Technical Analysis: Everything YOU NEED TO KNOW!! ????‍????

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Название :  Technical Analysis: Everything YOU NEED TO KNOW!! ????‍????
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Кадры Technical Analysis: Everything YOU NEED TO KNOW!! ????‍????

Описание Technical Analysis: Everything YOU NEED TO KNOW!! ????‍????

Коментарии Technical Analysis: Everything YOU NEED TO KNOW!! ????‍????

Coin Bureau
Glad many are getting value from this vid! Part 2 is def in the works. If you want to keep up to date with my daily thoughts on the market then be sure to jump into my Telegram Channel: t.me/cbinsider
Comment from : Coin Bureau

A Jedi
Always a pleasure watching your vids. Thank you for always making a complex subject matter easy to understand. Keep up the great work. Much appreciated.
Comment from : A Jedi

Michelle Stone
It's important to manage our time while allowing someone else make us good profits while we invest and make more money.
Comment from : Michelle Stone

Tran Nguyen
The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary,
Comment from : Tran Nguyen

This is one of those videos that I keep coming back to. Need to get my notebook out. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Comment from : Peter

Excellent as always. I still don’t get how to use the different time frames on charts for trends, support/resistance, and decision making. Very new to TA...
Comment from : accidentalhobo

Amazing Video Guy, thank you a lot!
Comment from : Angelusloco15

kinda wished id seen this earlier, i sold my doge at .44 because i thought it was going to dip after that again so I could buy the dip
Comment from : K W

Fatima Imran
I made huge profits on my investment since i started trading with kloe anderson, her trading strategies are top notch notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade
Comment from : Fatima Imran

Kai Khai
Is this same technique for stocks?
Comment from : Kai Khai

You are the best! Thank you! Already watched 8 videos. More to go..
Comment from : Artur

Katie Monti
Nice content but I rather stick with ClarkInvesting platform schemes.
Comment from : Katie Monti

Camilla Owens
Im patient enough to wait for it to bear fruit one way or another. Worse case it goes back to normal value and they start dividends again. Still a gain.
Comment from : Camilla Owens

Opeyemi Egbeola
Watching again.....
Comment from : Opeyemi Egbeola

Opeyemi Egbeola
Thank for this. I learnt a lot!!!
Comment from : Opeyemi Egbeola

James Hudson
I love your videos but I have to say it was somewhat ironic that you used a pic of a man who has besmirched his own family (not to mention he is clearly the son of an RAF Captain LOL) and his gold digging wife to represent a crypto king and queen 🤣
Comment from : James Hudson

doctor greenfinger
best crypto information on youtube
Comment from : doctor greenfinger

Isolated Singer
Brilliant video. Understood a lot. bravo!
Comment from : Isolated Singer

Tran Nguyen
The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary, even in this pandemic season I still earn huge profits trading with fx sir Kelvin
Comment from : Tran Nguyen

Great video. Thanks for your work. But I was asking myself during the explanations: Which time frame(s) should be used to have a conclusive analysis... and than, at 17:25 you say that everything we see will be different if we change the time frame, so... as a newbie, I´m still asking myself: how to use this information? Does Anyone can recommend best time frames to SWING TRADE?
Comment from : Zeh_Ant

Please create an odysee channel (psst, you gain crypto there...)
Comment from : Lahzy

Marvin Ilaguison
Comment from : Marvin Ilaguison

Mordecai EL
"if you are a weeb you have no excuses not to learn technical market analysis" - I choked on my drink:-D
Comment from : Mordecai EL

Just remove the monalisa from the louvre and put a monitor playing this video instead
Comment from : RomiWadaKatsu

Morgan Samson
It's important to manage our time while allowing someone else make us good profits while we invest and make money.
Comment from : Morgan Samson

Alec Bell
This is invaluable. Absolute game changer.
Comment from : Alec Bell

bryan wayne
Hello everyone I'm new to bitcoin trade and I have watched a lot of videos along side tried some new strategies on my own but all to no avail. Can someone please recommend a trust worthy expert that can trade on my behalf and generate profit for me please
Comment from : bryan wayne

Ashutosh yadav
Please make a video on stop limit
Comment from : Ashutosh yadav

Deal Dr em Deal de em
Automate is truly the safest platform you can invest your funds.I must commend the platform, they are always consistent with withdrawals and their payments are automated always making me happy💯
Comment from : Deal Dr em Deal de em

