Fred Herrman
You called it with Tesla buying Bitcoin. As soon as I heard it on CNBC, I thought of you.
Comment from : Fred Herrman

I’m probably dumb, but this seems complicated. One of the reasons I haven’t done bitcoin. Sigh.
Comment from : Brittany

yes sir
I've never done this before... but I'm getting paid to shill it
Comment from : yes sir

Apart from outstanding presentations🙌 could one of this days explain how to buy B with REVOLUT; VERY USED IN EUROPE. TKS.
Comment from : JA BINGRE

varun aaron
nothing but respect towards you ,from me
Comment from : varun aaron

Rakap thankyou jesus Daniels amen jesus
Wow im interested and i need to start ,
Comment from : Rakap thankyou jesus Daniels amen jesus

Anthony Montano
how is the money from blockfi kept in a cold wallet through gemini?
Comment from : Anthony Montano

Justin Case
HOLD UP!! I seen a guy just buy a Tesla on Tesla website using Bitcoin the user name was thehakkycouple He spent like 3.5btc on a single car!!!!!!!
Comment from : Justin Case

Anderson J
Forex investment has really changed many lives and made many people all over the world millionaires
Comment from : Anderson J

Thomas Levine
Nice documentary, I always love watching your videos. Indeed bitcoin is the world most profitable asset you didn't specify on that aspect we need to let these new investor know what they are going into and what they stand the chance to gain, understanding the depth of any investment makes it worth while.
Now not only investors but traders are taking advantage of this asset for wealth creation. Trading in this market is not for everyone because you have to understand the chart and all that, but there are market expert who read this charts and send out trading signals to traders to trade with it so most things become easy in the market.
I would use to come on YouTube searching for predictions but trust me not all are true, now i don't need that because i can trade myself and i am making a daily profit with the help of Helen Joyce trading signals. If you wish to be guided right and use the right signals to make wealth for your self then send Helen Joyce a message on telegram @helenjoyce to get started. A lot of you reading this post are going to be crypto whales very soon

Comment from : Thomas Levine

I appreciated the Final Fantasy reference.
Comment from : absupinhere

Video Idea I haven't seen yet - IF bitcoin IS accepted and we start using it as digital currency - what will that mean for our 401k and IRA's? Will the value of the dollar decrease or be null and we lose our retirement?
Comment from : justin24131

That was prophetic-- Elon Musk buying in to the tune of $1.5B, and it shooting up, and Kenya announcing they want to make it their currency. Looks like the beginning of a whole new world.
Comment from : 3MinuteTherapyShow

Timothy Furr
But can you still withdraw money from

Comment from : Timothy Furr

second axiapro
AOA the next BNB & ETH... the price still cheap
Comment from : second axiapro

John Christian
(no spaces) @-----> stud ent coin . (no spaces) dev / ? ref (no spaces) = S x 4 q 8 k (no spaces) b 6 p 2 (no spaces)
Comment from : John Christian

Henry Cooper
Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this year 2020
Because bitcoin investment has made a lot of people millionaires

Comment from : Henry Cooper

katia maría olivo suriel
Hi, does anyones knows an alternative for gemini, it is not allow from my country :(
Comment from : katia maría olivo suriel

I'm from Europe and we do not have Gemini here. One that I see very much recommended is Binance. Can can you please make a video one of these days where you go though these steps with another exchange? (whenever you feel like it or can).
Comment from : C C

Johan McCloud
You got my like at 4:27. Hilarious!!

Thanks for the great content!

Comment from : Johan McCloud

Vince Conte
Please explain how you can lose your crypto currency on blockfi if entering the wrong amount. That's an unnerving thought.
Comment from : Vince Conte

Lady K Lady K
I can never thank you enough Jasonmaddison2020 on telegram for the things that you do for me. Your willingness to make me happy is highly appreciated. Thank you
Comment from : Lady K Lady K

Ahmed Ibrahim
Never had the patience, but your videos changed that. Very relevant information in a very fun and clear way.q
Comment from : Ahmed Ibrahim

Angel Bracamonte
I think Elon watched this video.
Comment from : Angel Bracamonte

Maxwell Wasyl
Can someone bullet point this for everything I need to know please I’m trying to get into this 🤲🙏🙏
Comment from : Maxwell Wasyl

Lexx Render
I ask my wife to pinch me every morning when I wake up and check my bank balance. I have never seen a number that big before in MY bank account. And it just continues to grow and grow some more...this is what I’ve been waiting for my entire life. Now that I have a taste of what it really feels like to be my own boss and make tens of thousands of dollars every week, I won’t ever look back! All Thanks to B i t L 0 r d 2 4 7 C 0 m
Comment from : Lexx Render

Badong Markus
I'm so thankful to Metro_kelvinfx Ever since I started investing in your platform I never had any loss and all my trades have been up I'm earning passively during this pandemic I'm very happy.
Comment from : Badong Markus

The 1 Man Show
How do you suggest buying BITCOIN, since you don't want me to use a debit card... 👉3.49%?! 🤔
Comment from : The 1 Man Show

Ana Gracia
Hello I'm new to bitcoin trade and i have been making few loses, but recently i see a lot of people earning from it , can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Comment from : Ana Gracia

Selezneva Krylova
I actually started investing in bitcoin before lockdown now I make profits more than I expected
Comment from : Selezneva Krylova

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