James Picton
This has been so helpful. I have some hodls but have yet to try my hand at short term trades. This will really help to improve my understanding of market price action. Thank you CryotoGuy.
Comment from : James Picton

Thompter S. Hunson
For newbies, like me: To see all these EMA, RSI, etc. indicators he's talking about, at Binance, go to the trading interface, in whichever pair you prefer, and at the section where it says "Time 15m | 1H | 4H | etc." for the candles, it has at the end an icon like a railway where it says "Technical Indicator". Press that to change indicators. Thanks for the tutorial! Very informative. 🙏
Comment from : Thompter S. Hunson

Made £20 of using £500 I think I'm ready for margin trading using my house.
Comment from : Zafer

Guy is so articulate I love it
Comment from : LeagueOfNero

LaMMie -
Fantastic video
Comment from : LaMMie -

Kabo Denim
youre good!
Comment from : Kabo Denim

Alvaro Guedez
you deserve the sky hahahaha most of people charge for this content... God bless you... you are the MAN!
Comment from : Alvaro Guedez

Sorry Guy but, you are my financial advisor.
Comment from : Hatewine

Where can you view these charts?
Comment from : Mnr.

you gotta be rich by now man. or i sure hope. thx for all the info you provide.
Comment from : ParadoxicalInsanity

Eddy Khangsengsing
Wonderful content, Well personally I feel, those who would allow the mark;et dynamism determine when to trade or not are either new in cryp;to curren;cy world in general or probably just naive, crypt;o currenci;es have seen far worse times than this, enlightened trader;s continue to make good use of the di;p and pum;p even acquiring more equities towards trad!ng sesions, One month back I started trad!ng, though i knew just the basics of trad!ng, I've seen a lot of money been made from cryp;to trad!ng just within weeks, i wasnt able to capture the secret to understand!ng the use of signaIs till I got connected to trad!ng ex-pert mr Felix. Under his guid I've been able to understand the mark;et structure and how best to use signaIs for amaz!ng returns, plus his trad!ng cIasses has been so educa-tive, Graeme makes you learn while earnin massiveIy alongside. He can be contacted for cryp;to incIined concern;s on te'le' gram @felixtrades or on lG @felixtrades0 be guided.
Comment from : Eddy Khangsengsing

Rajsli Aron
Hi everybody!
Has anybody tried these indicators? Are they realistic and can you trust them? If sb were share his/her experiences, then i would be really thankful. Thanx very much!

Comment from : Rajsli Aron

MRF Pakistan
I didn't find a single youtuber yet to share such golden knowledge. 👍🏼
Comment from : MRF Pakistan

I'm a newbie, so I'm probably wrong, but, I think your explanation @ 7:52 is off a bit. The thin body of the candle means the opening price and closing price were near each other. But, as you can see from the wicks, the price did fluctuate quite a lot during that time period. I love your videos, Guy! Thanks and please keep making them.
Comment from : NUMB3RL3SS

Billy Scarborough
Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin and Eth is blowing up and down now. However it's no use stressing that proper diversification is the best way to grow your wealth portfolio. I have seen over $70,000 in profits from the last two quarters in my portfolio all thanks to Ryan Woodward's smart diversification strategies, smart investing is the key
Comment from : Billy Scarborough

Viraj Patil
thank you guy!!
Comment from : Viraj Patil

I'm not watching Netflix anymore these days, only Coin Bureau YT vids 😵😵😵
Comment from : brcinz

The Last Gunslinger
The $BONFIRE has been lit!
Comment from : The Last Gunslinger

Stevie 709
very good put together video
Comment from : Stevie 709

Dot Dot
I was looking for gold but found diamond !
Comment from : Dot Dot

Rose MacDonald
Thank for the video i tried out your strategy it's quite perfect but ever since you introduced me to expert Mrs Jane Clark i've been earning alot from her, and equally her strategies are quite refreshing, She's lucrative with her work showing she's perfect for this
Comment from : Rose MacDonald

People are teaching information like this for money. I'm thankful that you are not one of them, soo thank you for the lesson Sensei :)
Comment from : Unseen

Frances Olivia
Hello guys I have been watching some videos and I was thinking about investing in bitcoin/forex but still don't know where to start from.
Comment from : Frances Olivia

Hey, thanks.
Comment from : Αυείς

Ines Joao
Comment from : Ines Joao

I hope you get 10 million subscribers
Comment from : b0dh_1

Juan Aguayo
Thanks a lot!!👏
Comment from : Juan Aguayo

Satoshi Nakamoto
ty guy =) Love your channel =)
Comment from : Satoshi Nakamoto

Trylee Nyasha Matongera
Can youbute provide me with an option to link twice! Crypto Lecturer
Comment from : Trylee Nyasha Matongera

M. Tabit
I think I have to watch this video 20× more 😭
Comment from : M. Tabit

aaron screwed
Comment from : aaron screwed

Ivilin Iliev
How to do my rsi to show properly like when u have to adjust your ema
Comment from : Ivilin Iliev

Roy Diaz
This is an awesome vid. So much info made simple. Love your channel.
Comment from : Roy Diaz

Because of you and your honesty a lot of people is going to be succesful
Comment from : Madox

Galactic Resonance
Awesome thanks so much mr. Guy. You are the best !
Comment from : Galactic Resonance

Coin Bureau
Thanks for the feedback,,for more guidance:
W~H~A~T~S~A~P~P~~ ONLY: 1~4~4~0<<7~4~0>>5~3~4~

Comment from : Coin Bureau

Wilson Hikari
I learned a lot from watching this, I would definitely recommend this to my friends that would like to start in trading
Comment from : Wilson Hikari

Wesley Cook
Dude, your channel is priceless. Thank you so much for doing this AND for sparing us commercials. You're quite a Mensch.
Comment from : Wesley Cook

It took me almost an hour to get through this 20 min video because it's so jam packed with info! Great great work Guy!
Comment from : Chacarron91

Roland Walts
Comment from : Roland Walts

Divinewill Okoro
Mehn, i love you guy. You are just my favourite. You are like an epiphany
Comment from : Divinewill Okoro

Roy Fisher
Making money is the plan and with Bitcoin Investment your plans can be fulfilled
Comment from : Roy Fisher

Is there any bot that'll draw all those lines for me? lol I cant see any trend with my untrained eyes 🙄
Comment from : Techn0way

Balachandra a/l Nethaji
Nice content but I just prefer sir yutzy's trading services
Comment from : Balachandra a/l Nethaji

John Gibson
Does this guy blink?
Comment from : John Gibson

Mitch Heller
Thank you guy. Does technical charts we’re very helpful. I will be looking for relative strength in making my decisions. But all of those methods were very helpful.
Comment from : Mitch Heller

Somehow your voice triggers the ASMR with me :O
Comment from : Buur

You really got me there on that weeb jab.
Comment from : skatan

Nik B
Hi guy, can you explain civic crypto. Thanks
Comment from : Nik B

Ahmad Mardini
thank youuuuuuuuuuuu
Comment from : Ahmad Mardini

Tom Dyer Bartender
GREAT VIDEO. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from : Tom Dyer Bartender

rolf johansen
RSI gives you under/over valued , but based on how many days in the past?
Comment from : rolf johansen

he doesn't blink
Comment from : Honey_Badger

Acoustic M.J.
superbly done
Comment from : Acoustic M.J.

Incredible how i can now read a chart, and understand it, after minutes of watching this video, practice and time will only make things easier, THANK YOU FOR THE TIME YOU INVESTED IN THIS VIDEO, THATS THE MOST VALUABLE ASSET WE HAVE; BLESSING AND MUCH SUCCESS!!
Comment from : T-RiEr

Positiv Progress
Thank you sir
Comment from : Positiv Progress

Daniel Okpe
This is the best video I have ever seen on YouTube concerning technical analysis. Thanks alot big man. I really appreciate. I will share this video to more people and groups.
Much love from here in Nigeria 🇳🇬

Comment from : Daniel Okpe

Carmen Watson
It's quite simple , but a lot of things don't correspond to fact, everything is not so rosy
Comment from : Carmen Watson

Paul Chamberlin
Do you have a discord btw?
Comment from : Paul Chamberlin

Ezra Siegers
Thanks as always 🙏🏼🚀
Comment from : Ezra Siegers

John Laite
You seem like a really nice guy and your professionalism and dedication to your craft and to your followers is beyond immeasurable. Thank you so much for all of your efforts and life changing advice, Guy.
Comment from : John Laite

really good content, really helpful
Comment from : Martin_akb

This is the most professional beginner friendly channel
Comment from : Blank

BL Padatu
Thanks for your lesson
Comment from : BL Padatu

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